Yes, Master

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Xavier grabbed her arms in a tight grip before pulling her closer to his chest. His eyes were shooting fire. His devilish brain was kept on thinking of the time when she starred in the eyes of the man he hates the most.

He couldn’t help but feel a rush of jealousy in his veins remembering how her eyes were stuck only on that fucker.

His evil soul was screaming to make her realize who she belongs to. He knew what he’s going to do will make her fear increased for him and that’s exactly he wants.

He wants her to fear him. He wants her to beg for his mercy. He wants to see her broken and only on his mercy. He hated the way she avoids eye contact with him but when it comes to that bastard she starred at him like he’s the most precious thing in this world.

Her tears damped her rosy cheeks while her green spheres were gleaming with fear. He tangled his fingers in her hair before grabbing them roughly.

She yelped out in pain when he pulled her hair making her head moved backwards. Her sawn like neck was present for him openly.

More tears trailed down her eyes when he dug his head in her crook before biting her neck harshly. He didn’t kiss or suck. He only bit her skin making her whimper in pain.

Her hands instantly held his biceps when he pulled her hair more backwards having more access to her neck. She didn’t utter a word. She was scared out of her wits.

She knew one wrong word can trigger him even more and she didn’t want to add fuel to fire so she kept her mouth shut only small whimpers and sobs were leaving her lips.

His pace of biting her skin increased and her small whimpers started becoming louder because of his rough actions. Tight grip and monstrous behaviour.

She thought that he might be done with her but what he did next left her more traumatized. Leaving her hair he ripped her light pink gown from above only to reveal her shoulders and collarbone.

Her cleavage was also on display now. His actions made her cry out. He harshly slammed her on his office table making the laptop fell on the floor with a crashing sound.

He was out of his mind. He looked possessed. The monster inside him finally came out and his manipulative facade fades away.

The crashing sound. Her cries. Painful screams. No one was able to hear it. Why because his office was built on the highest floor and the only office was on that floor. Even his secretary wasn’t allowed on that floor till he calls her.

He roughly threw his coat on the floor unbuttoning few buttons of his shirt. Before she could do anything his bulk up body was over her tiny frame.

“Please I am sorry Master.” She whimpered but he only smirked in satisfaction. Grabbing her cheeks in a tight grip he leaned to her face locking his grey orbs with her green ones.

“Every mistake will be punished angel. You like it or not. I don’t give a damn. You break a rule. You let another man touch you right in front of your master. Now face the consequences.”

He whispered before slamming his lips on hers. She cried out in his mouth giving him a chance to thrust his tongue in her mouth. Her body started trembling uncontrollably.

His hands roamed on her body purposely. He was scaring her badly and that was his intention. He wanted her to remember him only. Doesn’t matter in fear or whatever it is.

The only thing mattered to him was he wanted only himself clouded in her mind. He wanted her to always remember him as her owner. Her master. The only man in her life.

Having mercy on her lips he broke the malicious kiss but not before leaving a painful bruise on it. The side of her lower lip was bleeding which he wiped it using his thumb giving her a harsh stink.

Her eyes turned puffy because of all crying but the monster refused to show any mercy. Her eyes shut squeezed when he buried his teeth in her flesh making her growled out in pain.

Her back arched when he bit her collarbone so hard that a loud groan left her throat. Her whole body vibrated because of the bite.

Xavier smirked like a blood-sucking monster when he tasted her blood after biting her skin. His psychotic mind felt a pleasure in sucking her blood.

He knew he left a mark on her skin which will never let her forget him. And he will make sure to not let that mark fade away from her skin.

Her fingers dug in his covered biceps because of the extreme pain. She didn’t want to touch him but he was the only one she could hold that time. The pain was undeniable painful.

That spot of her skin felt like burnt badly. And his sucking on it made it harder to ease the pain. Her body shook in fear when his hand started caressing her legs reaching to her thighs under the gown.

“Now tell me. What should I do? Should I take you right here? Should I take you right on this table roughly? Huh, tell me Valerie should I.”

He whispered moving his hand to her covered core. She shook her head furiously crying harder.

“N-No. I swear master I wouldn’t let another man touch me ever again. Please master I beg for your mercy. Please.” She cried out when his fingers landed on her sensitive part making her squirm in disgust.

She didn’t want to lose her dignity like this. And especially not to this monster even though she already now that today or tomorrow he will have her but still she didn’t want to lose herself completely.

She didn’t want her hope to be crush by him like this. She still had a hope somewhere in her heart that one day she will be free from this hell.

Xavier chuckled evilly staring at her trembling body. He wanted to have her right there on his table.

But no. He wouldn’t have her like this so easily. When the time will come he will fulfil his desires thoroughly. He will touch every inch of her body with his lips.

He will devour her slowly and will claim her soul patiently. But before that, he wanted to break her. He wanted her to be on her knees for him.

He knew she will never give up. These past weeks it was confirmed that she will never accept a man like him with his manipulative ways. She will never accept an abusive man like him.

Well, no sane girl would be able to accept a man who only knows how to manipulate, control and abuse her. And now he can have her submission just by making her fear him.

He wanted to make her scared of him so hard that even his name would send a shiver to her body. His slight touch will make her respond to him because of the fear he will be built in her heart for him.

She will be his. She will submit to him. He will break her but slowly and patiently taking his full time. And having full fun.

He retreated his hand from her body and pulled her up from the table on her feet. She gasped stumbling on her feet as her body was too weak.

Her head fell on his chest earning a small chuckle from him. She tried standing on her feet but the pain on her collarbone and back was killing her.

Xavier effortlessly picked her up in his arms walking towards the sofa. Settling her on it he starred at her face with no remorse.

Her eyes were puffy. Lips were swollen and bruised. Her neck had light marks and there was a little blood on the bite mark he gave her on the collarbone. Light mark of his fingers was planted on her cheek as well.

She tried to cover her bare shoulder with her ripped gown which made him chuckle. Grabbing the coat from the floor he wrapped it on her body making her flinch hard.

Her body started trembling even more when he kneeled in front of her starring at her with a small smirk.

“Look at me.” The fear made her respond to his command instantly as she looked up at him right away. Her bloodshot eyes met his sinister ones.

He caressed her bruised up cheek with his thumb making her body shook uncontrollably.

“Oh, Mia Angelo. Look what have you done to yourself. Only if you start to obey me like an obedient kitten. Then it will be better. Because not every time I am going to stop.”

He said giving her most dangerous look. Even though he wasn’t glaring but it was clear from the look in his eyes that he wouldn’t repeat this warning.

She instantly nodded her head in fear making him grin in satisfaction. It was working. His little acts of breaking and scaring her were working.

And soon her whole being will be only on his mercy. Soon

She cherished the tiny hope she had and he was determined to kill that hope slowly.


Don’t judge Valerie just because she’s weak. She was never raised with violence and these kinds of acts. She was always loved by the people in orphanage. That’s why everything is new for her.

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