Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 13

Lola’s P.O.V

I had awoken this morning in a cocoon of warmth. Trapped with muscled arms that I didn’t want to let go. I should be trying to escape without waking him up, but instead, all I can think about is what we are going to check off today.

I wiggle a bit so I am fully facing Dawson now. His face looks so peaceful. I run my finger along his nose and then his cheekbone. I keep my touches as light as they can be so I don’t wake him up. I trace his eyebrows and go all the way down to his jaw.

I lean into his neck and start peppering kisses along his collarbone while simultaneously running my hand up and down Dawson’s toned stomach. I hear him let out a sleepy groan and nibble a bit on his neck. His hands tighten around me, but I don’t lift my head to meet his stare.

My hand starts to venture south near his pelvic bone, but he stops me. I lift my head with confusion evident on my features. “Let’s just have breakfast first and then go from there,” Dawson whispers, placing a kiss on my forehead. That only confuses me more because I can feel his hard-on on my thigh.

Dawson gets up first and puts on a pair of pants. He throws me one of his shirts that will cover enough. He leads me downstairs and makes me sit at the kitchen island. He gets everything out as I just sit there and watch his sexy ass move.

“I can help if you want me to,” I mumble softly. He turns a bit to face me and just winks before saying he doesn’t need help and I should just relax. I know he wants to do something nice, but I’m bored and want to do something with him.

I smirk when an idea pops into my head. I hop off the stool and start to stretch. Dawson doesn’t even notice until I let out a groan at how good the stretches feel. I had one of my legs up on the counter as I lean into more of a standing split. I hum when I shift and hit the right spot. Tension melts away and soon I forget that Dawson is even here. I forgot how much I love yoga.

I don’t even open my eyes when I feel him come up behind me. I had switched legs and was just starting to stretch them, even more, when I felt a soft touch on my thigh. I hadn’t even realized that I never put on panties until his fingers brushed against my clit. I let out a heavy sigh when he pressed down on it. I was so wet already that I was afraid it would drip out before Dawson even touched me down there.

His fingers kept hovering seeing what noises he could get me to make. I was whimpering, moaning, and panting and he was loving it or so I can assume if the hard object poking me in my butt is any indication. I also lost it when he put one finger in. I barely had time to catch my breath when he added a second.

“Hmm baby,” he drawls out lazily, his voice become hoarse from arousal. I have become a mess at this point grinding as much as I can against his fingers. He grabs my neck gently and pushes my head back towards his chest. I stand a bit straighter and clench around his fingers.

“Dawson,” my voice is so heavy that it sounds foreign to my ears. I know I am done for when he adds a third finger. I cum in seconds letting out a loud moan. He dry thrusts against me from behind as I am still riding out my orgasm.

I am pushed against the counter so fast that I wasn’t even fully aware yet. I try to get a grip when I feel him step away but he is right back against me in a second. Only a desperate man can undress that fast. He thrusts before I even get a word out. Dawson leans over my back as he continues. I try to get a glance at him, but can only manage to see that his eyes are closed and his head is down.

“Lola,” he groans as I readjust on the counter. He moves a bit so we can continue, but suddenly I feel an intrusion where it should be. Dawson moaned out loud and shook violently. It felt like he was cumming. I froze and so did Dawson.

“Umm, Dawson?”

I tried to turn and look at him as best I could while I felt pain back there still. His eyes were wide and he was still shaking. I couldn’t tell if he was still riding out his orgasm or not. I tried to move but I was sandwiched between him and the counter.

“Dawson could you please get out of there.” I wiggle a bit and give him an uncomfortable look. He steps back so quick that he almost trips and falls. He looks mortified before looking away and refusing to meet my eyes.

“Ummm,” Dawson mumbles rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m really sorry. I-it was an accident. I was too distracted.” I look down at his flaccid dick and then back up at him. He could not seem like more of a teenager right now. While I was over here in pain and unsatisfied.

“It’s fine,” I mutter back. I am still leaning against the counter. We both just stand there awkwardly.

“I think I’m going to get a shower and then head home.” The tension was too much and it certainly isn’t sexual. I try to stand up but feel extremely stiff. I am going to be so embarrassed when I have to waddle away.

“Wait, Lola. I am so so sorry. It was completely my fault. Let me run you a bath and take care of you today. This was completely my fault and I couldn’t even hold back and control my dick. I went to dedicate the rest of the weekend to you because it probably won’t be the most comfortable and it should have been your choice when or if you wanted to do that,” Dawson rushes out so fast that it took me a while to process. I guess it would be a bad time to leave.

I slightly nod and before I know it I am in the air cradled against Dawson’s chest. I notice the remorse and disgust. I am guessing the latter one is towards himself. I wiggle a bit because I am still naked against his chest and uncomfortable.

Dawson walks into his bathroom looking lost. He looks around for a place to put me. I touch his shoulder and nod at him to put me down. I could stand for a bit. He quickly turns on the faucet and puts in loads of bubble bath. He picks me up and puts me in the bath before getting in himself. I tense as my back rubs against his dick. There is an awkward silence while I moved forward a bit. Dawson starts rubbing my shoulders. I relax against him.

