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Chapter 7

Lola's POV

It was the next day and I was sitting in last period. I'm kinda nervous about the tutoring session because opening up to someone about your sexual fantasies is serious. It can make you sensitive and vulnerable. I don't know how to be like that with people anymore. Although I feel like I can trust Dawson enough because having sex makes you vulnerable too. We did that and it was amazing enough to leave me with no regrets. There were a few minutes left in the period and I was planning on running out of here to get home quickly. I wanted to shower and shave before meeting Dawson which doesn't mean anything except that I value hygiene. Right?

I was watching the seconds tick by. I was already holding my backpack, my leg bouncing up and down. The bell rang and I jumped out of my seat. I basically sprinted to my car and drove away. I didn't want to see Dawson yet.

I got home and stripped down. I got in the shower and used basically every product that was on my shelves. I better smell like a field of flowers by the time I get out. I would have taken a bath to calm my nerves, but I've never been a bath person. I wish I was, but my parents usually just threw me in one and left to take calls or do paperwork. It just wasn't relaxing to sit in a tub of water doing nothing.

I felt fresh when I stepped out. Now I have to find something that doesn't make me look like I'm trying or being a slob. A skirt has easy access so I pair a black one with a blush pink blouse. I totally look like I'm just studying. I pack up my bag and throw my list in as well. I just don't know what is going to happen. Will we leave right away and try something. I stocked up on condoms just in case. Did it feel awkward buying extra-large condoms? Yes, but the cashier knew what I was getting and that made me a little smug. I quickly reined myself in of course because we can't be smug over something we don't really have.

I walked downstairs and grabbed my ballet flats. I was out the door and off to the library. My boy feels like it's on fire. The anticipation is too much and I'm nervous I'm putting too much pressure on this. It probably won't be as good as I'm making it out to be. I don't even know what we'll end up doing. The library isn't too far away so I don't have much time to get myself together. I pull into the parking lot and check the clock. I still have five minutes before we meet so I can calm down for a minute. I rest my head against the steering wheel and just breathe. I need to hype myself up. I'm sexy. I could have Dawson down on his knees with the snap of my finger. I'm wearing slutty lingerie and could have the men of the earth kiss the ground I walk on.

That was a little much, but I feel so much better. I grab my stuff and walk into the library with my head held high. A smirk makes its way onto my face. I'm totally extruding confidence. No one can stop me. Well, the door can because while hyping myself up I tried to pull open the door. it wouldn't open. Just then Dawson walked up beside me and pushed the door open. Well, there goes my whole speech. I flush in embarrassment and follow behind him. Just for that, I'm going to make him kneel before me.

We both head back to the corner where we were before. I sit down at the table and really get a good look at Dawson. Oh, he looks scrumptious. His shirt is outlining his muscles and his hair is doing that sexy bedhead look I like. He seems to be observing me too and isn't let down by what he sees. I look into his eyes finally and almost laugh. He looks like an excited little boy.

How about a little teasing. I smile and pull out my textbook. "I was thinking about starting with functions and then go over your class notes."

"Um yeah, that sounds good," Dawson says sounding disappointed. He didn't think I would look past his tutoring session, did he? We go over math for the next hour, but I can tell Dawson is only half paying attention. At this point, I might as well give up. The tension between us is suffocating. I've had to clear my throat a dozen times. Dawson's leg looks like it's having a seizure. I'm wrapping up when I feel his hand slip onto my thigh.

Goosebumps erupt everywhere and I shiver immediately. He moves it closer and closer to my core. I clench my thighs feeling a little wet. Dawson notices this right away and smirks.

"Why don't you show me yours and I'll show you mine." How the hell did he make getting our lists out sound naughty? I reach into my bag and hold it against my chest. He has a piece of paper face down on the table. Don't be nervous. Dawson has seen me naked. It's not a big deal to reveal my fantasies.

"Ok on the count of three, we swap," I say breathing loudly. He smirks and holds his list in his hands. His hand is still on my thigh. I shouldn't focus on that. I mean he is revealing his too. It's not like I'm the only one being vulnerable. Of course, I feel like it is easier for men to do that. They never get slut-shamed or looked down upon if people know how many people they've slept with.

"Ok, one-two-three," we both say at the same time. I hand over my list as he hands over his. I quickly look down and scan it. Wow, reading over this is getting me a bit hot. I squirm a bit and Dawson notices. His hand that is still on my thigh starts to move higher.

"Wow this is hot," Dawson murmurs. I fully agree with him. I really want to do all of them right now. Although it is a bit vulgar and sounds like a little kid wrote it, there are actually some good ideas on here.

