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Sunset Down Under (Steamy 18+)

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***THIS STORY IS NOW PUBLISHED ON GALATEA AS AN EBOOK AND AMAZON AS PAPERBACK Excerpt only*** ❤❤❤ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A fresh start in a new city was exactly what Coco needed. Having moved to Australia with her husband from the U.S., he broke her heart by cheating, leading to a painful divorce. Seeking a change of scenery, her best friend Christina convinces Coco to move with her from Melbourne to Sydney. When one of the hottest and sweetest guys around literally falls at her feet, it seems like fate that she’d meet Blaze, who sets her world alight. His best friend, Harley, the sexy tattooed bad boy, challenges fiery Christina and infuriates her, while also getting under her skin. Christina also wrestled some demons in her past, emerging from an abusive relationship. Together, the two best friends battle heartbreak, friendship, love, and hope in the land Down Under. (C) Copyright reserved - Lizzie Lioness 2019. The author expressly asserts all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Infringement may lead to civil action, with associated potential financial penalties that may be imposed by a Court, including disgorgement of profits and costs orders against the defendant.

Erotica / Romance
Lizzie Lioness
4.9 1 review
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Chapter 1. Fuck. My balls!

***Sunset Down Under***

Out now on Galatea and Paperback on Amazon!

Excerpt only ❤


Deep breaths, Coco.

“Are you okay?”

My eyes opened and I looked at my best friend. Her blue hair was tousled slightly over her face. She tucked the loose strands behind her ear.

“I think so. I mean, I can’t believe it’s over. How am I going to do this?”

“Do what?” Christina narrowed her eyes.

“Start over?” I ran my hands over my face and took a deep breath.

“I know it sounds so cliché-.”

“One day at a time?”

Christina nodded. “Pretty much.”

“Can you believe he wanted to take Boadicea?”

Christina’s jaw dropped. “What? Fucking asshole!”

Boadicea was my King Charles Cavalier. My ex and I picked her up from the pound as I had started to feel lonely living in Australia. Originally from the United States, we moved to the land down under when he was offered a job opportunity he didn’t want to turn down.

“What did you tell that asswipe?”

“I said you can keep your bitch, and I’ll keep mine.”

Christina shook her head. “He has some fucking nerve, and he can suck it because you got the house and the dog.”

“The house has always been under my name. Jack couldn’t afford anything.”

“Where’s he staying now?”

“On the corner of go fuck yourself, and I don’t give a shit,” I joked.

“My ex is living there too.” Christina chortled.

“Popular place that one.”

As much as I hated the idea of going through a divorce at twenty-five, I hated the idea more of being with someone as selfish as he was.

“So, are you heading back to work anytime soon?” Christina unzipped her bag and took out her gloss, placing the clear moisturizer over her plump lips.

“No, I took another week off.”

“Really?” Her eyes widened.

“Yep. I told them I needed the time while I went through the divorce.”

“They understood?” She placed the lipstick bag in her bag and wiped the corners of her mouth.

“Yeah, you know my boss. I hate that he’s transferring to Sydney, like you.”

“I’m glad you can at least stay in the country.” Christina pouted before her eyes widened, as though she had the best idea in the world. “You need to come and move to Sydney with me.”

I met Christina working in Melbourne. When Jack and I moved to Australia from the U.S. over a year ago, we both hit it off well. She planned to move back to her original hometown after her office closed down and relocated.

“Bill asked me to move to the Sydney office too,” I grinned.

“What?” Christina yelled.

“Yeah, I was actually considering it, but making the move is a big deal.”

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Why aren’t you packing, girl?” Christina beamed.

“The idea of moving again scares me.”

“I have already bought a place with two bedrooms. I was looking for a roommate. Please don’t make me look for some fuckwit that I won’t be able to stand to be around. Or some fucker that chews too loud.”

I bit my lip and thought for a moment. A fresh start would be good. I loved living in Australia, and I couldn’t imagine going back to the U.S. yet, especially having to face my family after the divorce. Jack and I got married when we were young. He had an amazing job offer to come to Australia, so we both packed our bags and left. His inability to keep it in his pants caused the marriage to break down prematurely. Kind of like his cock.

My thoughts were interrupted by Christina’s insistent nagging, which I had to admit; her offer was becoming quite tempting.

“So, what do you say? Will you move to Bondi Beach with me?”

“I’ve never been to Sydney before.”

“Pleaseeeeeee,” Christina stretched the word as she begged.

I gave her a teasing smile. “I need to speak to my boss first, and if he agrees, then yes! Of course, I’ll move there with you.”

