Yes, Master

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Xavier's eyes slowly went from her lips to her eyes and instantly he cursed himself for losing his control when his grey eyes met her green ones full of fear.

He gently pulled her up and made her sit on the bed while he was also sitting in front of her. He tugs the strand of her hair behind her ear before caressing her cheek.

"Why your hair are wet." He asked touching her hair softly.

She couldn't help but become more confused at how a minute ago he was looking like a beast and now he's behaving like a gentleman.

"I gave you so many machines why didn't you use them. You will catch a cold like this." He said caressing her slightly wet hair.

They weren't that much wet as she waited for almost an hour for him to wake up but the roots and few strands were still wet and he felt it when he grabbed her hair during the kiss.

"I don't know how to use them." She mumbled quietly making him nod silently.

"I am sorry." He whispered leaning to her face. She looked up at him with a frown.

"I should have control myself. But I just waited to hold you in my arms for so long that I couldn't stop myself. I am sorry I should have controlled myself."

He said making her more confused. What this man really is. One time he behaves like she's nothing but a mare object for him and on the other hand he started being a gentleman.

He is not bipolar. She knows it. The way he behaves. The way his eyes shows the emotions. He is not someone on whose words you can trust.

She hated how the truth of his intentions was shinning in his eyes when he was proudly admiring the bruise he gave her. And how insincere his eyes were when he apologized.

Valerie was always good at reading someone's emotions. She had no idea how but she can easily tell if the person is sincere with his words or not. And his eyes told her everything.

The evilness and possession his eyes held for her can't be hidden. He's not only possessive over her he's obsessed. The first time he saw her he never felt this much need to possess any woman before.

He wanted her and he had her. He wanted to turn her the same way every woman were. He wanted her to beg him. He wanted her to beg for his love.

He knew money will never win her. Because this woman is different. She wasn't experienced or was here for his money. She was his and even though she didn't want to she had to.

If he wanted he could have her the day she reached his mansion. But his psycho mind started dancing to have a little fun with her before completely claiming her as his. And destroying her mercilessly.

Where was the fun in having her without making her come face to face of the real monster? He wanted to show what things he can do with her if she ever try to disobey him.

"Come here let me teach you." He dragged her towards his bathroom which was equal to her room. He indeed lives like a king.

He made her sit on the counter and she followed his instructions without a word which didn't fail to amuse Xavier.

He thought she might start to throw tantrums because of his soft treatment with her but was surprised to see her obeying him without a word. He brushed her hair after drying them completely.

"Master what you want for breakfast," Xavier told her what he wanted and to her surprise that was a simple breakfast.

She was surprised that he only eats toast and coffee. She prepared the breakfast hurriedly as Xavier was already late for his work.

Coming out he started eating the breakfast. While Valerie was standing there uncomfortably. Lina helped her with the breakfast and even offered her to eat something but to follow the rules she refused it.

She was dead hungry. It's already been more than 3 hours when she woke up and she had a habit of eating breakfast right away after waking up but now it was hard for her to even look at him eating so peacefully.

"Come here, Angel." She flinched at his sudden voice and walked towards him with silent steps.

"Yes, Master." She mumbled standing near him. Suddenly he patted at the table beside his plate making her confused.

"Sit here." Her eyes widened slightly at his words. She always respected the table's manner and this was disrespectful.

"Now." She wanted to refuse but hearing his demanded tone she gulped before jumping on the table looking down feeling little ashamed.

"Look at me, Angel. I hate when someone looks away from me when I am talking." She instantly looked up at him. Their eyes met which brought a small smirk on his lips.

He brought the toast up to her lips and motioned her to eat it. And she did obediently. She was confused that why he's making her eat when the rules said something else but didn't disobey him.

She was also comfused that why he made her sit on the table. If he wanted to make her eat he could simply ask her to sit on the chair.

Suddenly she flinched when he suddenly threw the plate on the floor and stood up from the seat with grimace look.

"What was the rule, Valerie." He said with a dominating deep tone which didn't fail to scare the shit out of her.

"ANSWER ME." She gasped out when he slammed his hands beside her on the table glaring in her green orbs full of fear.

"I-I--" She tried to say something but she just couldn't be able to find her voice which brought more amusement in his grey eyes.

"You can't eat till I finish my food. Right." He questioned her leaning to her face. She nodded her head.

"Then why did you eat." Her eyes widened in shock.

"B-But your the one who asked me to eat Master. I was just obeying yo-- ahh." She shrieked out when he grabbed her cheeks squeezing them harshly.

"Don't you dare to speak to me like I am wrong. It was a test to see how much you care about the rules but God damn you dared to ignore them like they are nothing."

He gave a more squeeze to her cheeks turning her lips into a pout. His eyes were holding nothing but evilness. He was looking like a hunter who was ready to rip his prey apart.

"Those rules are your life now darling. They will decide your every day's peace and misery. It was clearly stated that if you broke the rule you will be surely punished."

He gave a hard tug on her face pulling it closer to his. She grabbed his hand which was on her face.

His lips were almost touching hers. Tears started trailing down her eyes because of the pain her cheeks were feeling.

"You will not break any of the rules again or I wouldn't be this lenient to spare you just with a warning. I hate who breaks a rule. I am trying to be as much as the kind I can be but you're pushing my buttons."

His lips finally touched hers but he didn't kiss her. Instead, he spoke against them making her squeeze her eyes shut in fear.

Her tears had no effect no him instead he was feeling undeniable pleasure by seeing her clawing at his hand and struggling to be free.

"Next time I will give you a pain that you wouldn't be able to ever forget My beautiful angel. So better don't repeat it. Understood."

She nodded her head mumbling those words which were now her fate.

"Yes, M-Master." He let her go making her gasp out in pain. Her hands instantly went to caress her cheeks.

Xavier didn't spare a single glance at her and yelled for Lina to clean up the mess he created. He walked away without looking at her crying figure.

She slides down from the table and because of the weakness, she fell on the floor.

"Mam are you okay," Lina asked her with a sad tone making Valerie shake her head in denial.

"No, I am not. I will never be ok. He will never let me be ok." Lina sighed heavily gently caressing her head. Her cheeks had reddish fingers marks.

Eyes were bloodshot and lips were bruised up as well. Valerie wiped her tears and tried standing up but was stumbled back.

Lina instantly held her and made her sit on the dining chair.

"You need to eat something Mam. Wait for me." Lina instantly went to bring something for her.

Valerie was feeling extremely weak and the fear she felt a while ago was beyond her imagination. She never trembled this bad the way she did because of his actions.

That time she understood that all her illusions of him being a gentleman were wrong. He was just acting. This was his reality. This was his real face.

A face of a monster that he tried hiding with his gentleman facade.

Like people say you can act for a while but it will never change your real nature. He was a monster and it will never change.


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