Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 2

Lola's P.O.V

Today is Thursday and I wouldn't exactly say I am nervous, but I'm certainly not looking forward to being alone with Dawson for a few hours. He secretly passed me a paper in history class yesterday with his number on it so we could set up the details. And when I say secretly I mean he hit me in the face with a ball of paper when no one was looking. So he is coming over to my house at 4 to study. I made sure to somewhat clean the house and I didn't even need to ask my parents because they are of course not here and probably couldn't care less about my life. I mean sure they'll be there for all the really big events like my birthday and graduation, but I don't think they have ever been to any of my soccer games or called just to see how my day went. Whatever, it's not like I'm going to become screw up because I was never given love as a child and grew up basically without parents. I mean I had nannies, but once I was old enough to look after myself they just stopped asking people to watch me. I guess I've grown more independent and mature because of this.

It's 3:45 right now so I'm just trying to finish up so homework before he gets here. At 4:02 my doorbell rings and I get up to get it. There he is just standing there in all of his glory.

"Come inside, the kitchen is that way so you can set up in there," I said and he just walks by me into the kitchen. "Nice place you have here," he says. "Umm thanks my parents are lawyers so they really are never here. It's just me". He looks at me a little odd but doesn't say anything else and just gets out his stuff.

"Ok so you can just show me what exactly you need help with and I'll explain it". He nods and starts to ask me questions about one of our previous lessons in Calculous. We have been studying for about an hour when I start to get a little hungry.

"I'm gonna order a pizza, you can have some if you want to. Any preference on toppings" I say as I take my phone out of my pocket and dial the pizza place. "Sure I like pineapple" he replies while I look at him weirdly. Who in their right mind likes pineapple pizza. Ewwww. I can't even imagine someone eating it.

"Hi, can a get a small cheese pizza with half of it covered in pineapples... Can you deliver... Ok, thank you".

"I would have been fine without pineapples if you don't like them"

"No it's ok I was the one who offered. Umm do you want to take a break and watch a movie while we wait"

"Yeah sure". He starts packing up his stuff while I head into the living room to find a decent movie.

He comes in a little while later and sits down next to me. A little to close for my liking but I'm not gonna say anything. A few minutes later I look over at him to see that he is already looking at me. I felt a little awkward so I just looked back to the movie.

"So why don't you talk to people in school," he says after another minute

"Umm I do, but none of them can stop being fake for 3 seconds so I try not to become buddy buddy with them"

"Well I'm not fake, you can be my friend"

I look at him with an are you serious look. "You're friends with all of the fake people and remember no talking outside of this". I need to keep some boundaries to keep peace in my life.

"Maybe that's why I want to be friends with you," he says, leaning in.

"Well maybe that's why I don't want to be friends with you" I reply while getting closer.

Right when our lips brush against each other, he says, "Why have I never noticed you before"

"Well maybe you were too distracted," I say as molds his lips with mine. The kiss is aggressive and hectic. This is not my first kiss considering I'm not even a virgin so that's why I'm ok with it. I have been deprived for so long that I might as well let this happen. I mean I'm not gonna go and slut myself out to get guys attention so this will probably be my only action for a while. Just as he bits on my bottom lip and sticks his tongue in my mouth the doorbell rings. Knowing it's the pizza, I break the kiss to go get it. As I'm standing up, I look into his grey eyes to see them coated with lust and desire. Well, might as well hurry because I definitely want to resume this. I'm not this easy usually. If a guy comes over I won't just give myself up like now. I have some control. But when a really hot guy kisses you and wants you then plans change.

I pay for the pizza and bring it to the living room. Dawson is just sitting there looking a little disheveled. I smirk as I sit down in the same spot and lean a little closer to him. I look over to see his eyes trained on me. I start to inch my way closer to his face, but he seems to have other plans. He pushes me down onto the sofa and slides on top. Just when I thought he couldn't get more impatient, his lips collide with mine and just like that the pizza is forgotten about. Now I'm not an animal and I have a little decency so I break the kiss and say "Why don't we move this upstairs". His eyes become even darker as he picks me up not interested in breaking the kiss for even a second. He heads upstairs and I point to my room.

