The Sleepover

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Mature content ahead :) Leah + Jack Just a BDSM short story tbh...

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Present

I excitedly brushed my hair out, as I was getting ready to go to Jack’s house for the first time. We’ve been together for four months now but I was still a little nervous. His parents were going down to their holiday house so we had the house to ourselves. I grabbed my bag with my clothes along with everything else I needed and knew I was forgetting something. I texted Jack as I made my way downstairs that I was about to leave and he said he’d pick me up from the train station. I replied with an “ok” and a heart emoji and grabbed my wallet and keys. Just as I was about to leave, I got another text from him.

"Don’t forget to wear the present I gave you. I love you baby girl, see you soon."

That’s what I forgot...

As we were walking home yesterday, Jack handed me a little box and asked me to open it. It was a butt plug, engraved with “J.D.” on it, Jack’s initials. The second I opened the box, I shut it and blushed profoundly to the point that my cheeks hurt. Jack chuckled at my reaction and whispered “I’ll make your ass as red as your cheeks tomorrow”. I was beyond astounded at his promise as he kissed me on the lips, smacked my ass and yelled out “See you tomorrow pumpkin”, before running to the platform where his train was about to depart.

I ran my hands over the engraving as I felt a chill go through me, as I always do when I feel his possessiveness. I was his. And he was mine.

I won’t, I love you too daddy, I texted back. I grabbed the butt plug and sat down on a chair. I’d never done this before so I was kinda scared. Along with the butt plug, there was another tube in the box with lubricant. I pulled my panties down and lifted my dress up. Squeezing some of the lube onto my finger, I rubbed it on my asshole and used my other hand to slide the butt plug in. It was unbearably painful at the start. I thought of it as using a tampon, just up the different hole, and kept trying till it was all the way in. My eyes were stinging and tearing up as I pulled my panties on again and walked over to the sink to wash my hands.

I checked my phone as I left the house and saw a text from Jack. ”Good girl.”

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