Forgive Me Father, For I Need Answers

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3 - Exchange

He retrieved the pitcher in short order, eagerly yet carefully dripping the oil onto Anath. He watched the angel twitch and shudder as droplets landed, coating the length of him with more generosity than the candles. He set the pitcher aside before he became too distracted and grabbed Anath’s leg pinning it up by the back of his knee. His free hand travelled spreading the oil evenly and lavishly until he naturally explored lower, inserting a few fingers slowly. It was effortless to build a repetitive motion that soon had Anath gripping the blankets moaning faintly. The sight and sound of Anath’s pleasure had a heady effect that radiated through Eadmund to the point of feeling dizzy.

“Are you ready for me to go further?” He asked, beginning to give in to the painful ache begging for more. He toyed with Anath working him from being so tight while thoroughly coating inside him.

“I can’t take any more teasing, but start slowly, you are fairly substantial,” Anath groaned.

Eadmund took a shuddering breath, too sensitive and barely able to coat himself in oil. He set himself against Anath, guiding in slowly while holding his hips attempting leverage but struggling with the hold from how slippery they both were. Despite his work, Anath was tight and the progression of entering him showed in the way he arched his back and the heavy rise and fall of his chest.

“Try to relax, it will be less intense for you.” Eadmund pushed close up against Anath, settling all the way in and pressing Anath’s legs up toward his chest.

“It is a lot to take.” Anath tipped his head back looking dazed in the low light.

Eadmund felt Anath’s legs wrap around him and tighten, holding him close. He rested his forehead against the crook of the angel’s neck losing himself for a moment, overcome by how good it felt to be so wholly encompassed by him.

“Can you handle it?” He asked, pressing down on Anath to pull back enough to look at him. He tested with a slow thrust, biting his bottom lip in restraint as he did so.

“Start slow and I will be able to, I am in dire need for you to do something about this.” Anath thrust up, grinding against him.

He shuddered, biting his lip harder, a soft moan escaping involuntarily. Speaking was out of his capabilities at the moment as Anath continued grinding against him. The yearning he had kept under control took over and he gave in, beginning to thrust slowly at first. Anath twitched and tightened around him, as he built speed Anath’s body moved in time with his own. He gripped Anath’s hips tightly, digging his nails in to not slip as he kept pace while Anath’s hands were all over him, exploring and pulling him closer. He could feel the pressure and warmth of them as they desperately traced his back, eventually finding the nape of his neck and up entangling in his hair.

He was goaded into a position that pinned Anath’s legs closer to his chest, making him angled and deeper on hard thrusts. Anath arched under the adjustment with a moan, eyes hazing over and looking distant. Intent to give more, he kept position and pressed intentionally grinding eagerly, loving how the angel reacted and how he was quickly getting louder with ecstasy. Anath arched further, legs trembling tight around him as the angel dropped back onto the bed with a gasp, gripping blankets tightly as he stifled a cry. Eadmund paused in the midst of being buried deep inside and focused on not losing himself yet, amazed the angel had yet to spend despite being brought so close.

Anath looked up at him, lips bowed perfectly as he panted, eyes still dazed and a mesmerizing deep color like burning gold. His cheeks had a luminescent haze that distracted him, from the edge of his vision golden eyes lined down Anath’s face until out of peripheral view. When he looked directly he expected the visage to disappear but the eyes were more distinct, similar in size and shape as his normal eyes but inlaid into the hollows of his cheeks and down into his neck. He looked elsewhere from those eyes to see six wings spanning flat on the bed, peeking out from the splayed mass of platinum locks of hair. A sense of what he was doing crept in and stilled him. All of Anath’s eyes honed in on him with a keen observance, the deep gold seeming to glow from within.

“Do not stop now, I am close,” Anath said, shifting underneath him.

“Ah, I’ll get you there.” He snapped out of the daze while averting Anath’s direct gaze. There were too many eyes and they were too observant. “First, I need to reposition you for it.”

Anath complied as Eadmund pulled out, directing the angel onto his hands and knees on the bed. Anath’s wings folded and tucked against his back, though they were still visible through his hair. He nudged Anath’s legs further apart and positioned between them pressing against Anath’s sensitive body still achingly hard. The sensation of eyes watching him lingered but didn’t wholly deter him from hungrily reentering Anath, going all the way in with ease.

He murmured his appreciation, loving the feel of Anath’s narrow hips in his hands. The way Anath pressed back and moaned softly made it difficult to restrain himself. He quickened to a rough pace keeping steady enough to slide a hand around Anath’s hips. The angel was hard and twitching in his hand, he stroked him quickly and glided with ease, fingers plying just under the head. Anath arched into the bed, burying his face with a desperate cry. He could feel the angel’s release in the way that his body trembled and tightened, the reaction going through every muscle.

It brought him so close to climax he barely managed to gasp out, “May I?”

Anath moaned in response with a perceptible nod. The affirmation was a relief and a weight lifted that he hadn’t realized had been holding him back. A full thrust overwhelmed him and sent him into a state of ecstasy that erased every thought and connection to reality. The point of climax stayed strong, stretching for incomprehensible moments that he relished, holding tight to Anath as though he were an anchor to reality.

The feeling ebbed slowly and he became aware of Anath fully collapsing onto the bed. He followed with a groan, breathing heavily and rolled to lay beside Anath feeling warmth radiate from his body even where they weren’t touching. He took deep gulping breaths to regain normality, feeling like it would be an age before he felt up to moving again.

When he turned to Anath, the angel looked back with features delicate and normal once more. Pale face flushed deeply across his nose and cheeks that he couldn’t help but feel an inclination to touch. He hesitated, hovering his hand closer, almost thinking better of the action before doing it regardless. He brushed his fingers lightly along Anath’s cheek, smooth and warm, and tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear.

“You seem as spent as I,” Eadmund said finally catching his breath.

“You gave me everything I wanted from what I asked.” Anath caught his hand gently drawing it away from his face. “For that, I will impart valuable knowledge you will never find transcribed. This is for no one other than yourself, not even to be recorded.”

Anath’s golden hazel eyes burned into him with the weight of his words and Eadmund’s voice vanished. All he could manage was a cowed nod.

“As I trace it you will understand it.”

Eadmund remained silent, not understanding what Anath meant but choosing patience over voicing his confusion. However, Anath didn’t explain as he pulled Eadmund’s hand further away from his face, turning it to expose his palm and forearm up at them both. Prolonged waiting stirred a heightened sense of expectation within him and his nerves came alive with anticipation. Anath touched the faint blue lines that rested under his skin at the crook of his arm and traced down his forearm with a sharp nail lightly scratching the skin. The initial contact sparked a sense of pain but it soon gave way to feeling hypnotic.

When Anath reached his open palm he traced a series of circular symbols that were unrecognizable at first. As he watched and felt the designs drawn on him, understanding filtered into his mind as subtly as though he had always known the answer only forgotten them until that moment. He brightened, a bewildered smile spreading across his face as he looked from his palm to Anath.

Anath returned the look with a stoic nod. The angel began drawing the same design on his palm and he refocused on the motions, newly acquired knowledge allowing him the opportunity to remember the pattern. By the third repetition, he had it fully comprehended and memorized.

Anath moved on to drawing more symbols and complex patterns starting each new configuration by drawing down the length of his forearm first. He silently and dutifully took it all in, secretly enjoying the physical contact that accompanied it. He dedicated himself to Anath’s knowledge for as long as he would stay and as much as he would share. In the background of his mind, he decided when he was alone he would plan what to do with the information he was being granted.

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