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Haden is a nerdy 17 year old boy. He has a crush on a girl named Rose, by he wouldn’t dare to ask her out. He is very shy and insecure and his twenty year old twin sisters hate this. They plan to give him a crash course on how to talk to, seduce and please a woman. Haden is reluctant but agrees. But does he even know what he agreed to really? How will this end up?

Erotica / Drama
ATW Rose
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Their plan

Haden is gaming alone in his room. The last day of school he managed to get a 9,6 for chemistry. He’s pretty proud of that, but his sisters just think of him as a big nerd. The two weeks of Christmas break are starting today. He and his friends are playing Assassin’s Creed lll, so he won’t have think about that pathetic little life of his. A 17 year old student, a nice but boring nerd.

His sisters are completely different. Alyssa and Kayleigh are twenty years old identical twins. By now they are in college but they were always very popular. People still talk about the things they’ve done. Organizing parties, making the life’s of teachers miserable and they were amazing at sports. Everything that he is not . At 11pm he says goodbye to his friends and goes to bed. The only thing is, is that he won’t go to sleep just yet. He might be a boring nerd, but he masturbates most of the times before going to sleep.

Thinking of the prettiest girl in his class, Rose, his cock grows to its full length. He never needs long, only the thought of her makes him explode with happiness. He is almost ready until his door suddenly opens. His sister Alyssa is standing there with her phone in her hand. CLICK. "So" she says with a mean smile on her face. He quickly covers himself with the blanket but it is too late. She looks happily at her screen where the photo will be shown and she is startled. Haden sees her take a closer look at the photo, then she looks at Haden in surprise. She comes to his bed and wants to pull the blankets off his bed. He is much stronger than her and quickly holds the blanket and deftly puts on his pajama pants. Alyssa notices he's too strong and runs out of the room. Damn, that photo!

He runs into her room behind her, but there is no telephone. She stands there being innocent, while he messes up her room. "I'm not going to stop until I have your phone Alyssa, so if you want to avoid a mess, give me that thing!" She plays innocent and says, "I know you did well. I won’t do anything with that photo and even delete it, if you participate in a project by Kayleigh and me."

David stops looking and looks his sister in the eye. She is a lot smaller. Haden has grown well in the last 2 years. When he was 15 years old, he was still a kid, but in recent years he has developed well. Due to sports, he has grown and is now a tall muscular man of 1.89. Yet he is still very shy and will never dare to come across as dominant, especially to his sisters. And Alyssa knows this…

Alyssa pretends to be innocent after which he asks, "What kind of project?"

Coincidentally, Kayleigh walks into the room and stands next to her sister. Alyssa says, "We want to make you a stud. If you participate, the photo will be erased. "He looks at his sister in dismay. From Alyssa to Kayleigh and back to Alyssa. She says: "We don’t like it that you are so insecure, while you don't have to be at all. I've seen the photo, you really shouldn't be ashamed. In fact, you will make a lot of girls very happy. And it will be good for your confidence."

He is naive enough that he trusts his sisters. He has never kissed or even dared to ask a girl out. They may be able to lend a hand. He asks, "You want to help me so I dare to ask a girl out?" Kayleigh and Alyssa look at each other and laugh. "Yes, we want to help you with that. And much more!” Haden sighs and agrees without words.

How could he know what his sisters were planning….

The next day his sisters get Haden out of bed at 8 am. They throw the duvet off him and he growls with irritation. He blindly takes his duvet back and pulls it over his head. "Get up sunshine, we have a busy day today!" Now his duvet is pulled completely out of bed. "Get up, we're busy." Haden looks at his sister with sleepy eyes. "With what?" Kayleigh smiles at him: "We’re going to shop for new clothes and you are going to the hairdresser."

Haden moans with displeasure. "A boy's favorite activity," he says sarcastically. Kayleigh slaps him on the buttocks and then almost rolls him out of bed. Haden stands up fast and staggers towards the shower. He takes his clothes from his chair that he left there yesterday. Once showered, he dresses himself and goes downstairs.

After having breakfast quickly, the sisters push him from his chair and head to town. The sisters tell him sternly that they know what they are doing and that he has absolutely no input in what is going to happen today. Even though Haden is not happy with their involvement, he knows they want the best for him. Even though this is the most bizarre undertaking of his sisters ever! But, he tells himself: If this makes him grow the balls to ask a nice girl out, then this project is worth it. As difficult as it is, he keeps the goal in mind.

First of all, he has to go to the hairdresser. His loose long curls are cut off. He secretly didn't mind hiding behind his hair. However, that hair is now gone. The sisters and the lady who cuts him giggle a bit. He thinks it is all nonsense. Then they go to the optician. He has wide-rimmed glasses, but the sisters have a point. It is certainly not sexy.

He is fitted with lenses that they fortunately had in stock. Although extra sets are now being ordered. Haden was not happy without glasses. He doesn't like those things in his eyes. He is afraid that this will get in the way of his computer activities. His sisters don't want to hear about it and just dismiss his comments.

They have been in the mall for 1.5 hours and are now going to a clothing store. No slobber sweaters and sweatpants as he now wears, but neat clothes. Dark jeans, 2 trousers with matching blazers, some blouses, belts and neat shoes. 2 pairs no less. Also some dark turtlenecks, which are snug.

Haden thought he was done for today but no. His sisters have one last trip planned, the beauty salon. Okay, this is going too far for Haden. He immediately turns around towards the bus stop. The sisters struggle to stop him but persuade him by indicating that they want to make that one eyebrow into 2 and that his beard is also being groomed and trimmed. Once in the chair at the beauty salon, his face is packed with creams, his hands get a massage and finally his eyebrows and beard get trimmed.

The sisters immediately let him put on some new clothes when changing. After that all 3 of them are standing in front of the mirror looking at the new Haden, and all 3 are speechless. CLICK. Alyssa picked up her phone again and took a picture of him. This time he was wearing clothes, luckily.

Haden has to get used to his new appearance. Instead of a young boring geek, he is now a handsome grown man. Well, almost then. In a few weeks he will turn 18. Alyssa whistles after which she says: "I knew you could look better then you let out to be, but honey, I would do you if you hadn't been my brother.” Haden pulls a dirty face at the thought alone. Kayleigh puts her arm over his shoulder and kisses him on the cheek. "You are handsome brother. Now we are going to train you to become a womanizer.” Before he realizes what she just said, the sisters are already on their way to the car. He runs towards them. A little panting, he caught up with them and asks: "Womanizer? I just want the guts to ask a girl out. You really don't have to do more. "The sisters laugh at each other and say in unison: “Come on, it’ll be alright brother.”

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