Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 12

Lola’s P.O.V

I gulp as I watch Dawson slowly push down his shorts. I insisted he should get things started because I was all over the place. I tugged my shirt over my head. We were on opposite sides of his gym. I opted to do a bit of yoga first, but I am now second-guessing my choices. Naked yoga sounded like a challenge of some reality show and you couldn’t have sex with your partner. That might as well be us right now. I know Dawson wants this to last.

I pull off my legging before fiddling with my sports bra. Dawson’s fingers were hooked on the waistband of his underwear as he was waiting for me. I quickly pulled off my bra and copied his actions with my own panties. I decided to confidently continue this and pushed mine down first. I then turned and proceeded to start stretching.

Last night must have really gotten to me. I totally lost confidence and sass for a while before realizing that was stupid. I know he wants me and I can have power over him if I so pleased. I knew Dawson started when I heard weights being moved. I peaked over and saw his in all his glory, already sporting a semi. Quickly looking away, I knew I couldn’t stare too much because that would just make everything harder. I started with a few easy poses before moving on to ones that would help me workout better. It feels amazing and I wonder why I don’t do this more often.

I hear heavy breaths behind me as I keep going. I am unsure whether it is because he is watching me or straining to lift too much weight with the dumbells. After about 15 minutes I peek back over at Dawson. He is still lifting weights. I flick my eyes over to the elliptical machine wondering if that would be too much. As my eyes move back to Dawson, they go down towards his dick. It is still semi-hard, so I think I should be ok. I kept my eyes on him as I move over to the machine. His eyes flick over to me as I walk across the gym. Already red from yoga, I flush even more as his eyes move all over my body. I do the same watching sweat roll down his chest. Licking my lips as I turn away. I don’t want this to end too quickly either.

I step up and just start going. The machine is facing a mirror so I can still see Dawson staring at my butt. This goes on for a while as I stay on the machine. Dawson stays with the weights too but is now do curl-ups when I get off the elliptical. I walk over to the bar next to him and start doing the same thing. Playing soccer pays off because I can do more than two. Every week we spend a day in the gym with planned workouts. Being this close to each other is getting more and more difficult as I look down and see his dick almost fully erect.

I can feel myself dripping and the smell is a bit more prominent within the sweaty atmosphere. We both do three sets of ten before moving on to lunges among other workouts we can do next to each other. Dawson struggles as his dick is getting harder while watching me next to him. I know he won’t last much longer so I decide to do the one thing I have been dreading, the treadmill. He follows me over as I set mine to a walk to start, knowing that it won’t be fun when I have to start running while holding up my breasts. We both walk along next to each other before picking it up to a slight jog. The moment I cup my breasts while feeling my arousal slipping down my legs, I let out a small moan.

Dawson turns off his treadmill as I turn mine off. I know what workout he wants to do next and I pat myself on the back for lasting an hour and a half. I get off just as he grabs me and pulls me towards his chest. I wrap my arms around his neck as he grabs my thighs.

“I hope this was all you imagined,” I whisper as I wrap my legs around Dawson’s torso.

“Oh baby, it was that and more,” he replies while walking causing my nether region to brush up against his. Feeling that he quickens and slams me against a wall.

“I know you are eager, but don’t make this too quick.” Dawson tortured himself on purpose for over an hour just to make the experience more intense. Teasing each other just to go at it like animals takes a lot of restraint. So much so that I know we will have a hard time doing this again.

Choosing to ignore what I said, Dawson starts attacking my neck. I throw my head back against the wall. I could stay here for hours as long as Dawson kisses every inch of my body. Rocking my hips against his, we both let out moans. His vibrates against my neck. I tug at his hair feeling the wetness from sweat.

Leaning into me so I will stay up against the wall, Dawson grabs both of my arms and pins them behind my back. His chest is crushing my boobs. Stimulating my nipples as he shakes. He secured my arms behind my back with one hand and used the other to grab my neck.

His lips are against mine in a second not even giving me time to react. I groan into his mouth. My eyes start to water with the need I have. Crying out when Dawson starts to grind against my sensitive opening. He pulls back to stare straight into my eyes. All of a sudden he slams into me. Tears leak out of my eyes from the intensity.

His hand is still on my neck as Dawson continues to thrust into me. We are still starring at each other. Tears are still streaming down my face as my back slams against the wall. I can’t tell if I am crying from the pain or the fierce look in Dawson’s eyes. He has me at his mercy and he knows it. I can’t tell what is going through his mind when he looks at me like that. I only know it’s turning him on to have me like that. I wish he would let go of my arms though so I could touch him. I want to feel his muscles as they flex. I want to tug on his hair when he rams me against the wall. My legs only feel his back, barely aiding his thrusts. He is moving too fast.

I know I am going to feel this in this later. After working out for over an hour plus this. My back is probably already starting the bruise. It only adds to my pleasure as my orgasm builds up.