“I’m sorry”, he whispers into my hair then kissing the top of my head. I hum in response because I know it is not his fault, but the air is just really tense right now.

He continues to massage me in the silence. “I think I am going to sleep at my house tonight,” I whisper as I pat his arm. Dawson’s head falls on my shoulder and he squeezes me.

His voice is shakey when he whispers back, “I’m so sorry Lola. I feel so disgusted with myself, but I want to make you feel better. I won’t even touch you, but I’ll tuck you in and sleep on the floor. I want you near me, especially after this. I don’t want it to ruin anything.” His voice became hoarse at the end.

It only confused me more. “Dawson what are you talking about. I’ll be fine in a few days and we can go back to usual. It was a thing on the list and if we do it again I’ll be way less uncomfortable. That’s all, nothing more, nothing less.”

Dawson sat back up after I said that. He kept washing me off, so I assume I got through to him.

We finished in the bath and got out to get dressed. Dawson was standing awkwardly next to his bed. I glance down at it and contemplated the silent question he was asking. I wanted some alone time, but I could always leave tomorrow. He looks so distraught with himself and I think he needs it. I don’t know why considering he was the one who came in my butt. I guess I’ll do this for him and then I can stay away for a few days.

I lift the covers and snuggle under. Dawson’s shoulders sag and he laid down too. I felt his fingers brush against my back. I might as well go all the way. I grabbed his arm and yanked it over me. He pulled me back against his chest and snuggled into my neck.

I don’t think either of us fell asleep for a while. My mind was racing. It wasn’t even about the uncomfortable situation anymore. Dawson was acting like we were married and we were one fight away from a divorce. It makes me feel claustrophobic. Not in a literal sense, but just life, in general, feels like it is closing in. I think I need a vacation. It always helps when I feel like this. Like he is holding me down, but I know he is not. I know that Dawson just likes to be close, but right now he is too close.

I need to get away. It feels like the sun is scorching down on me and my throat becomes parched. Dawson feels my breathing pick up and he tries to get a look at my face. I don’t want him looking at me. My face feels like it is sweating. His arm feels like he is holding me underwater. I scramble to get out of his arms and land on the ground.

“Lola what’s wrong. Are you ok?”

My voice won’t come out as I scramble off the ground and into the bathroom. I slam the door and lean against it. I hear a knock behind me.

“Lola I’m so sorry. If you needed to go home because of me I can drive you. I don’t want to cause you any more stress. I can do anything you need me to right now.”

I thought about what he said for a bit. He could clear my mind temporarily. Then tomorrow I do anything I can to get past this. I stand up and open the door to see Dawson standing there concerned.

“I am horny and I need release. Can you do that for me?” I tried to keep my voice flat, but I know it quivered. I looked him dead in the eyes to see him looking even more concerned.

“Um, I don’t know if-“. I cut him off before he could continue. “You either do it or you don’t. If you don’t want to then I’ll go get it from someone else.” I went to shove past him, but he caught my shoulders and pushed me against the wall.

I quickly grabbed his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his hips. “Give it to me Dawson. I know you want to.” I ground into his erection, my mind was so cloudy that I would have gotten off if he hadn’t grabbed my hips.

“Lola, I think we should talk.”

“No, we aren’t supposed to talk. You are supposed to give it to me when I ask. I don’t care who it is, but I need release.” Dawson’s eyes were wide until they narrowed with rage.

“I can see it in your eyes. Do it. Take me like an animal against this wall,” I yelled in his face. In a second he ripped off my shorts and panties. I reached down to pull his erection free, but he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back. Dawson rubbed his covered dick against my dripping core. I moaned and moved my hips to get more.

“Is this what you want, whore? Do you want to spread your legs for other men?” I made noise and squirmed to try and reach for his dick. “That’s what I thought. You are mine to pleasure and I will tie you to my bed if I hear you speak like that again.”

“Yes, I understand. Now give it to me,” I said in a whiney voice. I was ready to do anything. He pulled out his dick and grabbed my throat before thrusting into me.

“Is this good enough for you? Wasn’t choking on your list?” He pounded me into the wall while restraining me as much as he could. he wanted to keep me there. He couldn’t let me run away because he knew that is all I wanted to do an hour ago.

He kept going harder. I knew my back was already sore, but all I could feel was the pleasure. It was becoming overwhelming. I reached my orgasm, but he just kept going. It was too much. I got what I needed.

“How many other men have you let do this to you?” That was my breaking point. All the overwhelming emotions hit me at once. I screamed and wretched my hands free. I reached up and clawed at his hand around my throat. He let go immediately and I pushed him. I unwrapped my legs and fell to the ground. It hurt, but all I could focus on was the feeling of a hand around my throat.

I backed up and hit the bed. I wrapped my arms around my legs and all I could hear was my continuous screaming. I felt hands wipe away my tears and I leaned away. I didn’t want to be touched.

Dawson helped me stand up and laid me down on the bed. Through my tears, I could see his horrified face. I fell asleep before he even moved.

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