Christina howled in excitement and jumped up and down which caused a few onlookers to stare.

“But the living arrangements will only be temporary until I can find my own place to buy. I’ll sell the house here and find a small house for Bobo and me.”

“At least you won’t have to worry about bumping into that asshole in Sydney.”

“You never know. He did travel there quite a bit for work. I was never lucky enough to go with him.”

“Well, you’re going to love it. The eye candy at the beach alone will make you wetter than the ocean,” she winked.

“God, Christina.” I rolled my eyes.

“What? I’m not kidding. You’ll soon be over what’s his face when you see all the available guys walking around semi-naked.”

“I can’t think about dating right now, babe. I just signed my divorce papers like an hour ago.” I huffed.

“Precisely why you should be dating.”

“I hope Bill says yes,” I sighed. He was the best manager I had worked with, and I hated the idea of working with someone else.

“The man worships the ground you walk on. Trust me when I tell you he’ll say yes.”

“I hope so because I need a change. I can’t stay here if there’s a chance I’ll see Jack again. I don’t want anything more to do with that asshole.”

“We’re going to make you forget about Jack. I promise.”

One Month Later

“This is the last one,” I huffed, before I placed the brown box down on the tiled floor in the lobby of Christina’s new place, and my temporary home.

“Need help to carry it up?” she offered.

“Nah. Can you take Bobo to the apartment?”

“Sure. Come on, Bobo.”


Christina left with my pooch. I bent down to pick up the last of my moving box.Damn. This thing’s heavy.With my view obstructed, I stumbled on my feet and ran into two people, causing me to drop the box on the floor. Immediately, I heard a few of the contents shatter.

“Shit. Sorry,” I apologized and looked up at the two guys in front of me. The first one smiled. His medium sandy blonde hair sat neatly above his neck, and I couldn’t help but notice how perfect his body was. The second guy was heavily tattooed and reminded me of Mountain Man from Game of Thrones.

“Watch where you’re going, sweetheart,” the built guy sneered.

His friend smiled, bent down and picked up the box before he handed it over. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” I glanced down at the black marker written in Christina’s handwriting which read Asshole’s Things.Why the hell am I keeping this shit? Both guys smirked and watched while I took the box and threw it in the lobby bin, dusting my hands as I made my way to the lift. I held the door open with my arm. “Coming in?”

The both of them snapped out of their thoughts and made it into the lift just in time the doors closed.

“Floor?” I checked.

The cute guy leaned in and pressed the lift button for Level 1. I took in a deep breath and could smell the coconut aroma that was settled on the strands of his hair.

God, he smells good.

As the door opened, I stepped aside and watched them take their exit, keeping my gaze on their asses.


When they stepped off the lift, the guy with the short hair turned around and caught me staring. My cheeks flushed a light shade of pink. He winked before the two of them made their way through the doors of the tattoo parlour.


As soon as I stepped inside, Christina gazed down at my hands and narrowed her eyes. “Where’s the box?”

“Which one?”

She arched her brows and chuckled. “The one I left with you to bring up.”

“Oh. I threw it away. I bumped into two guys downstairs. Literally bumped into them, dropped the box and heard things break. I decided I didn’t want any of his shit.”

Christina beamed. “Two guys, huh? Were they hot? I bet they were hot.”

I smiled and placed my bag on top of the kitchen island. “They were both attractive and one was more definitely your type. Tattoos, big guns.”

“Damn. I hope we run into them.” Christina fell back on the couch. “So, are you sure you didn’t want anything in that box?”

“I don’t know exactly. Didn’t care to check.”

“I’m glad you threw that shit away. It didn’t look like stuff you wanted to keep. Old photos of you and him, and of course that jumper you loved so much.”

“Don’t remind me. He was wearing it the day I caught him in the garage. I don’t know why I didn’t burn it.” I took my seat next to my bestie on the plush leather couch. The furniture arrived the day before, so we had stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights.

“We still could.”

I narrowed my eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, we could still burn the fucking thing right outside on our veranda. A little bonfire.”

“That sounds g-.”

“Scratch that. There’s a total fire ban right now,” Christina interjected.

Summer in Australia could get pretty intense. Much hotter than what I was used to in the States. The humidity alone made me sweat in places I didn’t know I could. Like my eyeballs.

“Okay, so no burning. It doesn’t matter. It’s in the bin now. Done and dusted. Gone from my life.”

“That’s the right attitude, babe. Now all we need to do is find someone to give you that orgasm you’ve clearly been begging for.”