I cry leaves my throat as I get close. I try to throw my head back, but Dawson just squeezes my neck tighter. I look straight into his eyes as he pushes me over the edge. Screaming his name over and over again. He goes faster seeing me orgasm. The intense look stays in his eyes when I come down. I look at him through my eyelashes with hazy eyes. For a second I see longing and horror in his gaze, but he moves his head to my neck before I can analyze it fully. Taking his hand off my neck, he moves my head to the side to get better access. Placing light kisses on my neck as Dawson continues to slam me against the wall.

Another orgasm hits me when Dawson bites down. I become a moaning mess as I vaguely feel his arms wrap around me pulling me closer. He moans my name as his finishes still thrusting into me. It takes us both a few minutes to come back to earth. My mind still feels hazy when Dawson lets go of my arms. I wrap them around him just as he is doing to me.

I don’t know how long we stay there wrapped in each other’s arms. I laid my head in his neck as our breathing returned to normal. I had stopped crying at some point, but my face was getting his neck wet from the tears. I move my hands along his back finally feeling his muscles tense up.

if only my life could stay in this little cocoon. I shouldn’t feel this safe with Dawson yet. My idea of the perfect bubble would be lighting candles, putting on a fan to get the air flowing, maybe even some nice snacks. Although that depends on what I am craving. I take my pillows and blankets and make a nest. Then to top it off I watch amazing movies or read emotional books.

The realization that Dawson could make a perfect bubble while hugging me against a wall hit hard. I slowly let go after giving him one last squeeze. I slid down the wall not ready to use my legs yet. Dawson noticed this and bent down to pick me up. The fact that he could still carry me was astonishing. I could barely move.

Soon enough we were in his room and he laid me down on his bed. The cloud-like mattress encompassed me. My muscles relaxed and I moaned out as I closed my eyes. My back felt sore but not as bad as my pussy. I couldn’t tell where Dawson was as I was on the bed. My mind was still hazy and my eyes were closed on their own accord. I could just fall asleep now, but even though I don’t want to admit it, I know Dawson is going to relax me. Whenever it’s hard like that was, he does some caring gesture that makes me feel amazing and soothes my body.

I am basically asleep by the time Dawson grabs me to put me in the tub. He gets in behind me as I lay my head on his chest. I could easily fall back asleep with the calming atmosphere. My nose picks up something familiar right then. I peek around and notice Dawson lit some candles. It takes me a few seconds to realize that they are my favorite candles. It takes a lot not to start crying then and there. Emotions roll through me as I feel his hands on my shoulders. He starts massaging them and it makes me moan.

I almost forget my inner turmoil when his hands spread across my body. It makes me feel loved thinking about him noticing what candles were my favorite and then getting them for his house. That feeling just makes me, even more, conflicted though. I shouldn’t get that deep with him and he shouldn’t be noticing little details like that about me. I then feel bad about criticizing him. He took the time to do all of this while I sit here thinking about him going too far. I know looking at this I should think that he did, but I know we are at least friends who are romantically involved. It makes me feel warm to think that he is a good enough friend to do all of this for me.

The tears almost slip out when I come to that realization. Still feeling Dawson’s hands on me, I turn around to face him. I bury my head in his neck before he can closely examine my face. If he saw my watery eyes, he would think he hurt me. I was too overwhelmed to see him concerned like that. Dawson’s hands pause on my back for a second before resuming. I grab his shoulders and start rubbing as best I can. I have never been the best at massages.

In the water, I feel his dick harden slightly. I hum against his neck at the sensations. With my emotions still crazed, I am surprised to realize that the strongest emotion I feel is calm. Dawson lets out a groan. Still wanting to make him feel good, I skim my hand all the way down to his dick.

I wrap my hand around it while keeping my other hand on his shoulder. The bubbles are blocking my hand so I just feel. I go up and down his dick just getting accustomed to everything he likes. I stop for a second to give it a small squeeze. The experiment seems to work when Dawson throws his head back. He groans out my name in the process.

I heat up right there. I debate for a bit whether to sit on it or not. I want to make him feel good and not make this about me, but won’t it be better for him if he is inside me. Dawson’s eyes are still closed as I shift and sink onto his cock. He bolts up in awareness as I go down further. He grabs my hips and starts to take control moving me up and down.

This goes on for a bit as water starts splashing everywhere. He speeds up as we both begin to build up. I cuddle close to him as the water gets a bit colder. Dawson takes even more control when he starts thrusting into me.

I don’t even have time to prepare before my orgasm hits and my vision fades in and out. Exhaustion takes over my body as I slump against Dawson too out of it to feel him finish and moan out my name again.

He drains the bath and dries us off all the while keeping me in his arms. I am on the edge of sleep when he turns off the lights and lays us both down on his bed. Pulling the covers up, he pulls me to his chest. I feel him kiss my forehead before I fully drift into unconsciousness.

"Oh Lola,” I hear a whisper in my ear, but I must be dreaming.

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