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Chapter 10

Lola’s P.O.V

We spent most of the day Saturday lounging around. Neither of us really in the mood to do anything. I was still exhausted and made Dawson promise not to touch me until Tuesday which was our next tutoring session.

It was now Saturday night and Dawson had gone home a while ago. I decided to take a long bath because I was so sore it felt like I got hit by a car. No matter how much pain though I will not regret anything we did. It felt too good. I had a face mask on while I was shaving my legs. I put on classical music in the background to feel classy. It was working.

Somewhere during my relaxation, I hear my phone go off. I cleaned off my hand before answering.

"Hello sir," I say assuming it's Dawson. I hear him chuckle. I no longer care what he called for. I'm about to turn this around.

"Hello miss," he replies seductively.

"Did you need me for anything, sir? I'm a little busy." I try to sound breathless. I'm not sure if it worked because Dawson is silent for a few moments. Maybe I should keep talking.

"You see I'm a bit wet at the moment. I can help you after I get changed. Right now I'm getting out of the tub," I hear him moan, "Now I'm drying off, but I can't get it all. I still feel myself dripping."

"Lola," Dawson groans. I know it's working, but I ran out of things to say. I hear strangled breathing through the phone and decide to play naive.

"Are you ok, sir? Do you need medical attention. It sounds like you're having trouble breathing," I say making my voice sound as innocent as possible. I can tell it's working by the breathing picking up and the small noises escaping from the phone. I'm starting to feel myself get riled up. I sit on the rug in my bathroom and start to move my hand over my body. I let out a moan whether real or fake, Dawson won't be able to tell the difference. I'm just not far enough yet to moan. I'm more of a whimper person until I really get going.

"This was not my intention when I called, but I need help now. Baby if you could continue with those noises, then I think it would solve my problem fairly quickly." Dawson's voice sounded rough and strained. I reached my core and whimpered.

"Of course I would do anything for you sir," I said in a sensual voice as I slipped my finger in while letting out a moan, "Anything."

"Like what," Dawson grunts out. I can see him jerking off and it's weirdly turning me on.

"Well I'm on my knees right now. And my mouth feels oddly empty," I made a popping sound, "Can you feel it around you, bobbing up and down. It's so big that it's gagging me. My warm mouth coating it in saliva." That sounded so stupid. He's never gonna fall for it. Just then I hear a moan through the phone.

"Ohhhh, Lola." And here I thought I was bad at phone sex. I've never done it before. Just then I pick up my pace feeling myself build.

I struggle to get out my next sentence, but I know Dawson needs more. "Ohhh baby I can feel your ginormous tool pushing in me. It's too big." I add another finger and curl. Giving myself time before I add a third.

"That's right darling. Feel it. Feel it going in. Pounding into you until you can't see straight."

"Ohh Dawson I'm coming. I'm coming." I can feel my release explode just as he groans and makes a noise that I assume means he is coming too. I'm slightly dazed while I look around my bathroom. My phone was dropped on the floor and my rug is ruined. But it's not like a rug is my top priority right now.

Picking the phone back up, I check to make sure Dawson is ok.

"D, are you there? Are you ok?"

"Wow, Lola, the next time I get my hands on you. I can assure you we will be checking things off the list left and right," Dawson growls through the phone. He must be annoyed that I'm making him wait until Tuesday.

"Oh, I'm so scared. Is the big bad wolf going to come and get me?" It isn't the best idea to egg him on, but he can't do anything now. I wouldn't dare say things like that to his face. Especailly when he would have the power to pin me down and make me beg for him. I don't think I would last very long either.

"Lola, I swear, when I get my hands on you I will fuck you so hard that the brick house won't even need a huff or puff to fall down." I shouldn't laugh, but in a way it feels like we are flirting while having phone sex. Which is normal except the fact that we have already finished and I could just hang up, but I enjoy talking to him. I could talk like this for hours.

"Oink, oink." That's the best I could come up with. I should probably go before I get too attached and never want to stop talking.

