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23-year-old Zinnia Clematis dreams of true love, passion, and adventure. This is the story of her getting what she wanted; along with way more than she bargained for. 25-year-old Ren Alvah just wants so survive this mission. Then survive the next mission. Life in the mafia is fast-paced, full of daily life and death decisions, and is not for the feint hearted. Being born the son of the Don meant he was raised in it and honestly couldn't imagine any other life. Women come and go but he's never been the serious type. Settling down wouldn't mesh well with his lifestyle and it wasn't something he ever thought he truly wanted; until he meets her.

Erotica / Romance
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Hello, this is my first time posting a story so I wanted to clarify that everything here is fictional and ask that no one plagerize my work. I'm open to constructive critisim and I love feedback so please comment but be kind while doing so. That's all, I hope you lovelies enjoy the story :)


It's a relatively slow build up but be patient, I promise, the smut is coming ;)

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