Once he opens the door he goes and throws me on the bed. I reach into my nightstand to pull out a few condoms. He just watches me while taking off his shirt. I get off my shirt and his eyes immediately go to my chest. I'm not surprised. He gets on top and starts kissing my neck. I let out a small moan because he is a god with his tongue. He starts traveling down towards my breasts as his hands pull down my pants. He goes back up for another kiss. I am now in only a bra and panties so I decide to undo his belt and slide off his pants. During all this, we still haven't broken the kiss. He is hungrily attacking my mouth slipping his tongue in and out of my mouth. As he reaches over to get a condom he asks, "Are you sure you want to do this"? I look at him with an are you serious look. "Yes I haven't had sex months and now that I'm turned on I am not stopping" I reply. He looks shocked for a second. "Wait you're not a virgin," he asks. "No, I'm not I regret it a little, but you can't change the past. Why do ask". "Oh umm, I just didn't know that's all. Who di-" before he can finish his sentence I pull him in for another kiss. I'm not interested in having a heart to heart about me losing my virginity and I would rather never think of it again.

He unclips my bra so now I'm bare-chested while we continue the assault on each others mouths. He starts to move down, stopping right in between my breasts. His one hand starts to tease my left nipple while his mouth is sucking on the other. I unconsciously let out a breathy moan. When I've had enough and my lady part is soaked, I pull down his boxers and can't help but stare. Wow I mean I know it will fit, but I am gonna be sore. Well, whatever it looks worth it. I grab his huge dîck in my hand and slide the condom on. He pulls down my panties and starts to finger me just to make sure I'm wet enough. Even though I feel soaked. He brings his finger up to his mouth to taste my juices. It was so hot I almost came right then and there. I needed him in me so I grabbed his dîck and started stroking. His whole face became clouded and he surged in me.

He was pumping in and out of me fast. Even after I reached my first orgasm, a little quicker than I would like to admit, he just kept going. As his grunts and my moans got louder and mixed together we started reaching our peaks. I screamed out his name while he groaned as we came together. He collapsed on top of me just staying in while our breaths were coming out in pants. Coming down from the high he got off and just lay next to me. I certainly wasn't going to have the awkward after-sex conversation so I just got up to get a tank top and shorts. He just watched as I got dressed. "I'm kinda hungry after that so I'm gonna go and get some pizza. You can put your clothes back on and join me when you're done" I say leaving the room and going downstairs. I certainly worked up an appetite because my stomach starts grumbling loudly just as I smell it.

I'm sitting at the counter eating when Dawson comes in and sits down next to me. He grabs a slice and starts munching on it. I decide to break the silence first so it doesn't get worse. "So we can totally forget what happened if you want to. I can keep on tutoring you and that's it". He stops eating and looks at me.

"Well maybe it was just me, but I thought that was amazing so I want to propose a deal," he says

I thought it was mind-blowing too but I'm not going to say that. I have to play it cool. So I reply, "Yeah I thought it was really good too. What deal were you thinking".

"Well I still need help with tutoring so we would keep doing that, but we would have sex too," he says with a straight face so I know he's not joking.

A little shocked by his bluntness, I sit there stunned for a second. After contemplating the pros and cons for a few seconds I decide it doesn't sound bad. "Ok but we would need rules," I say

"Of course," he says

"First, no sleeping with other people. I don't want an STD"

"I was never really one to sleep around before so sure"

"Second no one will find out. No telling all your buddies about me or the sex. Don't even mention you're having sex"

"Ok, I wouldn't do that to you anyways. Some of my friends can be very impertinent. Sometimes they talk about their conquests and the other guys hit on the girls so I wouldn't be stupid and spill"

"Ok lastly, we are not dating, we are not friends and we are not enemies so this is simply a benefits deal, nothing more, nothing less. We can do it at my house if you want because my parents are never here and you can sleep over if you want"

"Well, I guess I'll just call this a benefits relationship and leave whatever weird relationship-friendship-connection thing we have going on at that. Anyways my parents are never home either so I don't care what house we do it at. I can sleepover whenever and I say if one of us needs sex we can just call the other; deal"

"Deal and if you want to leave a change of clothes here that's fine. If we are doing it at your house I'll just bring a change of clothes. I'll call if I need you" I say while shaking his hand to finalize the deal. I believe this is a good decision.

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