Yes, Master

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Author Pov.

One sinister chuckle left from Xavier’s lips while watching the sleeping girl. He was sitting in front of Valerie’s bed on which she was sleeping peacefully.

Unaware of the reality that a monster was sitting in front of her. Staring at her peaceful face he couldn’t help but feel an extreme need to ruin that peace.

He wanted to see her tears. He wanted to hear her painful screams. Call him psycho or a manic he doesn’t give one bit of shit about it.

Because that’s what he is.

He loves ruining beautiful things either they are humans or mare objects. He loves painting his art on those things doesn’t matter if they are humans or not.

What triggered his psycho mind was her beautiful green eyes which are full of innocence. The innocence and simplicity that he never witnessed before.

His nerves wanted to ruin her in every way possible but he didn’t want to rush it. He will have her and also in the same way he wants but he has to wait.

Placing his wine glass on the side table he walked towards her frame before leaning to her face. He traced his index finger on her face staring at her without blinking.

“Sleep peacefully as long as you can. Soon I am gonna snatch everything from you including this peace Mia Angelo.” He mumbled smirking at his monstrous plans.

Valerie’s Pov

I felt something on my face I didn’t know what it was but it was disturbing my sleep. Finally opening my eyes I looked around and there was nothing.

I touched my face with a frown. Maybe I was just hallucinating. Shaking my thoughts way I looked at the window which was radiating a faint light.

My eyes fell on the clock and it was only 4 am. In the orphanage, I used to wake up at 6 am but I don’t think I can sleep more. I don’t even know when will master wake up.

I removed the blanket and looked around when my eyes fell on the note laying on the side table. I had pass graduation even though I was homeschooled but I at least know how to read.

Rules For Valerie.

It was printed on the note and there were few papers on which rules were printed. I gulped before opening the first paper.

Rule No.1: Wake up Master at sharp 6 am. Make his breakfast and served it at sharp 7:30 am.

Rule No.2: Don’t eat anything before Master. Make only what he instructed the submissive.

Rule No.3: Don’t deny Master’s any morning kiss or touch.

Rule No.4: Before going to Master, shower and be fresh. Master hates when submissive isn’t properly dressed up and washed.

Rule No.5: Don’t talk to any male no matter who they are till Master asked submissive to do so. Except for Mr Valentino Master’s father.


With that, the first page ended up. I gulped before placing the rest papers in the drawer. I think it’s enough for now I have to digest all these rules first before learning others.

I don’t mind any rule except the No.3. I am still not ready for any kind of touch. I hope he will wait just like he promised.

I looked at the clock and it was still 4:20 am. I can’t eat anything before master so I think I should shower and get dressed.

Entering the bathroom I took a warm shower. There was a beautiful bath too but I didn’t feel to use it right now.

Taking a shower I wiped my body using a towel and wore the clothes that I brought from the orphanage. I didn’t check the wardrobe yet because I still had some clean clothes of mine.

I looked around the dressing table and was left stunned when my eyes fell on different kinds of machines. I only knew about one it was a hairdryer Maria once bought it.

But we couldn’t be able to use it because it was a gift for someone. Maria was the only one among us who got permission to study in a school.

But she couldn’t be able to graduate because of orphanage poor financial condition. She wanted to study but the money we got from her Master we had to spent it on the orphanage even mine and Rose’s.

But I and Rose had completed our studies before Maria. I am 1 year older than Rose while 3 years older than Maria.

I sighed staring at the machine. I knew that it used for drying hair but I don’t know how to use it. I finally sighed leaving it and leaving my hair wet after brushing them.

After waiting for like eternity finally it was 5:50 am. I thought of going out so I could find a Master’s room. I looked around the big mansion trying to find the room.

Finally, I found the room yesterday Lina told me about the directions but I was still not sure. I bit my lip still not sure about going in or not.

But then finally I did. I was left mesmerized at how beautiful and luxurious it was. It was two times bigger than my room.

My eyes fell on Master who was sleeping in his king-sized bed. And he was shirtless. God, I gulped heavily. I didn’t want to see him like this but I have no other option.

It was sharp 6 am now. I went closer to him and with a deep breath, I extended my hand to wake him up.

My hand finally came in contact with his shoulder. It was bare but thankfully was covered with the blanket. I gently pat him but got no response so I move him a little harder.

