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Warning ⚠️ mature content ahead ⚠️ Experience the steaming romance which guaranteed you wet dreams. Hey naughty readers, Fasten your seatbelt to a hot forbidden ride with Sexy Daddy's.

Erotica / Romance
Alisha P.J
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Ah!! Mmmm. ... Oh god.. like that ah!! faster Daddy. I'm m ah ah!!

Beep Beep

Oh god not again, I didn't get to cum again. I am Sara, a 17-year-old teenager who just had a fucking wet dream of her boyfriend's DAD. Hmmmmm... my Daddy 😉.

Since the day I met him for the first time I'm getting these dreams, don't get me wrong I like my boyfriend but I don't feel that passion around him but with his dad oh!! don't get me started.

When I first met Matt I thought he is Noah's(my bf) older brother, he was so good looking and smoking hot, being 40 does not change him from looking sexy af. I so crave for his taste, his cock to feel deep inside my throat, and my wet pussy.


After the end of the school, I was keeping my extra stuff in my locker.

"Hey, baby let's go, I am taking you to my place," Noah said.

"Okay, wait for me at the parking I am going to use the washroom."

Oh god, I'm going to see Matt after that dream I can't wait to see him.


"Hey, we are here."

After collecting some snacks from Macdonald we finally reached his home.

"I'll bring the plates you select something to watch", Noah said.

I was looking around to find Matt I could have asked Noah but I don't want to sound suspicious.

I decided to watch The Notebook while Noah was placing the food and then I push myself to ask.

"Hey, baby call your father to have some snacks with us I don't want him to think I'm ill-mannered."

"Hahaha, baby relax my dad likes you, and don't worry he is not home so chill."

A pang of disappointment come across my face with that piece of information but thank god he didn't noticed it.

Half of the movie went by and I am starting to feel bored but Noah was very much concentrating on it, poor guy love ROM Com.

Ah!!! I was screaming from inside it's so frustrating. I'm starting to feel so fucking horny but at the same time I want Matt to fulfil my craving, I think today is not my day. I am leaving now.

"Hey baby, Olly is massing me to meet her for the assignment due for tomorrow so I have to leave now sorry I have to go bye."

"Ok, I will drop you."

"No, it's ok she is on her way here I will just go and meet her at the corner."

After kissing Noah goodbye I left his place. I was about to turn around the corner when I saw a familiar car coming my way. It's Matt's.

"Hello Matt, I greet him after he pulled over beside me."

"Hey, Sara, What are you doing here and where is my idiot son?" He asked with a frown.

That's it, Sara, it's now or never I have to make a move now, here goes my plan.

"I was meeting a friend nearby and now am going to my place, Noah doesn't know am here, please don't be mad at him. Matt if don't mind, Can you please drop me at my place, its a bit far from here, and am not getting any cap also," I said with a pout.

"Off-Course darling get in", Matt said with a sweet smile and I also notice a bit of shine in his eyes when I make a pout.

The ride home was silent, I was stealing some glances here and there but he was mainly looking at the road. While changing the gear his knuckles brush my naked thighs which send chills all over my body and I was so wet then and there.

After 15 minutes to ride, we finally reached my home. I invited matt inside and I know my parents will arrive late from work today, we will be alone now.

"Do you like to have something soda, beer?" I offered him some drinks and after handing him a beer can, I went to change.

"Make your self at home I'm going to fresh and up." I went inside my bedroom to change into booty shorts and a sexy tank top which revealed my sexy cleavage and showed my round butt. I have a body to die for, all the curves at the right places I'm neither skinny nor fat, just perfect.

Descending from the satires Matt turns around to look at me and his breath got hitched. I was excited to know I have that effect on him.

I was standing only a few inches away from him and I can smell his manly sent from here. He was breathing heavily and I was giving him the Looks. Looks which says" kiss me and tear my clothes and fuck me senseless right here on the cold kitchen island and... I was not able to think what happened next when all of a sudden Matt pushed me to the island and start to kiss me passionately, man was I shocked. But after a few seconds, I responded with equal heat, after some minutes we both were panting for air.

"Wow, that was so much better than I imagined and by the way, you spoke that aloud". Matt said looking deeply into my eyes with a smirk and mischief in these eyes.

I was standing with wide eyes, can't believe I said all the things aloud, but anyway I'm happy that I'm not the only one having those feelings and craving. Pulling myself from the shocked state I asked. " imagined kissing me."

"Oh, baby, kissing is not only the thing I imagined about you", he said with a husky tone while pulling me towards his chest and kissing me in a more heated kiss than before if that is even possible.

He started giving open mouth kisses down the way to my jaw and neck, biting my skin and licking and sucking, marking me his. His act brings a loud moan, "Oh!! Daddy"

"Call me that again sweet chicks, I'm your daddy, I'm going to fuck you the way you wanted."

I was a moaning mess his hands were doing wonders. He slides his hand under my top and start to feel my breast, thank god I was not wearing any undies. God, he is so good. He removed my top and start sucking my breast while kneading the other one pinching the pink buds "ah! Ah! Daddy!! I want more daddy, please!!"

"Patience baby, I will make you feel so good, be a good girl for daddy, will you?"

I gave him a nod and start unbuttoning his shirt. He moved his hands under my shorts. "No panties baby I like it". He said with a smirk and I felt a pink blush came over to my face. "I love it when you blush baby."

Oh, I was so wet and ready for him. I can feel his rock hard cock pressing my stomach.

He pushed two fingers inside me and I screamed with pleasure. "Shhh... Baby be quiet you don't want your neighbour to know who is fucking you soo good right?"

He was using three fingers to fuck me now and god I'm feeling out of this world, I never felt this good before. Soon I felt his tongue fucking my walls, "oh daddy like that... there don't stop, don't stop daddy please m.. m.. Cumming... Ah! Ah!! Mmmm..."

"Yes moan for me like that, I'm going to fuck you so good baby." He pulled out his cock and I gasped looking at the 8 inches big and thick cock, most beautiful I ever seen.

He pulled a condom packet from his back pocket and torn its cover and put it on, he was sliding the head at the entrance of my vagina to tease me. "Beg for it, baby..."

"God, please!! Daddy!! Fuck me hard please I was waiting for this day to come, fuck me like you mean it daddy, and ruined my pussy its all yours to fuck and suck. FUCK ME, HARD DADDY!!!!"

"NO need to say more baby," with that he slammed this huge cock at one god, I felt a slight plain but it soon turned into pleasure. He gave me a moment to adjust his size and soon he was fucking me hard.

"Ah! ah! hmmm... fuck daddy you feel so good inside me ah!! yes!! like that hmmm I was craving for your touch mmmm yeah fuck!! faster daddy mmm... I'm close daddy make me cum."

Soon I came all over his cock, he lay on the top of me and kissed the hell out of me.

"I like you, daddy", I blunt out. I was scared to lose him but he was Noah's dad too so I was confused with our situation. I liked him so much but I am scared to break Noah's heart.

"I like you too Sara, always have and you are mine so I want you to break up with Noah and for now, keep this a secret from everybody. When you will be an adult I will make you mine officially. I promised."

I stared at his eyes which were sincere and looking me with love and passion and I knew then and there that I fell in love with my daddy.


Hey guys, this is my very first story so pardon my errors.

Hope you like it, do comment and leave a review.

Keeping reading!!


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