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A lesbian short erotic story

Erotica / Romance
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My girls and I were getting dressed for a party and they were really excited about it. I was even more excited because I had a mission, and that was to find myself a fuck buddy. I had just gone through a horrible break up (I walked in on my tomboy girlfriend getting fucked by a man, I just turned and left them to continue what they were doing, she didn't even come after me, the worst part was that she invited me over that night). It was the worst moment of my life and after months I was finally ready to get some. I wore a tiny playsuit that showed my cleavage.. I did light makeup and wore a bob wig. I looked really approachable and sexy...just the look I was going for. I already had one babe in mind for my rebound sex. She was a good looking tomboy I met on Instagram and we planned on meeting at the party for the first time.

While we were in the uber on our way to the party, one of the girls brought out some pills that she said were "sexual enhancers". They were literally horny pills and all the other girls all took one pill each...I took two...I was fully ready for tonight.

On getting to the party we all went our separate ways. I brought out my phone and called Mara(the girl from Instagram). She was at the party already and was waiting for me at the drink stand. When I got there she was with two other guys. I walked up to them and we exchanged pleasantries and she introduced me to her pals. They all went to the same school or some shit. She look way shorter than her pictures and not even half as attractive. She had on a plain white tee and three quarter jean shorts with crocs on her feet. She looked very average and far from what I expected. She had two cups with her and I collected one from her and downed the whole cup in one gulp without caring about the content. If I was eventually going to do anything with her I had to get drunk first at least.

After a couple of drinks I was starting to get really bored. They were all laughing and talking and I was feeling left out. I was tipsy and horny and she wasn't helping. I was stylishly scanning the party for a plan b. One of the guys started talking about threesomes and how he'd love to watch the both of us fuck and that he was even willing to pay for it. I was so disgusted. She on the other hand found it funny. I picked up my purse and excused myself to use the toilet.

On my way back from the toilet I saw a light skinned tomboy with a group of guys. They were really big guys and she looked so tiny in their midst. She looked really cute and lost and I don't know where I got confidence from but I walked up to her and asked if she wanted to dance. She looked so shy. She declined my offer saying she didn't know how to dance. Then I asked her if she had anything to drink yet but she said she didn't drink either. I left her cos I had nothing left to say. A few minutes later someone tapped my shoulder. It was her. She said her friends wanted to go to the poolside and asked if I would like to come along. Of course I agreed!. On getting there she got weed from her friends and started smoking...she looked more relaxed and after a while we started dancing together. I was still tipsy and I was twerking on her and trying to be seductive.

As we were dancing she started rubbing my thighs and her fingers were inching upward slowly till they disappeared under my playsuit. I wasn't wearing any underwear so she came in direct contact with my pussy. She started tracing light circles on my clit and I almost moaned out loud. We were surrounded by lots of people but she didn't seem to care. She slipped a finger inside me and whispered into my ears "Fuck you're so wet". I was literally dripping and it was cause of the pills I took. She started to finger me slowly and soon I couldn't stand properly anymore. She continued whispering stuffs in my ears about how naughty I was and I was getting really riled up. When I couldn't take it anymore I took out her fingers and pulled her to the pool changing room.

We were panting when we got inside....the room was very dark and I couldn't even see her face properly....I locked the door and started to feel self conscious. As if sensing my thoughts she asked if I was shy. I laughed and said no. She then pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss me. This was no longer the shy I girl I met outside. She was kissing me and her hands were all over my body. She tasted like weed and for some reason it was a turn on. I took her hand and guided it back to my pussy. She put three fingers in me at once and started fucking me. I felt so stretched out but I loved it. I was pushing my hips forward to meet every thrust till we found a rhythm. She was kissing my ears, licking my neck and earlobes at the same time.....pressing all of my buttons at once. I was moaning very loudly this time without caring who might hear us. Just when I was close we heard a knock. We grew still and waited for the person to maybe get tired and leave. But the knocking only increased. We continued to kiss and I kept grinding my pussy on her fingers.. When I came I started to cry. She held me while I cried and we sat there in the dark for a while.

When we eventually went outside her friends were waiting at the door. Turns out they were looking for her cos they were ready to go home. We exchanged numbers and hooked up a couple more times after that. We even tried dating once but it didn't work out. We still remained good fuck buddies though.


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