Yes, Master

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Valerie Pov

After that day I stopped hoping that one day I might be able to change him. Or at least make him give me my freedom back.

I did everything in my power to never disobey him or break his any rule. But he every time finds something to punish me. So I stopped trying my best and did only those things which I could.

I knew he will eventually find a reason to hurt me then what the use of doing my best when in the end I will eventually be punished for something I never intended to do.

Staring at the beautiful garden I sighed heavily before once again glancing at the main gate. I didn't want him to get angry on me for not receiving him at the door.

It's one of his rules. To receive him on the door whenever he comes back from work and kiss him. I always kiss his cheek or only a small peck on his lips if he seemed angry or not in the mood.

I know I shouldn't be this carefree by thinking about that guy. But I can't help it. It seems like I had seen that guy before. His light brown eyes seemed so familiar to me.

I was sure I knew about him and after coming to know about his name I realized who he was. Two years ago one of the orphanage kid disappeared without telling anyone.

We were dead worried. And then Aunt called Mr. Valentino asking for his help. He said his son will help us finding that kid and after few hours that guy came back with the kid telling us that he went to the nearby garden so we shouldn't be getting mad at him.

I was surprised when I came to know that he was Mr. Valentino biological son but Master's stepbrother. Sinister Valentino. I couldn't help but admire his mesmerizing eyes when I met him for the first time.

He wasn't interested in all of this but the softness I saw in his eyes when he was patting the kid's head was beyond my imagination. I admired him a lot for his behaviour but after that day I know I shouldn't even be thinking about him.

The disgust and disappointment I had seen in his eyes when Master told him about me being his woman. I know he must have figured out that I am a mistress of his brother. And where was the lie?

Today or tomorrow I know he wouldn't wait and eventually I have to give up.

But why. Just why I can't convince my mind and made my heart to accept this. Why this useless hope is still there somewhere in my soul. Why.

I don't want to do something which will lead me to his bad side but I also don't want to live my life like this. Where every second I only fear. Fear of what if I end up doing something which will lead him to hurt me.

I don't care anymore what Sinister thinks about me. If he can't help me then why should I even give any attention to his stares and thoughts? I already have many things to think about other than him.

My train of thoughts got interrupted with the sound of the car entering the garage. I instantly stood up from the bench and ran towards the door. I sighed in relief when I reached the door and then it was being opened.

He entered the house with an extremely tired face but his eyes were quiet red clearly he was angry. Extremely angry. I gulped before walking closer to him but then froze when he held his hand up clearly telling me to stop.

He walked past me with strong and hard steps. The sound of his shoes tapping on the floor was the only thing being heard in the quiet hallway. He walked upstairs. I flinched hearing the door of his room being slammed shut.

I let out breath which I was holding in. Gulping down I went to make his coffee. It was his daily routine. I once made his coffee and he said he loved it and print a new rule to make a coffee for him whenever he comes back.

He never ate dinner at home. He always eats outside and I was thankful that I didn't have to wait for him and can eat peacefully.

I walked towards his room. His room never failed to send dread in my body. If you wouldn't switch on the light then you can't even see anything. It's so dark that sometimes I felt suffocated. The window is always closed and covered with thick black curtains.

We are only allowed to open them in his absence. He hates sunlight. And I can see why. The way his life is full of darkness then how can I expect his heart to have some light.

I entered the room without knocking because he ordered me to not knock. I felt goosebumps spreading all over my body witnessing his raging figure sitting on the sofa with his all glory.

His dark aura was spread all over the room. I took steps towards him before placing the tray on the side table with my trembling hands I turned to leave as he looked completely engrossed in his thoughts while glaring at the floor. But then.

"Stop." I stopped abruptly hearing his dark tone. My feet got stuck on the floor in fear. I steadily turned around to face him but didn't lookup. I kept my gaze on the floor.

"Come here, Mia Angelo." He said in his thick Italian accent. I took trembling steps towards him before standing in front of him.

"Kneel." He didn't have to force me to do so. Because this was one of his rules. To obey his every command. I sat down on my knees in front of him.

He held my chin before pulling it upwards but my eyes didn't dare to look in his.

"Guardami" I did as he said. Looking in his icy grey eyes I felt air knocked out of my lungs when I found no anger in them. Instead, his eyes held. (-Look at me)

Possessiveness and a promise. A promise to possess my soul

"How long." He whispered making me confused as I stared at him in pure commotion.

"How long your gonna take to be ready. It's been weeks now. I know my punishment 2 weeks ago was brutal but I lost my control. I can't tolerate you with anyone else. I can't. I hate it. I hate how you looked at him and how you look at me."

I was taken back at his words. His eyes were blazing with only one emotion which I never thought I will witness in them.

Jealousy. He was seething in jealousy. But his jealousy wasn't cute. It was beyond terrifying and nerve-wracking.

His eyes stared dangerously in mine while mumbling those words. Our faces were only inches away. I said nothing just stared in his eyes. Our breathing was mixing up.

I gasped out when he grabbed my waist pulling me on his laps. I wrapped my arms around his neck in fear. My legs fell beside him while my chest got pressed against his.

I was sitting on his laps as he forced my legs to wrap around his torso. The sofa was really small for both of us.

"I can't get that picture out of my head. Make me forget it. Make me believe that I own you. Tell me that your mine. Only mine." He whispered near my lips.

I shut my eyes when he roughly smashed his lips on mine. I didn't remove my arms from his neck instead tighten it. I started moving my lips against my will.

There was nothing I could do. Like he said to make him believe me and my loyalty. I had to do everything which could satisfy his burning body.

He pulled my waist closer to his pressing my body against his. His hand started roaming on my body while I fisted my hands to control myself from breaking down.

My pace of kiss was soft and slow which didn't fail to increase his desperation. He grabbed the back of my head deepening the kiss. After that day it was the first time he again kissed me and with so much power.

Finally, after filling his needs he broke the kiss making me breathe out in relief. But he didn't stop.

He nestled his head in my crook placing his lips on my flesh. I yelped out when he tangled his fingers in my hair harshly pulling my head backwards revealing my neck for him to do as he wished.

I grabbed his shoulders gasping out when he bit my throat before licking that spot and kissing it softly.

"Tell me your mine." He whispered kissing my jaw.

"I-I am yours." His lips brushed on my collarbone before he attached his lips in order to leave hard kisses all over.

"Again." He growled pulling my head up before pecking nose and cheeks.

"I am yours." I breathed out feeling his lips brushing mine.

"Yes, that's right your mine. Only mine. Always remember that."

With that, he pulled my shirt off my body revealing my body which was only covered with a bra. He growled before smashing his lips on mine once pulling me in a malicious kiss.

One tear escaped my eye realising that. Now there was no escape.

Now my every hope will be crushed. I can do nothing anymore. Nothing.

Was my wish to be free a big greed. Was my will to live freely this much unacceptable that only thing I got in return was pain and just pain.


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