Horny house

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Office tables are the best

It was just another night of me working in the office late night to meet the deadline of current project. If my other group members have been efficient enough to get their own work done i would not be having an another all nighter to complete their worl too.

Anyways i was almost done and packing my things that i heard a noise coming from the corridor to the left of my cubicle. I was terrified because all the lights were off except for my cubicle and all employees had left,so who might be there. I thought I must call for security but my dumb ass didn't had a number of security office. So that left me with no other choice but to look myself what was going on.

So what i did was i spotted a trophy of the year of our department and decided to use it as my weapon just in case if i needed it. I entered the corridor and saw a light flicking under the boss office. I was suspicious that someone was trying to break in his office to steal important papers or information from us. But what i saw next shocked me to the core.

There on office chair was my boss watching a leabian porn and jerking off to that. I was so shocked that the trophy left my hands and made a loud sound when it hit the ground alerting my boss of my presence. He was in the middle of an orgasm when he was jerked back into the reality. And was standing before me without pants looking wide mouth open to my expression changing. I was shocked by his nakedness and then started to feel tingly.

Atmosphere of the office was thick so was his cock. I gulped and move forward to gulp some water inorder to something but i think he misunderstood that instead of my advance to complete what he was doing. Because the next thing was that i was perched on the desk and he was standing before me and holding me by waist. He dugged his fingers to my sides and whispered near my ears "i was a bad girl and i have to pay for what i have done". I was contemplating the meaning of what he had said to me that the next thing was i felt soft yet ferocious kisses on my neck. I was tongue tied that how to stop because obviously he was boss and I didn't want to offend him. But soon i didn't want to stop him because those kisses started to awake my desire to be fucked in to a bliss.

He started to undress me and i was left with only my micro lingerie in front of his eyes. The next thing i felt was my panties off me and his mouth on my clitorous sucking like a suction. It was a bliss to be able to orgasm and relief from the overworking frustration by your boss sucking your pussy.

It was like he was also enjoying eating my pussy because it was 15 minutes later he left my pussy and grabbed by tits to suck on them. While he was sucking on my nipples he grabbed his cock and started to move it on my outer pussy lips. I was horny more than ever had i been in my life. I wanted his cock to be in me and fill me up to the brink. And that what he did. He slided his cock inch by inch in me until he was fully submerged in me. And thats when the magic started he would thrust his cock rhythmically slow and fast into me. But i wanted more so started to rotate too so that i can feel him all around me. That got him to increase his pace. And his thrust got hard. He bit my neck and i sratched his back. And he gave me last hard and fast thrust and we came apart. He didn't left my body and it was heaven to be filled after post orgasm by his cock. Every part of my body tingled. He gathered me from the desk and i whimpered because i was feeling too sensitive. And he walked to the nearest sofa and slept with me still in his arms filled by his cock on it.

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