Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 4

Lola's POV

"No that is not the answer Dawson," I said for the tenth time. When he said he was having trouble in math, I didn't think he was this bad. "How about if I start with the two and move x to the other side," Dawson said and of course he was wrong again.

We were currently in the library reviewing a precalculus lesson because he was a little behind. I picked a seat in the back so no one would see us, but this one guy keeps wandering around this section. He was kinda cute and I was getting a little distracted. Dawson kept getting annoyed and a small part of me thinks that he is purposely getting it wrong so I would pay attention to him because no one can be this stupid. Oh, wait Dawson can.

By the fifth time I saw the guy through the books I decided that he was showing his interest enough. I told Dawson I was going to get some water and went looking for the guy. I saw him in the third row of books. I purposely walked a little slow so he would see me.

"Hi, my name is Nathan," said the guy. I looked over and pretended to be surprised by his introduction. "Oh hi, I'm Lola." He smiled and boy was it dreamy. "How old are you? I'm 19," he said. "I'm 18 so it's ok if you fall and accidentally kiss my cheek," I said in my most flirty voice. I know I can't sleep with him, but I need to get my hopeless romantic energy out so I can go, full-on sexy unattached stranger, when I'm with Dawson.

"That's great because my feet feel a little off-balance today. Maybe it's the earth's rotation," he said back. Oh, that was a little cringe, but I'll play along to help him out. "Well watch out then. I wouldn't want you to hurt that pretty face of yours," I said. He blushes a little and looks down. I had been gone for about five minutes and I didn't want Dawson to come and look for me.

"I would love to keep this going, but I have to get back to my friend," I said sadly. "Here's my number. Call me later when you're less busy," he handed me a slip of paper and walked away. I walked away and made sure he was out of sight. I jumped up and down and squealed a little because I always get this rush of emotion whenever something great happens.

"What are you doing," a voice startled me out of my celebration. I turned around saw Dawson with a confused look on his face. Shoot, I have to make something up quick because I don't want to tell him I was off flirting with a guy. "Umm yes, that water really got me going. Must have been laced with crack or something," I said mentally face-palming myself because that is the stupidest thing ever.

Of course, I look at him and he has an amused smile on his face. "It was laced with crack? Well if that's what you want to go with. How about we get out of here and I can bring you back down to earth," he said smirking. If it distracts him from my obvious cover-up then let's go with that. I make a beeline for our stuff and start packing it up. I feel a presence behind me and a tickle on my ear. "A little too eager aren't we?" I can mentally see his smug face, but my main goal is to get out of this library and to the car without flipping out.

"Well by the poking sensation on my back I would say that I am not the only one who is eager," I replied. If I'm being honest, I can feel myself leaking a little, but thankfully he can't tell. After everything is packed up, we start walking towards the exit. As we get closer I see Nathan almost finished checking out a book. No at this rate he'll get to the door at the same time we do. I sprinted to the door dragging Dawson behind me. "Woah slow down there I know I'm good, but we don't need to rush things. Let's go slow baby," he whispered the last part in my ear. "I have a clear image of you fûcking my brains out so fast that I can't feel my legs for days," I said quickly, still running towards the door. Just as I said that he runs ahead of me and opens the door. "Faster woman I'm bursting at the seams," he said. I knew I got him riled up, but damn going caveman is really hot.

As I walked out the door, I quickly looked behind me and saw Nathan still talking to the librarian. Ha, my plan worked and it sounds like Dawson will go all out today. We got to the car and hopped in. Dawson quickly sped out of the parking lot. "Your house or mine," he questioned. "Whatever works for me, but I will warn you I don't have condoms. I mean I'm on the pill, but I don't know if you want to take the risk. I sure don't because my baby house is not ready to house anything right now," I rambled on and started to feel the embarrassment of what I just said. I look over to see Dawson chuckling a little.

"Well that was quite a speech, but let's head over to mine just to be safe," he smiled. "If I start talking too much you can just interrupt me," I said hoping to divert the subject. "And save you from embarrassment and a good laugh. No thank you," he said and smirked at me. Ok, that didn't work so plan B. I looked away and pretended I wasn't paying attention to him. I slowly reached my hand over and placed it on his thigh. I felt his muscles tense. I smirked internally knowing that this will work. I slowly grazed my hand up a little further, but I felt the car swerve and I stopped. "Is something distracting you," I questioned. He looked at me for a second then turned back to the road, "No, ahh no nothing." His voice came out a little pitchy and rough.

I kept going and just as I was about to reach his manhood, I pulled away. "Wha-what are you doing," he asked me and picked up speed. "Whatever do you mean," I said and looked out the window, laughing silently in my head.

As we get closer to his house, I look back over at him and see his face tense. His leg is shaking and he is sweating a little. We finally pull into Dawson's driveway and he practically jumps out and sprints towards the house. I calmly get out and see that he is having trouble with the keys. I laugh under my breathe and go to take the keys out of his hands because they are shaking like the earth is quaking underneath him. I finally got the door open and tried walking in, but Dawson had other plans. He picks me up bridal style and runs up the stairs. I squirm a bit in his arms because this whole rough thing is turning me on even more. I feel the pressure building up waiting to be released.

