Forgive Me Father, For I Need Answers

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2 - Pact

Anath nudged a candle with his foot beyond the drawn border of the outermost circle his face remaining a placid mask. The candle flickered when it moved nearly going out entirely as it crossed the line before rising back. The angel stepped beyond the circle coming to stand a few steps away from Eadmund.

A knot of confusion and anxiety twisted in his stomach as the angel approached. From everything he had read nothing had ever said it was possible for the summoned to directly alter the physical world and especially not move beyond the barrier. His mind reeled with the turn of events, picking apart the implications of what the angel had said and how he might satisfy the angel’s vague request. He had nothing more going for him than his studies.

“You have fallen quiet, mortal.” Anath stepped closer, only a breath away now, his voice softened and no longer echoed in his mind. He noted the angel was not as tall as he, though still seemed to tower over him with the intense burn of his eyes and set of his jaw. “I can see you are giving this serious thought and it is rare to find one who is not ruled by pride. It is refreshing and so too, is your appearance.” Anath’s eyes swept over him meaningfully and Eadmund’s entire body flushed, burning with embarrassment. “You are far more attractive and well-kempt than kings and wizards. You will do nicely. Show me mortal pleasures and I will grant you what you seek in equal exchange.”

“Mortal pleasures?” He fumbled, taking a step back to steady himself, certain he heard wrong or the thoughts that crossed his mind were going too far.

“Is there something else you would rather offer?” Anath kneeled before him angling towards the still bleeding cut along his thigh.

“N-No,” Eadmund muttered taking a deep steadying breath thinking how a wealth of secrets was within reach.

“Then do you agree to the exchange?” Anath looked up at him meaningfully, face too close for comfort

“I consent,” he said, unable to look away from Anath. The angel dipped to the cut on his thigh, tongue darting out and licking the wound. It stung and adrenaline surged causing his body to stir uncomfortably and shiver.

“So it is,” Anath whispered and licked up his thigh slowly and with purpose.

Eadmund gasped, fighting the instinct to drawback. He had never interacted with anyone in so intimate a manner and the promise that more would happen only heightened the tingling caused by Anath’s touch. Although the angel gave no recognition of noticing the lingering nervousness he felt. In fact, Anath wasn’t looking up at him anymore, too focused, delicate fingers playing with the only barrier of clothes between them causing them to tighten uncomfortably as his arousal grew. He clenched his fists uncertain what to do with his hands, breath baited and shallow, watching as Anath slowly worked him free. Anath’s breath was hot on his skin and it made an unbearable ache in him flare.

Anath’s hands and mouth were on him with hungry curiosity. His tongue glided along the length of him, an exceptional sensation wholly different than his hands. By the time Anath reached the tip and set his lips upon him, Eadmund was more aroused and hard than he had ever been before. He could feel Anath’s tongue circling and plying gentle pressure before taking a fair portion of him into his mouth. He bit back a moan, breath becoming ragged and heavy from Anath’s ministrations that made every fiber in his being beg for more. His hands shook from being clenched and he displaced the tension running fingers through the soft waves of Anath’s hair.

“Are you overcome already?” Anath paused meeting Eadmund’s eyes once more with a cunning smile while steadying both hands on Eadmund’s hips. “Will you do the same for me?”

“I’ll make certain of it,” Eadmund said, tipping his head back with a shudder. Anath’s mouth was too much and not enough at once and it made his mind hazy trying to understand but he knew he wouldn’t last much longer at this rate. “That’s enough.” His breathing was heavier, voice low, and body shivering in an effort to not spend. He needed some time to cool down before going further so he could last long enough to feel genuinely satisfied.

Anath withdrew immediately, saliva making the sudden draft a cold shock. The angel rocked back remaining on his knees and looked up at Eadmund panting, full lips parted and red, platinum locks a mess, and eyes hazy.

“Are you finished?” Anath asked. His brows furrowed and he shifted, Eadmund couldn’t help but notice how Anath’s movements called attention to his arousal.

“Not yet and I don’t want to finish so soon.” Eadmund scowled slightly, feeling heat rise to his face as he wondered where to begin. Anath looked so wanting with the way his lips parted and chest rose and fell with each heavy breath. “Please rise,” he asked of the angel.

“How do you intend to uphold your promise?” Anath asked coming to stand and angling toward him. The angel’s eyes were half-lidded and he brushed his lips along Eadmund’s collarbone while his hands roved from Eadmund’s hips up over his chest.

Eadmund grasped Anath’s narrow shoulders pushing him an arm’s length away. Anath looked at him sharply but he was already walking the angel backward to the narrow bed pushing him onto it. He decided to work through logistics as he came to them.

“I’ll touch you however you want.”

“I want to feel your hands everywhere.”

He nodded and leaned close to explore with his hands and lips. He began by sliding his hands down Anath’s arms and over his chest, kissing sensitive areas starting along his neck and trailing after the touch of his fingers. He worked slowly down Anath’s stomach feeling how smooth and supple his body was as he yielded to his touch. Further still, he traced down over the angel’s hips to his thighs, parting them to kneel carefully between them. He massaged small circles on Anath’s inner thighs and the angel tilted his head back with a sigh, eyes closed. Encouraged by the response, his touch became more firm, hungry to go further. He kissed along the hard length, breath surely hot as his tongue snaked out teasing sensitive skin. He was met with soft murmurs of approval.

“I need more… please,” Anath pleaded running a hand through Eadmund’s hair.

“You asked nicely this time,” Eadmund said more to himself. He paused to pull back and scan the room for something to aid in going further. His mind scrambled for ideas until a small pitcher of oil caught his attention, it had been used to anoint the candles so surely it could be used for this new purpose.

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