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Chapter 11

Lola’s P.O.V

"Ouch", I should have just gone with wax. I am so bad at shaving my legs. I finished off the last bit and ran downstairs to get a bandaid and some disinfectant. This does not make me feel good. Blood was running down my shin from the fairly deep cut caused by my razor.

I'm at home getting ready for Dawson who should be over soon. I'm almost ready except I still have to get changed and I am now bleeding. Cleaning it up, I ran back upstairs to get on my new lingerie. It's red lace that leaves little to the imagination. I also got a new pink set and some different bras and thongs. I'll save those for later though. We never set an exact time so I guess I'll just hang out until he gets here. I lit some candles and turned off my lights.

I laid down in my bed and put on a movie. I sent Dawson a text telling him to just come upstairs when he gets here because I am way too comfortable. I'm super zoned in on the movie that I don't even notice my eyes closing. I didn't even realize that I was that exhausted, but before I know it my eyes are closed and I am dreaming.


I woke up to a feather-like touch, but didn't open my eyes. I just laid there trying to make sense of what was happening. I rarely took naps because I felt like I was on Neptune. Once I even thought it was morning when it was actually night and I got ready for the day for nothing. Once I had come back to Earth, I realized that it was a finger touching my face. That didn't make sense because I didn't think I was touching my face.

I let out a little grunt and opened my eyes. I saw Dawson standing above me, but I couldn't see his face. It was dark out already? I feel his fingers drop from my face as he turns away. The T.V. was playing quietly in the background and the soft light illuminated his back.

"How long have you been here," my voice sounded through the room, scratchy from my nap.

"Not long," he offers little with his back still facing me, "I didn't know if I should wake you. You were out cold."

"Sorry about that. I didn't even realize I feel asleep."

"You don't need to apologize. We can set the mood again," Dawson says, finally turning around. I get a look at his face and he is smirking, but there is an odd shimmer in his eyes. I smirk myself and fully remove the covers from my body. I shut the T.V. off and leaned back on my elbows. Dawson slowly stalks over to me and traps me with his arms.

I try to catch his mouth, but he evades. "I think I know what I want to check off your list," Dawson whispers down to me.

"Are you going to punish me," I whisper back.

He chuckles before leaning closer, "In a way."

He slowly starts to kiss my neck while moving my hands above my head. "Don't move your hands from there or you'll make it worse for both of us," Dawson's low rumbly voice sent a tickle in between my thighs. I could feel myself getting hotter by the second. Analyizing the thing he said for as long as I could until his tongue distracted me left me with one conclusion.

It's going to punish both of us. I don't know why he would want to punish himself though. Nevertheless I listen to him and keep my hands above my head. He starts to lick my neck sending zings through my body. Slowly moving downwards, he reaches the top of my breasts. Dawson reaches my nipples and instead of biting them he continues to lick them. After a bit, he moves down my stomach and licks all the way to my sweet spot.

I moan thinking he is about to eat me out and question the punishment part of this. Dawson licks up my slit making me wiggle more, but I keep my hands where they were. After licking a few more times, I figure out the punishment but it doesn't fully hit me until he starts licking my thighs and down my legs.

Dawson is just licking me while I'm not allowed to do anything. He makes it all the way to my feet before stopping and coming back over me.

"Dawson," I moan out when he just stares at me for a few minutes. He snaps back and quickly puts a condom on before teasing my entrance. It goes on for too long in my opinion. I try to thrust my hips up, but he pushes them down while still teasing me.

"I said don't move, darling," he whispers while nipping at my ear. I tried so hard not to squirm. It doesn't help that Dawson is still teasing me. His dick was nudging at my entrance without ever going in. I whimper when I realize this is the punishment he was talking about.

It took everything in me to lay on the bed and keep my hips in place. I knew if I moved again Dawson would tie me down and make it even worse. This went on for an agonizing few minutes before he somewhat penetrated. I moaned out when it finally happened and shifted a bit.

Dawson growled in my war before staring down at me while he stilled. We sat in silence and didn't move for a while. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, so I looked away and just laid there. Dawson must have gotten the hint because he started moving again. He slowly pulled out and then thrust back in. Leisurely pulling out and going back in. He relaxed speed was starting to get to me when my build up kept going away before starting. I was getting fed up with the fact that we weren't getting each other off and rather just consuming ourselves with the other person's touch and warmth. It was getting way to intimate and if I started crying by the end, then it would be game over. I wouldn't be able to continue seeing Dawson and go back to my boring life of finding a hook up every few months.

