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Chapter 6

Dawson's POV

What the hell was that? I was just joking around a little, right. I mean sure I was horny, but I didn't expect to have sex with her in the car. I didn't push her too far, right. What happened to her to make her like that? She pushes everyone out and doesn't want to acknowledge it.

I was walking back into school because I needed to turn in a paper before the period ends when I heard a faint scream. I started walking around to get a look into Lola's car making sure she didn't see me. I see her having a mini freak out and I start to feel my nerves creep in. Did I cause her to do that? It didn't last too long, but I still wanted to comfort her. I shouldn't feel like that, but I do. She would freak out even more if she knew that her boundaries weren't what I wanted. I don't know why I ever thought they were. It's ridiculous because we've only had sex a few times. I didn't expect to feel anything, but her personality is so calming and understanding. I almost feel like she understands me.

Not many people really do, maybe they think they do, but people are stupid. I watch her for a few more minutes until I realize I have to get inside, but I don't want to go. It's calming watching her relax.

I walk back to the school hoping I don't run into anyone. Just as I think that I see Lucus walking into the lobby. Ugh, I don't feel like dealing with him right now. Lucus Connors is an absolute asshole. He thinks we're friends and he thinks that he the star of everything. Well, he sucks at football and he has a first name as a last name. It's really stupid. He looks in my direction and sees me walking inside.

"Yo, Dawson where you coming from. An afternoon delight in the back seat I assume," he smirks at me and lifts his hand to dab me up. What a jerk. I whack his hand away and say, "No, I was just grabbing something from my car."

I don't think he can tell my mood towards him is anything, but positive. If he can, he sure doesn't care. I start to walk to my English class, not too pleased to see that he is following me.

"Were you headed somewhere before I ran into you," I say trying to get him off my tail. I pick up my pace a little making sure we are far enough away from the lobby door so if Lola walks in he won't be suspicious.

"No, I was just strolling around. Where are you headed," he questions. Of course, he was avoiding lunch. I'm not the only one who isn't fond of him so most of the team doesn't talk to him. The bell was about to ring and I had to get my essay in before the period is over. I figured if I just ignored him, he would get the message and leave me alone. I turn down the English hallway still hearing his footsteps trying to catch up to me. "Oh, you're heading to English class. I didn't even start the essay. Maybe if I go down on the teacher, she'll let it slide," he laughs. The nerve of this dude. That's the dumbest thing ever. I'm pretty sure our English teacher, Ms. Cline, hates him too.

"Yeah, well tell me how that works out," I grumble, going to turn into the classroom. He'll either get a zero on the essay or get in trouble for coming onto a teacher. I don't have a problem with either of those options. He laughs and waits outside the door as I put the essay in the basket. The teacher isn't in the room so I quickly jog out of there. Ugh, of course, he doesn't have anything better to do than to wait for me. Just then the bell rang and I was off to last period.

Since I am drained by the end of the day, I don't really pay attention, but it's history so I don't need to. Math might be hard for me, but history just comes easy. I'm still walking next to Lucus. I have no idea what class he has. We walk past these two girls with really short skirts and he nudges me. I mentally roll my eyes and give him a thumbs up while nodding my head. "Why don't you go after them," I say trying to lose him.

"Nah, I hit the brunette last week," he smirks. I doubt that. At parties I see him chase away girls left and right. Not even sure if he lost his virginity yet. I don't know who would do it with him.

I still nod my head along because calling him out would mean I have to interact with him more. Just as I look away from him, I see Lola walking our way. Thankfully she doesn't turn around and try to avoid me again because I can be cool. I won't give it away.

"Yo check out the tits on that blonde," Lucus says pulling me out of my starring. I follow his eyes to see that he is looking at Lola too. Just then I get really mad, almost a jealous mad. I want to punch more than I already do on a regular basis. I don't want him starring at her tits. They are for my eyes only. At this moment I really want him to know that, but I can't say anything.

This is exactly like the time in the library when that guy kept stalking her. I had to bring her attention back to me a lot and it pissed me off. I wanted to get up and shove him against the books, but I couldn't. I wanted to kiss the life out of her to stake my claim, but I couldn't. I just hope she never sees him again.

I think Lucus gets that I'm not going to respond so he keeps talking, "Yeah she is kinda weird anyway. What if she puts a spell on me and turns my dick blue after we have sex."

He must be the most naive person in the world because he cannot sense my mood. I am boiling mad. My face is tense and my fists are clenching. "Just shut up about her," I say dismissively. Not trying to comment on anything he said about her. Thankfully his attention is already elsewhere on some other girl's ass.

I take this moment to speed up and maneuver into my history class while he is distracted. I take my seat in the back away from almost everyone. Another reason why I love this class so much. None of my friends are in it. Just a bunch of people who I don't talk to and in return they don't bother me. I know we are just watching a stupid video today so I pull out my list to keep working on. I go semi-hard just thinking about doing these things to Lola. I have a bunch of basic shit because I just want her every which way. We can do adventurous stuff later.

I can't wait for the session tomorrow. I highly doubt she will reject anything on my list and maybe we can check something off. I should put fingering in the library. We could knock that one off right away. I look around to see that the lights are dimmed and the video is starting so I quickly adjust my pants. I should probably think about something else.

I kept trying to think about things to put on my list. I was almost done. When it started to hurt and adjust my pants didn't do much, I decided to stop because blue balls are some serious shit. I looked at the clock and realized that there are only five minutes left until the end of the day. Thank god because school is suffocating.

The bell rings and I shot up out of my chair. I try and keep my head down while walking to the car because I don't want to talk to anyone. I get to my car and quickly unlock it. I peer up and my eyes instantly lock with Lola's. She is leaning on her car, staring right back at me. She is sucking on a lollipop and my hand clenches around the car handle. Now I'm really annoyed that I have to wait until tomorrow to see her. I continue to stare at her for another minute until she smirks at me, turns, and gets in her car. My eyes follow her car as she drives out of the parking lot.

I get in my car and start to drive home. I want to get home and shower before heading to the gym with the guys. Football season ended a few weeks ago so my schedule isn't too crazy anymore. I still like working out though.

I get home and head upstairs. I throw my bag on my bed as Lola flits through my mind. Taking a cold shower is not an option anymore. I turn on the water as I unbuckle my belt. My pants slide down and I pull off my shirt.

My dick is still hard when I step under the water. I picture Lola pressed against the wall with water droplets running down her body. I start rubbing first slow and then I pick up the pace a little as I imagine her slowly sinking to her knees. A moan slips out of my mouth as I pump a little faster. I brace myself with my other hand against the wall.

"Oh, Lola that's it, right there."

The water droplets run down my face as I close my eyes. I see Lola on her knees with her mouth going up and down on my dick. My hand starts to move faster and faster as I feel it coming soon. I feel really hot as the room steams up.

"Uhhhh, Lolaaaaa," I call out as I cum harder than my hand had ever made me. I open my eyes and lean against the wall. Wow, my legs feel weak and I need a few minutes to compose myself. Afterward, I wash my hair and my body. I hop out of the shower and dry off. I throw on my workout clothes and head out. Damn I cannot wait until tomorrow.

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