Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 3

Lola's P.O.V

The rest of the week had gone smoothly even though there was only one day left. It was currently Saturday night and as per usual I was sitting at home contemplating whether to go out to a club or not. I haven't been in a while, but I'm don't really feel like drinking. I also don't need to find a hook-up so I don't really see the point. In the end, I settled on a movie and popcorn.

I may sound like I don't have a life or many friends, but in a sense, that's not entirely true. Besides, I don't really care about other people in my school. I just want to make it to college so I can hang out with people more my style. I see myself as more mature than a highschooler and I basically have the life of a college student except I am still in high school.

I was sitting on my couch watching the idiots trying to catch the great white shark so it doesn't eat any more people on Amity Island when my phone buzzes.

D: Hey I'm sexually frustrated and I assume you are free

Ugh, of course, he would say it in the weirdest way possible. Just for that, I am going to ignore him for 10 minutes. By then maybe he'll have found someone else. Oh, wait he can't.

Lola: Wow wait to make me sound like an escort

D: Whatever this is how it works

Lola: Um yeah ok you can come over if you want

D: Well since I am in need why don't you come over here

Lola: Ok I'll be over in like 20 minutes

D: I'll be waiting 😘

Ugh, at least I am getting sex out of this because I don't know if I could deal with him otherwise. I jump in the shower quickly because I smell like popcorn and sweat. I sometimes get overly excited and jump around while yelling at the T.V. It causes me to be very sweaty and out of breath. After I get out I throw on leggings and a tank top and head out to my car. Dawson lives about 10 minutes away from me so it doesn't take long. Before I know it I am knocking on his door. It only takes a minute to open and there he is standing there in all his glory.

Last time I was a little distracted and didn't check out his sex god body. His beautiful six-pack is only display beckoning me to lick right down it to his defined v-line. I knew I was drooling and boosting his ego all at the same time, but I didn't care. After I snapped out of my daze I look up into his grey eyes. Now that I was turned on I figure why waste time. I pushed him inside and pulled off my shirt assuming no one was here because he said his parents were like mine.

I wrap my arms around his neck while my legs grip his torso. I hungrily attack his lips. He immediately reciprocates and pushes me up against a wall. My hands go straight to his light brown hair. It's so soft and silky. I feel his erection pushing into my core.

"Up-upsta-upstairs" I finally manage to say in between kisses. No way in hell am I having sex right in the middle of the foyer where his family could walk in. That is just disrespectful.

He clumsily heads up the stairs without breaking the kiss. We get up the stairs barely, but while he is trying to head to his room he stumbles and ends up falling backward. I land on top of him and now straddling him. I start kissing down his neck as he tries to get up.

"Slow down there, minx", he says, not wanting to have sex in the hallway.

He picks me up by my thighs and walks along the hallway to his room. Once we get inside, he throws me on the bed and gets on top. Dawson starts kissing my neck down to my breast. I lay there trapped in euphoria. He gets to the top of my breast and starts nibbling as he unhooks my bra. Once he has my bra off I remember that this was for him. So I decided to take control.

I grabbed his face and pulled him up to my lips and kissed him. I break away after a little and push him on his back. The look of surprise on his face was priceless, but he hasn't seen anything yet. I slowly start to kiss down his chest and his abs. Once I get to his pants, I look back up at him to see his dilated eyes staring back.

I slowly start to pull his pants down until he is left in his boxers. I decide to tease him a little and kiss the inside of his thighs while I grope his cock through his underwear. He lets out a strangled sound and goes to grab my head to get me back on track. I move his hand before it can get to me and start to pull down his boxers.

His dick springs out and stands at attention with precum dripping down the sides. I lick my lips as I examine it. I start at the bottom and lick all the way up. He groans at this and tries to grab me again. I dodged however and start to pump it with my hand. Once he starts to buck his hips I put it in my mouth and start bobbing up and down. He lays on the bed, groaning, as I let out small moans.

After a little while, I start to go faster and pump the bottom with my hand because I don't feel like deep throating. I let Dawson grab my head and guide me to his liking. I can feel him reaching his end and I prepare to swallow to make this as clean as possible. Ok, that's a lie. This is anything but clean.

I hear a loud moan and in the next second cum fills my mouth. I start swallowing so I don't choke. Once he is finished I let his dick go with a pop and he looks down dazed and confused. Ha, this guy really thought I wouldn't swallow. Dumbass.

"That was so hot", Dawson said and I fall back laughing. Men are so easy to control.

We laid down for a little while before he rolled on top of me and put a rubber on. "All right missy, it's your turn", he says wickedly. I know that look, he's gonna tease me until I beg him and boost his ego. I need to get ahead of this situation before that actually happens.

"Ok, daddy", I say evilly. He falters and stares down at me in shock. His eyes darken and I know I have right where I want him. I know bringing that out is a little unfair and only girls with daddy issues use it, but I technically do or at least attention issues. So I don't see the problem.

I start to slowly pull down my pants, but he had other plans. Dawson yanks my pants down and rips off my panties. "Ok, that was a little excessive. Now I have to go home commando", I say. "Hush, Lola", Dawson says as he guides his dick to my opening.

Just as I'm about to retaliate he thrust in and that makes me moan, loudly. Wow ok, that was nice and I kinda want him to take full control now. Does anyone ever have that or is it just my hidden submissive side.

"Alright, buddy take control and dominate me", I say as I hold my hands over my head. He chuckles and says, "Way to turn on a man Lola". "Hey, you're already turned on so the only way to move forward," I say back.

He just laughs and starts thrusting a little faster. Oh, this man knows what he is doing. I thrust my hips up to meet his while moaning. He starts to go faster seeming to like this. I pull him down to kiss him and push my tongue into his mouth. "I thought you wanted me to take full control," he says. "Whoops, sorry," I say back and let him dominate the kiss.

Dawson's thrusts continue to get sloppier. I am under him with my hands above my head, moaning my ass off. I feel the pressure building up in between my thighs. I get higher and higher until I don't even know where I am. Finally, I feel myself bursting and becoming a moaning mess.

Dawson grunts and thrusts a few more times until he finishes, but keeps thrusting to prolong the euphoria. The feeling starts to fade away and he lays down on top of me. "Wow, Dawson I didn't think you had it in you. That was quite a show," I say to break the silence. He laughs and replies, "Haha, very funny. We both know how good I am". I laugh and don't respond just in case I accidentally boost his ego even more.

We both just laid there and didn't say more. I was so tired that I felt myself drifting into an unconscious state. Just before I fully fell asleep, I feel myself being pulled into a strong pair of arms. "I can't believe I never noticed you before," Dawson says quietly. I never get to hear more as my dreams were calling.

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