I couldn't even look in his eyes for fear of what I would see and in return what he would see. His thrusts started getting harder while I just laid there like a corpse occasionally letting out a moan. I knew relaxing my muslces like this would stop me from attacking and claiming my release. Pretty soon though, Dawson's ling hard thrusts started to do something. I could feel something tingle and tighten. It kept getting stronger while Dawson was getting faster. He buries his head in my neck while continuing his slow introsions.

I was starting to get emotional. I could feel myself building up. My eyes were watering and I was starting to shaking. I was so close when I felt Dawson tense and groan as his orgasm hit because of his hard thrust. It triggered my own and a dam burst inside me. I screamed as tears leaked out of my eyes while I rode out my orgasm. He kept thrusting while we both were too lost in the power of euphoria.

He hugged me so closely as we came down I felt myself slowly suffocating. I put my arms around his back and squeezed him just as much. He rolled off still hugging me and we just laid there for what felt like hours. I could tell him wasn't asleep and I couldn't fall asleep either. I was too overwhelmed with feelings too calm down. Why did I put that on my list. I thought slow sex would be different. All the guys I've ever been with have just gone at it and ended within the first few minutes. I'm surprised Dawson lasted what was at least a half an hour of sex.

It was late and I knew Dawson wasn't planning on getting up. I buried my head in his neck and placed light kisses on it. He sighed in content and pulled me closer.

"Let's just not talk about it," I whisper. I could tell he wanted to say something, but I knew things would change. If we just fell asleep in each others arms while leaving our feelings in our heads, everything would be fine. I may have just gave myself away though.

"I was going to say we checked off two things," he whispered back. We both knew he was lying.


The next morning we stayed in bed in the same position we were in all night. I didn't get very much sleep, but that wasn't surprising. I didn't have that much to do this weekend so we planned to go again tonight. Dawson was trying to convince me to spend the day with him, but I knew that would be too much. He claimed it wouldn't be a big deal and we could just hangout in between sex, but I knew better. I also needed rest after last night. I didn't fully feel sore until this morning.

I was in the middle of homework when I got a call form my mother. Her and my father were in some other country in one of our other homes. The only reason we had them was because of how much they traveled. She was just checking up on me so she could reassure herself that she wasn't screwing up as a parent. If I wasn't a good kid, things we be very different. I could just throw parties, give up on school, steal my trust fund, and never work ever. Well that sounds like a good plan, but I feel better about having sex under this roof when I don't do those things. Anyways it was a plain conversation that lasted two minutes where I said everything was fine and she proceeded to tell me that her and father weren't coming home for two more months. Then she said when they would be back, we would have the pleasure of going to some galla. She was going to dress me up and parade me around as the perfect daughter of our perfect family.

Well I have at least one family bonding experience to look forward to. No wonder I cling to the attention and unattached connection that sex gets me. Thinking about that just makes me horny. I glance at the clock and realize the hours won't tick by fast enough. Getting myself off wouldn't be the same, so I spent the next half an hour contemplating if I should call Dawson or not. He could be busy and I would just look stupid, but he wanted to hang out anyway so maybe I should just call anyways.

The ache isn't going away and eventually becomes too strong. I pick up my phone and dial his number. Before I can chicken out, he answers.

"Lola, what a surprise," his husky voice vibrates through the phone.

"Hi, I was just wondering if you were busy... now," I rush out, stuttering at the end. I ran a hand down my face while pacing around the room. This was a stupid idea. I should just hang up and pretend I lost connection.

"Well, I was just about to workout. Maybe you could join me." I scoffed in my head knowing what he wanted to do. It was on his list after all.

"I am only saying yes because I know you will be in just as much pain as I will be." My boobs hanging out will prevent me from running. I guess I get to lift weights while he works out with an erection.

"Splendid, how about you come over while I get my gym ready." He hungs up as I fling myself on my bed and scream into my pillow. After my mini freak-out, I put on workout clothes even though I won't need them. It is mostly for show at this point. I don't bother showering either because I'm going to be all sweaty from the workout or sex, probably both.

I hop in my car and leisurely drive over there. I want to give him time to prepare. I know I need to mentally prepare for whats about to happen. I don't know if we are going to have sex within the first few minutes or stare st each other while we separately exercise. I also don't know if we are going to ignore what happened the previous night. I know I want to and knowing Dawson he won't bring it up unless I hint to it.

I pull into Dawson's driveway and check around to make sure there aren't any people nearby. Although his driveway is long enough that it wouldn't really matter, I like to be cautious. I knock on the door while searching through my bag to make sure I have everything I need. Dawson opens it with a smirk on his face. He leans down and breathes on my ear.

"Well darling, are you ready to sweat."

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