Tailorbird Caught in a War

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The definition of relationships seem to change with time. So does, love. When did her caring husband turn into a cold blooded obsessive blackmailer? She had no idea. Never even dreamt that one day, she would be involved in a series of battles: to save her ownnlife and her child's; to keep her man away from other women; to keep the kitchen fire burning. The hardest would be to fight her own man from tainting her name; to prevent him from snatching away her children. Would the support of the young man standing by her through thick and thin be enough

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Prologue: Obsession

If this is people call it heaven, she is definitely in heaven. This is all she desired and prayed for. Both the soft touches of her beloved and rough dominations that he is addicted to. She feels thoroughly loved. In the mornings, her aching muscles will be the proof of his love. The bite marks all over her torso makes her blush. Yes, this is heaven.

A sudden jerk pulling her to the edge of the bed wakes her from a dreamland she often escapes to, at such times. She stares blankly at the monster moving like an animal on top of her.

Where have my lover vanished? Her heart cries but her tear buds had depleted long ago. His touches were no more soft caresses but brutal scratches on her skin.

Years ago, when they were newly married, his dominations were mild infestations of an engrossed lover. Nothing like the punsihment her jealous husband is now enforcing on her.

Physically, only her hands were tied. Inside, it feels like her whole being has been chained to a concrete. Her mind deranged. Each hit on her flesh, each bleeding bite mark, each thrust adds salt to her wound. For what fault of her?

During the day, she pretends to bask in her husband's love in front of her family. Each night, after her children went to bed, she sits waiting for her master with dread. Love is what bound her existence to her husband's. Her existence itself is now at stake. If she had been a masochist, she would have drawn pleasure out of all the pain inflìcted on her.

She grunted when she was forcefully turned on her knees.

"I am going to have a hard time walking tomorrow", she thought.

Through the unending pounding, she thinks of ways and means to escape this cruelty.

"From whom should I seek advice? I can't even tell my maternal family. The women in the family also do not understand the difference between rape and love making. They said women should to surrender to their husbands' needs. They have no free will. Women's bodies are for their men's use. What should I do? What should I do?

If I leave, what about my children? They are still so young. One is barely in his teens. What if he snatches them away from me? Will they be able to survive without their mother?"

She is pulled out if her thoughts when her hair was jerked brutally. The beast is holding her hair in a bunch with one hand and the other is squeezing her throat.

"Bitch, where is your focus?"

The squeeze on her thriat tightened. " On one of your bastard lover? How good do they fuck you, you slut?"

She is forced on her back, thighs bended on her tummy. A hard slap landed on her face and the next moment a thrust down below.


A series of slaps landed on her butt.

"I said, answer me, you slut. Are they good as me?"

"You are the only one." She struggled through the choking hold on her throat.

"Bitch, I hate liars. How dare you lie to me?"

His foul breath hits her face as he growls right at her face.

"You are mine. Am I clear?"

"Yes, I am yours. Please have mercy." She pleaded with tears.

She knows he loves when she pleads. To end the torture, she will grovel and suck and do whatever he commands. There is no other way.

"Am i not good enough, babe?" He asks as he bites on her breasts.

"Yes, you are."

"Do I satisfy you?" His bites become fiercer.

"Yes, you do."

"Who is your husband?" He licks his bites.

"You are my husband. I love you."

The monster seem to have calmed down a bit. His bites turn into licks.

"Hope you keep that in mind forever, my love."

"Would you please untie my hands?", she seductively asks him giving him her cutest smiles. "I have to wake up earlier than you."

"Okay." He unties the cloth but continues kissing her. This time, his kisses are tender.

Why can't he change back to her old caring husband? Will he ever change? The fear in her racing heart calms down a bit as she senses his hold relaxing. She knows, for now she has pacified the beast. For now, she is safe. For how long, that she doesn't know.

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