He kicks open his door and throws me on the bed. He goes over to his dresser and opens what I assume to be his condom drawer. I start to take off my shirt and pants to be ready for when he turns around. The atmosphere is becoming even tenser because I know he hears me taking off my clothes. To prove that I watch him start to unbuckle his belt still turned around.

I finish taking everything off just as he dropped his pants. He lifted up his shirt and turned around to see me laying on the bed trying to be as sexy as possible. Even though I don't think it's that important because the only thing on either of our minds right now is to get our release.

He walks over to the bed and crawls on top of me. He starts kissing my neck, but I grab his hair and lift his head up. I think he thought I was doing something else because a groan slips from his mouth. "Don't do too much to my neck. I don't want to have to cover-up hickeys tomorrow," I warned. He nods his head and goes to kiss my lips. His hands make their ways down to my waist and he squeezes. I open my mouth and my tongue caresses his, as I bring my fingers up to the waistband of his boxers. I slowly start to pull them down just as he reaches up and unhooks my bra. I slip it off and go back to pulling down his boxers as he sucks on my bottom lip.

I pull them fully down and Dawson kicks them off. I reach for the condom right next to us and try to tear the wrapping all the while focusing on the kiss. I pull away for a second because I can't seem to get the wrapper off. Dawson grabs it from my hands and holds it up to my mouth. "Open wide," he says as he puts a little bit of it in my mouth. I bite down and tear it. He rolls off me and grabs the condom and puts it on. I take this time to shimmy out of my panties.

Dawson looks over and gets back on top of me. "Are you ready," he asked making sure I want it. I give him a 'really' look. "It's not like we haven't done this before," I replied wondering why he cares all of the sudden. All that's on my mind right now is getting a release, but I also want to make it good for him. "Yeah, I know but I want to make sure you can handle it," he says with a concerned face. I get where he is coming from a little, but I'm fully prepared and I think my body language shows that. "Dawson all I want right now is for you to shove your giant dick into m-". My speaking gets cut off by my own scream as he rams right into me. Oh wow, not sure I can even fit all of him in me. He pushes in a bit further and I let out a moan. It feels so nice, but I need him to move.

"Alright start moving around because you're just putting the cork in a shaken wine bottle right now," I said moving my hips a little. He lets out a husky laugh and starts pulling back only to go back down harder. I meet his thrusts. I grab his shoulders and push them up so I'm face to face with his chest. I start at his nipple and lick upwards. He groans and leans down again to start kissing me again all the while his thrusts are getting sloppier. I didn't expect this to last too long the first time because of our eagerness.

He shoves his tongue into my mouth as I moan starting to get higher and higher. I'm still thrusting up as I feel myself getting lost in the sensations. I build higher and higher as he keeps going. I finally let go and find my release. Dawson keeps going to prolong it. He goes so fast that I have another orgasm before he lets go.

He keeps sloppily thrusting to keep going as he lets out a groan. He finishes and rolls off me breathing rapidly. We lay there for a little while. I look over flushed and decide that he needs a treat for all his hard work. I sit up while he is still hazy. I straddle him and start placing kisses on his chest. He lazily peaks at me as I feel his manhood harden underneath me. Just as I plan on kissing downwards I feel him thrust into me. Not expecting it, I let out a big moan. "Hey, you weren't supposed to do that," I said in a breathy voice not really meaning it because he feels good. He pulls out then goes back in again as I look into his lust-filled eyes. "Whoops sorry," he says not looking sorry at all.

I sit up on him as he grabs my waist and starts lifting me up and down on his dick. I look down at it wondering when he put on another condom. He starts lifting me faster while thrusting up. "You looking down at me shoving my dick into you is so hot," he says catching me off guard. That was really blunt, but I guess that's what dirty talking is all about. "Anything else you want me to do while I'm able," I reply. My tone is huskier than I expected it to be. He starts going even faster while I'm just moving up and down. My breasts are bouncing as he grabs them, massaging them gently. "Whisper in my ear what you want me to do to you," he chokes out.

I smile as I lean down to his ear while still going up and down. I nibble on his ear as I think about what I want him to do. "I want you to tie me up and eat me out till I'm squirming to get free. I want you to bend me over a table and fûck me until I'm so tired I can't see straight. I want you to take me over your knee and spank me until I agree to everything you want me to say." We both release at the same time as he is looking at me shocked. I sit up and smirk at him as I get off. He turns toward me seeming eager about everything I just said.

"Wow, quite a list you have there," he says roughly seeming ok with doing everything I said. It was my submissive side talking, but one day I'll tie him up and show him the dominant one. I'll tease him until he tugs so hard at his restraints that they break and he grabs me. Ugh, I'm getting turned on again just thinking about it. "Well I have more, but those are at the top right now," I say while trying to change positions to get comfortable. Dawson notices but he is too distracted thinking about something to do anything about it.

When the gears stop turning in his head, he smiles and says, "How about this? We both make a list of things we want to do in this deal. Not boring ones, but spontaneous and sexy things. We both go over them and see what we're comfortable with. Then, we can go down them one by one." I think it over and it's actually a good idea. I have this magazine in my secret stash that has a bunch of crazy positions I've always wanted to try.

"That sounds perfect. Make a list and bring it to our next study session so we can go over them," I said. He smiles and casually puts his hand in between my thighs because I was still squirming. He starts pushing his fingers in and out as I lay there moaning. I have to start thinking of things for my list.

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