Yes, Master

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Valerie Pov

Staring at the magnificent garden with beautiful greenery and colourful flowers I was busy in my own miseries. It’s been two weeks when I came here. In my new hell.

I didn’t for once went out or even got a chance to meet the children again. I so wanted to meet them but I just couldn’t muster any strength to ask Master.

I don’t understand the man. In one second he’s all soft and sweet making me question if he is the same man who wouldn’t let the chance to make me feel so petty go.

Every time taking a chance he stole kisses from me and somehow touch me without my will.

After doing whatever he wanted and quenching his thirst for my body he simply apologizes just to manipulate me.

In the first days of my stay I used to think he may be meant those apologies but as the days went by I understood one thing.

Everything about him is a lie. The way he turned soft sweet and caring man. It’s all just a lie. He makes me question myself that why I even thought that he might give me a time to adjust.

All he do what he wants. Not even for once, he asked about my consent before touching me or even before showing any intimacy.

I hate how weak and vulnerable I felt whenever he touched me. No, I never enjoyed neither my body responded to his touch. I don’t know why but my body just don’t want to cooperate.

I tried many times to give in. To just accept this fate just like Rose said. This is my fate and I know no matter how much I don’t want this but nothing can save me from him.

I always thought that with time I will eventually give up and will let him control me. I will obey him without another word but I was wrong I was so wrong.

No matter how much I try my heart. My soul just couldn’t let me accept him. I couldn’t even muster any courage to even think about him without any negativity.

Every time he talks to me, touch me, or even the slightest mention of him set my whole body on a fire of fear and dread.

After the day on the breakfast when he for the first time tricked me, I started to make sure to keep all the rules in my mind.

But I don’t know why that man every time does something which makes me end up breaking a rule. And he gladly punishes me for that without a single ounce of sympathy and guilt.

But I know I had understood that I can’t keep on being a fool by believing his false promises and meaningless apologies.

What the use of that sorry which he didn’t even mean. He just wanted to make me believe that he has serious mental issues which was a pure lie as well.

I still remember the day I first time went to his office as he had an important meeting and couldn’t come for lunch so he asked Lina to send me with his lunch.

I knew it was an excuse. A rich billionaire like him easily can have lunch by ordering but no he wanted me there.

That day was the most dreadful. I never faced anything so terrifying before. That day he made me believe that he’s nothing but the same ruthless sick man I met for the first time.


I gulped heavily looking at the building in front of my eyes. The building itself gives me chills knowing very well that who owns it.

Entering the building I looked around standing there like a lost puppy. Finally, I saw a beautiful woman walking in my direction. I thought she might be sent by Master but no she just walked past me.

I followed her figure and she stood in front of I think receptionist. I also walked there clutching the bag in my hands in which I packed lunch box for Master.

That beautiful woman walked away without looking around. She was walking with her head high. But what confused me was the way people around her were looking at her.

Disgust. But why she seems like a beautiful model to me. I moved my curious eyes from that beautiful woman to the receptionist who smiled politely at me.

Wow, I left awestruck. Why everyone here is so beautiful. The girl looks a little older than me as she smiled at me asking me what she can do for me.

“Hello I wanted to meet Mas--” I paused realizing that I was about to call him master. I gulped in relief that I didn’t complete my words.

It was one of Master’s rules. I can’t address him as Master outside. Only at home or in front of his family and Lina.

“X-Xavier Valentino. I came here to meet him.” Her smile turned into a frown. I felt a blush rising all over my face as my body heated up in embarrassment when she looked at me from head to toe.

“Do you have an appointment?” She asked me while raising her eyebrow.

I knew she must be suspicious that why would someone like Master know me. I was wearing light pink silk frock which was reaching to my toes.

It has been a week but I still didn’t touch the clothes Master gave me. I just felt comfortable in my clothes. Those clothes were a little short and look expensive. I just didn’t feel like touching them.

“No, you can ask him he must be expecting my presence. Valerie. That’s my name.” She nodded her head taking the phone receiver and dialling a number.

Suddenly to my surprise she gave me a small smile making me return it as the thought of being embarrassed because of my clothes fade away.

Someone finally answered her call and she started talking professionally. She ended the call and faced me with the same smile.

“I am sorry for inconvenience mam. Just go to that elevator and asked the elevator man to drop you to the first floor. There you will meet Sir’s assistant. She will escort you to him. Have a nice day.”

She completed her words making me nod my head. I followed her words and reached the elevator she pointed at. There was an old man who asked me which floor would I like to go.

“The first floor please.” He nodded and press buttons. This was my first time using the elevator. I always thought I might be scared while travelling in it but to my surprise it was fine.

Finally reaching to the floor I stepped out and instantly another pretty lady came to me with a small smile asking me to follow her which I did obediently.

Why this has to take this much time. Why this building is so big. At last, we reached the doorstep of my nightmare’s office.

She only smiled and walked away leaving me questioning myself. Why did he ask for me? What he wants.

Grabbing the doorknob I was about to turn it but instead, it got roughly slammed open. My whole body on its own because of the force moved forward more like stumbled poorly to my front.

The bag fell from my hand dropping on the floor and my feet slipped as well. I tightly closed my eyes wanting to feel the hard surface but instead felt sometimes soft around my body.

I felt myself in the air and hands on my back. I steadily opened my eyes and met with the most beautiful brown orbs I ever had seen before.

My breath got caught in my throat when I gazed in his cold eyes. Which were holding numerous emotions but one was obvious. Anger.

He was angry but slowly his gaze changed into confusion and surprise. My hands were holding his shoulders without me realizing and his arms were all over my body.

What was happening to me? What was the feeling that crept in my chest? My heartbeat kept on increasing which surprised me as well.

His eyes were also kept on staring in mine I felt like time has stopped. I felt nothing around except him.

“Should I put a background music for your romantic moment?” Instantly hearing the familiar deep voice terror filled my veins.

But that man only rolled his eyes before pulling me on my feet. I immediately moved away from him feeling pure dread seeping in my body.

He frowned at my slightly shivering body. I slowly turned around to face my nightmare with fairytale-like beauty.

Master was looking at me more like killing me with his eyes. His eyes held possessiveness and anger. It was not jealousy instead it was a rage.

A rage of seeing someone else touching his possession.

His dagger-like gaze turned to that man who seemed to unaffected by his murderous glare.

“Stay away from my woman Sinister.” I froze in my place hearing his name.

Sinister. Sinister Valentino. Master’s brother.

Something flashes in his eyes when he heard Master’s words turning his mesmerizing gaze towards me making eye contact.

I stared at him without blinking. Suddenly his face scrunched in disgust making my heart fell. Glaring at Master for the last time he stormed out of the room.

I didn’t realize that I was still looking at the door till I felt something hard on my face.

Letting out a scream my eyesight became blank when his hard hand met my cheek. I felt my head spinning because of the force. The force made me lose my balance.

Before I could fell on the floor I felt an arm on my waist forcing me to stand properly but I only stumbled on his chest.

Tears started to stream down like a river. I felt him grabbed my already swollen cheek in a tight grip making me face him.

My blurry gaze met his furious one. There were no satisfaction or his usual smug expressions instead he was glaring at me.

And this time I knew my punishment will be severe than ever.

A minute of your eyes made my whole being flare-up in hope then why didn’t you feel the same.


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