"Well anyways Dawson thanks for the phone sex, but I have to go. I'll see you on Tuesday." I hang up before I hear his protest. I'll probably avoid him Monday and then attack him after our session on Tuesday. That seems like a good plan. As I think about Dawson's list though, I remember he wanted to start sexting. I'm going to start doing that on Monday.


I've been sitting in second period staring at my phone for the last fifteen minutes. We have independent work and I sent Dawson a text about ten minutes ago. I know he won't see it until this period is over, but I'm still waiting to see if he goes along with it. I've never sexted anyone before and I wanted a mix between dirty and innocent. I'm not sure I did a good job though.

My toes are curling when I think about u and all the things u do to me. Glad people can't read thoughts.

It sounds so stupid now that I think it over. I should have just wrote 'thinking of all the things that enormous dick will do to me' and called it a day. Why did I write it like that. I just need to stop thinking about it because I know I'm over thinking, but I can't help it. I want him to imagine me whispering these things in his ear as the scenario comes together in his mind. That's way more difficult then it seems.

I'll just wait until Dawson responds and go from there. There is twenty minutes left in second period and I need a distraction. I finished my homework already and I don't have anything to do for other classes until it gets assigned today. Maybe I'll finish writing an essay that is due in two weeks. That just sounds boring and depressing. Since I skipped on Friday one would imagine I would have something to make up, but no. I have nothing that I missed that I didn't already complete.

I want to skip the rest of the day now that I've got a taste of the thrill. I'm definitely going to leave early today. I don't have anything to do in my last two classes so I might as well leave. They let seniors do that anyways. I'm going to go shopping and get some lingerie. I only have a few pairs and they aren't the sexiest. I really want to put myself out there for Dawson. He'll go crazy by the time I'm done with him.

The next twenty minutes were spent watching the clock and thinking about the new clothes I'm going to get. I try not to go on big shopping trips too often, but it's been long enough since the last one and I want to treat myself.

I don't look at my phone even as I feel it beep until I sit down in my next class.

My dick certainly wants to be somewhere warm and tight rn. Was ur goal to cause me pain

Well that worked better than I thought it would. I don't know if I should keep going though. I don't want him to be in pain. That thought only lasted a few seconds before I vetoed it. I can't just stop now that I started.

I want it in my tight pussey while I'm restrained and at your mercy

I shouldn’t keep baiting him, but it makes me feel somewhat powerful. I can do this to him without even seeing him. Just the thoughts of my body in his head. Although he does it to me as well judging by the wetness between my legs. I’m definitely leaving early.

Just wait until I have you babygirl

Oh no how will I respond to that? He really got me there too. I can’t wait until he has me. I need to act confident and it’s not like he can see me.

You’ve already had me over my desk in front of my whole class

I’m not even going to think about it. Maybe it was weird, but he might dig it. Dawson will probably bound me and attack me later anyways so if I sound stupid it really doesn’t matter. Maybe he’ll spank me for being a bad girl.

You sure know how to tease. Just wait until I have you

And what are you going to do to me

Oh I’m so good, but so bad at the same time. I could be really good at this if I keep hyping myself up. I faintly hear my teacher droning away in the background. He talks so slowly most of the class falls asleep anyways and he never really realizes.

First I’m going to tie you up and bend you to my will

And then...

Then I’m going to pleasure you until your eyes cross and just when you’re about to let go I’ll stop

You wouldn’t

Then I’ll fuck you every which way until you can’t take anymore, but I’ll keep going until I’m thoroughly satisfied your only thought is me

Wow that got a bit serious, but I’m really turned on right now. I need to end the conversation with the last word. I think I should provoke him again because I can’t wait to see what my punishment will be. The bell is about to ring in a few minutes and I’m leaving so it’s not like he’ll see me for the rest of the day. I won’t have to face him until I’m all dolled up in my sexy clothes trying to bend him to my will. Of course, I’ll give into to him eventually though. I clench my thighs together just thinking about it. I’m sent the message right before the bell rang and I shut off my phone

I’d like to see you try

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