Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 14

Lola’s P.O.V

I was sitting in my room the next day. I slipped up and didn’t even face the consequences. If Dawson heard me get up and sneak out, he just let me because we both know it wasn’t supposed to be more. He isn’t supposed to pry.

It was my fault for letting my emotions take over. I don’t expect him to reach out to me today. If I really want this to continue then I need to call him. The question is do I want this to go on. I would be a fool if I thought I felt absolutely nothing for Dawson. I can tell that he cares for me. I just don’t want it to lead to a relationship. I’m definitely not ready for a relationship.

I stayed staring at my phone for an hour before clicking on his name. I put it on speaker before dropping it onto my carpet. It rings a few times before he picks up.

“Lola,” I hear his breathless voice on the other end.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I hope I don’t sound too bitter because I know his voice when he is having sex.

“I’m just working out,” he replies, in a much clearer tone. That makes a lot more sense. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.

“Well this is very familiar,” I refer back to yesterday. He certainly has much more motivation than I do. Of course, he is one of the star players on the football team.

“Yeah, um I missed you this morning. I was hoping we could talk.”

“Oh yeah, me too. I didn’t mean to leave so suddenly, but um...” My mind went completely blank. He would see straight through my bullshit.

We both stay silent for a bit. Neither one of us wants to address what happened last night. My best solution would be to forget it happened and continue with our deal, no feelings and no prying.

“So did you want to meet tonight and keep checking off things from our lists. I think it might be your turn to pick something.”

“Oh um totally, sure. We could talk about things if you want to.” He stumbles out.

“What’s there to talk about,” I quickly reply, “Anyways. I have to go, but I’ll see you later tonight, say 8. Ok, bye.”

I end the call and close my eyes. The smartest thing to do would be to stop doing this all together. Eventually we’ll start to talking and prying. That’s natural human instinct. Our lists are long enough that we could be doing this for a while. Just the thought of giving up all that pleasure though seems impossible. I can picture Dawson right now working up a sweat. His muscles flexing as he starts another rep. My legs shift and my pussy clenches on it’s own accord. I’m sure I can wait until 8 to get off I think to myself as my hand slides over my breast. I put the slightest amount of pressure on my clit and my back arches. I could just occupy myself a bit until Dawson gets here.


I’m in the shower when I hear a banging downstairs. I have to leave my conditioner in for a bit longer, so I hope I’m just imagining things. I try to quickly finish before any ax murder comes upstairs to get me, but just as I’m washing out my hair arms come up from behind me and grad my waist.

I scream and thrust my elbow back knowing it was stupid to ignore strange noises in my house. Now I’m going to suffer the consequences. I turn around with my fist swinging. It’s too late to stop before I hit Dawson square in the face. He falls on his ass and groans.

“Oh my god, you idiot. Did you really think it was a good idea to sneak up on me in the shower. Especially since I know you’re not even supposed to be here yet. It’s probably only 6:30 and I told you 8. Eight o’clock Dawson,” I pause to catch my breath and he continues to moan on the ground like a baby. I chose to ignore this because he scared me so much. I step over him and grab my towel to dry off.

“You really pack a punch, Lo,” he wheezes out.

“You deserve that, asshole.”

I’m back in my room putting a bra on when Dawson finally stumbles in.

“I’m sorry I scared you. I wasn’t thinking and I just wanted to give you a good surprise. I guess I didn’t realize how creepy it would be. I hope I’ll make up for it by bringing you dinner.”

“I’m sorry too, you know, for beating you up.”

“Well I don’t know if I would go that far. I was simply caught off guard and you got the jump on me.”

“Whatever you want to tell yourself, big guy.”

“How about you make it up to me and take your clothes back off.”

“Oh yeah, would you like that,” I say as I unclip my bra. It falls to the floor and Dawson stares down at it. He slowly lifts his head while he lowers to his knees in front of me. I look down and bend over a bit to slide my panties off as my breasts hang right in front of his face.

Dawson leans forward and takes my nipple into his mouth. His hand land on my hips and pull me forward. I lean my head back and moan. Dawson pulls away and I look down to meet his eyes.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers.

I rack my hands through his hair as he leans back in to trail kisses down my stomach. He has to hunch down to go lower. He pushes me back towards my bed and my knees hit it before I fall back. He slowly moves down and starts to kiss my inner thighs. I close my eyes just as he reaches my pussy. I move back and he crawls onto the bed after me.

“I want to do something for you too,” I say breathlessly. Dawson starts to move his body so his dick is right near me head. Our gazes meet and he looks down at me questioningly. I nod and he lays down on his back while pulling me on top of him. I’m on my hands and knees looking down at his dick while he looks up at my pussy. His hands go to my ass and he pulls me down so his mouth can start eating me out. I do the same as my mouth engulfs his dick.

I grind on his face while moaning on his dick. It doesn’t take too long for either of us to finish, especially with that amazing trick he does with his tongue.

I roll off and stare up at the ceiling fully sated. Dawson sits up and moves to lay down beside me. His arms circle around me and I can feel his longing to say something. I decide to talk first.

“I thought I told you 8.”

“I brought you dinner. I wanted to bring it over earlier as a surprise.”

“Why? You were just coming over to have sex. I don’t need all that extra stuff.”

“I know, I know but maybe we could hang out for a bit too after the sex part.”

I closed my eyes and tucked my head under Dawson’s chin. He still wanted to talk. He still wanted to pry and I know it is all for the best reasons, but I just can’t open up like that.

“Can we just stick to the list, Dawson. I just can’t talk about it right now and if you start to push, it’ll only make me pull away,” I whisper into his neck before I start to trail kisses along his collar bone. He shifts a bit before pulling me impossibly close. His hand starts to run down my back in a soothing manner. My hand lightly caresses his stomach before going lower.

He stops my hand before kissing me on the lips. “Give me a bit to recover, lover. Let’s go eat dinner.”

He gets up and holds his hand out to help me up from the bed. I sigh and take his hand so he can lead me downstairs. Part of me feels like Dawson keeps inching his way into my life more and more. I really need to get a handle on that.

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