I flinched a little when he groaned in annoyance. Gulping down I again went closer and gave a little push on his shoulder.

“Master. It’s already past 6 you will be late.” I said in low voice but still got a response. How much I wished to just run away and if he asked me I would only make an excuse that I tried waking him up.

But I can’t it’s my responsibility and if I didn’t wake him up he will punish me. Taking a deep breath this time I moved his shoulder roughly.

“WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROB---” He woke up yelling with his husky voice while I took several steps back at his sudden raise of voice.

But he paused instantly when his eyes fell on me. His eyes were half open and hair were messed up. I gulped in fear witnessing his grey eyes shooting fire at me making me look down.

“I-I am sorry Master but it’s past 6 am. I tried waking you up but ---” My words got interrupted by his deep cold voice.

“Did I say you can talk?” I bowed my head more down afraid of what he will do to me.

“Answer me.” I flinched a little when he raised his voice.

“N-No Master,” I said shaking my head. I felt my hands trembling when I heard nothing but pure silence in the room. His silence was terrifying me even more.

“Come here.” I heard his raspy voice and this time it was gentle and soft. I gulped before walking closer to him. Just a few steps and I was beside his bed.

In a second I gasped loudly when he roughly grabbed my waist and pulled me on the bed. I fell on my back on the bed and within a second, his body was above me.

My face went pale and breathing got hitched. My wide eyes met his dark ones. There was a hint of mischievousness in them.

“You have to remember a few things, Valerie. I hate when someone wakes me up by patting. Pushing or raising voice at me. I even killed one-two men of mine because of this.”

My heartbeat increased at his words. He understood my scared expressions but from his eyes, it seems like he didn’t mind my fear.

“Shouldn’t you ask me then how will you wake me up.” I instantly understood that it wasn’t a question it was a command for me to ask him.

“Y-Yes, how should I wake you up then.” He smiled at little clearly satisfied with my obedience.

“By kissing me. Keep kissing my face as long as I don’t wake up.” I stared at him in shock at first but then recovering I instantly nodded my head which widened his smile.

“Now wake me up then.” Saying that he made my body to stand up and he laid himself on the bed again but this time he didn’t cover his half-naked body with the blanket.

I bit my lip controlling my side who wanted to disobey him badly. But then again I am fully in his hands. He’s my owner I have to do this. For my self.

Leaning to his face I kissed his cheek and mumbled a soft wake up master but he didn’t move. I again kissed his nose and then his forehead but nothing happened.

“Master it’s 6 am wake up,” I said gently but he didn’t move I knew what he wants. I leaned to his lips and closed my eyes. So this is how my first kiss will be wasted.

I gently placed my dry lips on his and froze for proper seconds. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to pull back.

As soon as I detached my lips from his I felt a harsh tug on my waist and a hard thud on my lips. My eyes abruptly shut down because of the sudden force.

My body fell on his as my chest got pressed against his naked one. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my body towards him while the other hand held my head as his fingers got tangled with my hair.

I didn’t know what to do he attacked my lips like a ferocious beast, the kiss wasn’t a soft one. It was rough extremely malicious one.

I squeezed my eyes tightly while my hands automatically went to his bare chest. I tried making a little distance between us but he only pressed me against him more.

I didn’t kiss him back. I didn’t want to and I couldn’t. The pace of his kiss was too rough and fast. I felt him biting my lips like he wanted to eat them up completely.

Suddenly I was rolled on my back as his body hovers above mine. My eyes shot open in surprise and a gasp left from my lips but only disappeared in his mouth.

He instantly pushed his tongue in my mouth. His breath stinks. It was full of alcohol smell and I hate it. I wanted to push him but I restrained myself because of those rules.

My breathing started getting lower when he kept on kissing me without giving me a single chance to breathe. I finally pushed his shoulders which made him broke the kiss.

I took a deep breath I could feel his eyes on me as his breath full of alcohol was hitting my cheek. My face was turned to the side because of the need for air.

I felt him caressing my lips with his thumb. I knew he had left a slight bruise on my lip. I looked in his eyes and witnessed his eyes on the bruise with a proud look.

He was admiring his work on my lips. Now once again my mind started to questioning if this man is the same that I met yesterday.

Because of the way he was admiring the bruise. He was satisfied with my pain.

Several masks that one face wore of evilness then how a pure soul like her could be able to see it.


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