’Seriously, Christina,” I uttered beneath my breath.

“What? Jack was a selfish prick. Only thought of himself. I can’t believe he was your first.′

My cheeks burnt and I crumpled on the couch. Part of me regretted telling her that I had never climaxed with Jack. Or with anyone. He was my first love, and I thought the love of my life, which is why I married him.Boy was I wrong.He would blame me when I never finished during sex. Kept telling me that I was the problem, and he said it enough times that I actually believed him.

“Maybe there is something wrong with me.”

“Maybe if he could last longer than two minutes, you might have actually had that mind-blowing orgasm. The guy is a douche.”

I chewed the inside of my cheek. “I don’t know. I mea-.”

“Don’t even try to defend him. He’s selfish in bed and selfish in life. I know you’re still hurting, but I’m glad you’re not with him anymore.”

“Thanks, Christina,” I sighed. “Same here.”

“You ready to unpack?”

I was lying in bed tucked under the thin blanket when my eyes fluttered open at Christina’s voice. I turned my head away. “Not yet. It’s too early.”

“Get your ass up, Coco. It’s nearly ten!”

With a huff I flung my blanket over my body. “Seriously?

“Yes. We can unpack and head out sight-seeing if you want.”

I groaned. “I’m too tired. Let’s just unpack and have a lazy day. I mean, don’t you have to head to work?”

“Nope. I took the day off to help your ass. Now get up, lazy bones.”

“Fine, I’m up!”

After struggling for a bit, I managed to pry myself away from my comfortable bed. I was grateful that Christina was here to help me out. Packing my life’s things wasn’t easy for me. She was there every step of the way through my divorce. She was the first person I called when I found out that Jack was cheating on me, and we hadn’t known each other for long.

Christina’s had a troubled past with her ex, and she’s one of the toughest girls I know, and hella funny. She knows how to make me laugh, even at the most inappropriate times.

We spent the day unpacking, but by the end of it, we were completely exhausted that I didn’t want to move a muscle. So, we decided on pizza and a movie night at home, leaving the idea of sight-seeing for another day.

It was early morning, and I was lying in bed after spending the day before unpacking my belongings. I hadn’t had a chance to see much of Bondi, but as the weekend drew nearer, I hoped I could at least make a visit to the well-known beach. Two nights here and it’s already been the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. The idea of being as far away from Jack as I could be, has given me some resemblance of a normal feeling. Two months living in Australia, I found Jack balls deep in some whore. Not just anywhere, but in the back of my Mazda 3 which was parked in the garage at home. A huge factor on why I wanted to leave the place behind.


“What’s up, buddy?”


“Need to go out and pee?”

My pooch stood and flapped her tail. Daily walks were a regular thing for the two of us in the morning before heading off to work.

“Okay, pal. Let me get changed and we can go for a nice walk. Check out the sights with me, huh?”

I quickly jumped out of bed and got changed into some workout gear, while Bobo followed me around the apartment. Christina was still asleep, so I managed to sneak out without waking her up, with Bobo hot on my trail.

Before I stepped into the lift, I attached the leash to Bobo’s collar. “Ready?”


The bell dinged after the lift arrived at the lobby. Bobo and I stepped outside and looked around at the unfamiliar place. I had no idea where I was going, but we would enjoy the walk nonetheless. I decided to trail the path alongside the beach. It was truly captivating. The sun was already hot and it was only seven in the morning.

Christina would kill me if she knew I went out without sunscreen.

There were a few people jogging and riding their bikes along the path, as well as other dog owners out taking their pooches for a walk. I started from the middle of the path and made my way to the other side of the beach. After finding a warm bench, I sat down to watch the early morning surfers take in the waves.

“What do you think, Bobo? Do you think we’ve made the right choice coming here?” I bent down and scratched Bobo on the side of her head. Wanting more, she jumped up on my lap and smothered me with kisses. “Cutie.” After a few cuddles and admiring the view, I stood and took a deep breath. We’d been walking an hour and it was time to return to the apartment. Before I had a chance to move, Bobo bolted with my hand grasping her leash, causing me to chase after her. “Damnit! Bobo, stop!” She continued to drag me across the path, and I tried to keep up with her. She may have been small, but she was a tough little shit.

I was too busy trying to focus on Bobo, that I didn’t realize I was about to knock someone down. Suddenly, I bumped into a man, causing me to tumble over and land on top of him with an accidental knee to the groin.

“Fuck...my balls!”

Author's Note.

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Lizzie Lioness

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