Dawson's List

- Do it in the ass

- 69

- Sex board game

- Rip your clothes off

- Do it in a public restroom

- Workout with me naked

- Use a sex toy on you

- Vibrating panties in public

- Role-play

- No noise during sex

- Sext me all the time for at least a week

- Do it in the shower

- Blindfolded dominate sex

- Just stand and look at you naked

- Finger you in public

"I know one of those that we can try right now," Dawson leans in and whispers in my ear. I look around and see that there is no one around. We are in the back corner of the library and no one can see us. I smirk because I know he put that on the list solely to do this.

"Well maybe that can be a two-way street," I lay my hand on his thigh. I see the lust in his eyes as his hand is hovering over my sex. I cup his crotch which is already hard.

Our lips are hovering over each other as he whispers, "The third thing on your list is hot. I'm looking forward to that one the most." I brush my lips against his knowing exactly what he is talking about.

Lola's List

- Tie me up and eat me out till I'm squirming to get free.

- Bend me over a table and fûck me until I'm so tired I can't see straight.

- Take me over your knee and spank me until I agree to everything you want me to say

- All the way to the g spot

- Jack off looking at each other

- Bondage for you

- Lick my whole body

- Slowest sex ever

- Do it in a car

- Have sex in different rooms

- Wall sex

- All-day sex

- Choke me

My list felt a little caveman because I was too focused on the images rolling through my head that I could focus, but after reading Dawson's list I know it was even harder for him, pun intended. I could see Dawson's face while doing them. I could hear the sounds he would make. I can feel myself soaking.

His finger slips into my panties and he quietly groans when his finger runs along my folds. I unzip his pants and reach into his boxers. I feel his finger enter me and I let out a whimper. I wrap my fingers around his dick and start to pump. I check around for tissues because we're gonna need something to clean up. This is so hot I will definitely cum. My other hand runs along his chest while his muscles tighten. He places a kiss on my lips so we can absorb the sounds coming from deep in our throats.

He kisses down my neck as I hit my lip to keep from screaming. I rock my hips when he adds another finger and increases the pace. I start to pump faster but hear a noise nearby. I look over at the bookshelves and hear footsteps coming closer. Oh no we could get caught. I break away from him and pull out a textbook. He looks at me confused and I motion over to the bookshelves. He finally realizes someone is coming and turns to the table. Our bottom halves are under the table so neither of us removes our hands. His fingers keep going as I subtly squirm. I keep pumping while he bites down in his knuckles to keep quiet. The woman walks past us while looking for a book. We look like we're studying, but underneath we're still going. I can feel the pressure build-up and almost burst. I need to hold it until the lady leaves. Dawson feels me clench and he goes faster. He knows that he is torturing me and he's enjoying it. I pull my hand away and stick my fingers in my mouth to get them wet. I rub his dick faster and make sure I hit the sweet spot underneath.

Dawson bits down harder on his knuckles and I know I'm torturing him just as much. The lady finally walks away and she didn't suspect a thing. We keep going while I suck his neck. A few minutes pass and when we know the lady is gone I let out a moan. He groans at the same time as we get close

"Almost getting caught just turned me on more," he says in a rough voice. The huskiness of his voice sends me over and I bit down on his shoulder as I let go. My legs spasm, but I keep pumping. Somewhere in my haziness I hear Dawson groan again. Then I feel him squirt out all over my hand. His lips connect with mine as we come down from our highs.

"That was amazing," I say in his ear while biting it. I grab the tissues to clean up while his face is still in my neck.

"I think we learned enough for today. How about we head to my place and check something else off," he says. His voice is still a little hoarse. I grab all my things and shove them into my bag. I get a feeling of deja vu. This is the same thing that happened last time. Except when I go to stand up my legs wobble. I'm sure Dawson is smirking watching me look like a baby deer walking for the first time, but I refuse to look back at him. He's probably doing the same thing anyway considering his pants got ruined.

We both head to our cars already agreeing to my house. It almost looks like we don't even know each other. Like we didn't just get each other off in the corner of the library. I hope that doesn't affect the tutoring. I still want him to improve his grade. The sex is just for me and it's supposed to be on the side.

I slowly head to my house still not trusting my legs because I can feel the slight left-over tingles from when they spasmed. I am also distracted thinking of what Dawson is going to do to me. We have hours and I'll bet we check at least two more things off our lists. I've never been this horny. I hope I don't turn into a sex-crazed maniac. That might come in handy in college, but I have to finish high school first.

I pull into my driveway and see Dawson leaning against his car. He looks so hot that I feel myself get wetter. I run out of my car and drag him inside. It's only been 20 minutes and I'm desperate for him. These next few hours are going to be.

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