Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 8

Lola's P.O.V

I can't even remember how we got to my room. I had my legs around Dawson's waist right away. He was surprised because instead of throwing me on the bed, he fell to the ground and started nipping at my jaw. I threw my head back not caring about the hard floor against my back. I'm a moaning mess by the time he reaches my mouth. He does this thing with his tongue and at that point, I can't think straight. Somewhere in between, we ended up on my bed with our clothes discarded and our mouths connected.

"So how about we check something off of your list this time," his rough voice reaches my ear when he nibbles on it. I manage to nod my head not caring what he wants to try. I feel the cool air brush against my skin and it takes me a second to realize that Dawson isn't on top of me anymore. I sit up to see him crouched by my backpack pulling something out. He stands up with my list in his hands reading it over. I feel my face heat up knowing he holds secrets in his hands that make me vulnerable. Part of me relishes in the fact that I can trust him with it. He can see that I want him to pick so I lay back as he continues to look it over. I notice that he puts a condom on before he walks back over to the bed.

"So many choices and good ones at that. I can see myself doing all of them. I hold you down and spank you until you are sore," his hand lightly runs along my waist, "Or I could lick you all over." He slowly leans down and places butterfly kisses on my thighs while I lay very still. I'll let him do anything he wants to me as long as he doesn't make it last too long. I'm bursting already and it's only growing. "I could throw you against the wall and slam into you." He lifts me up before I can even register what is happening. I feel the impact of the wall shortly after. The paper is abandoned. I have no doubt he has already memorized it all and pictured it in his head a thousand different ways.

His wisps of hair are tickling my face as he places slow kisses on my neck. His open mouth creating a trail of saliva when he gets closer to my mouth. I try to turn my head almost yearning for his mouth. Dawson is quicker though and pulls back. I let out a whimper at the loss and that makes him smirk. If I wasn't so keen on giving him control then I probably would have glared, but I surrender for now knowing the roughness that is about to come is worth it. The coolness of the wall makes me shiver when he leans further away.

"Now now I can't give it to you right away. I will make you desperate and only then will it be so rough that you will get the true meaning of not being able to feel your legs." I let out a quiet moan at the sound of his voice and the promise he was protruding. His eyes darken even more and his head dips back down to my collarbone. His hands tickle my thighs a bit when they squeeze them. I throw my head back against the wall knowing I will feel that later. His hands lift me higher on the wall and my legs adjust on his torso. Dawson reaches in between my breasts which causes a random thought to flit through my mind. It brings me out of my lustful state for a moment as a laugh escapes past my lips.

Dawson is momentarily distracted and looks up at my face. His confusion only makes me laugh more sufficiently ruining the moment or so I think. I see a small gleam in Dawson's eyes. "Why are you laughing," he says with a smile on his face.

"I was just thinking what if you randomly started motor-boating me." Saying the thought out loud sounds stupid, but it made me laugh again. He starts laughing too making me blush. His laugh sounds so good right now. It's husky with a hint of his usual smooth laugh. It flows through my ears and gets me in the mood all over again. I squirm and his eyes fill with lust again. Mischief not far behind it.

He lowers his head back in between my breasts and this time before I can start laughing he motorboats me. I giggle a bit, but it melts into a moan when he moves and covers a nipple with his mouth. I squirm a little and end up grinding on his hard erection. It's perfectly positioned at my opening while he continues to suck on my breast. Leaning more into me so I can hold myself up as he takes on of his hands and starts massaging the other. I patiently wait for him to thrust into me as he sends sparks of pleasure through my body. Building me up until I'm dripping onto him. I know he can feel it when he starts rubbing his dick around my entrance only arousing me more.

"Put it in already D-Dawson," I try to say with a level voice, but it turns into a moan in the end.

"I know you want it baby, but you're not there yet," he mumbles sending vibrations through my breast. I moan and push it into his mouth more. His other hand that's still on my thigh starts caressing it. I've had enough just sitting there so I run my hands through his hair eliciting a groan from him. I pull his head up and crash my mouth onto his. My tongue runs along his lips as I grind my bottom half on his. If he won't give it to me then I'll make him want it so much that he can't see straight. If I become desperate that the roughness is too much for me than he needs to be hella desperate too. He needs to attack me like the predator he is.

I squirt a little when that thought enters my mind. His tongue connects with mine as when battle to make the other so desperate that they loose control. I really should let him do whatever he wants with me like I promised, but Dawson challenged me. I won't roll over on my back just so he can hold on until I am so out of my mind that I take control back. He wants to toy with me and he likes it when I bite back.

I pull away to nibble on his neck when I think about that. I pull my hands out of his hair and run them along his chest. I outline his pecs and abs slowly still kissing his neck. His hand squeezing my breast while the other runs through my hair. I am being held up by my legs wrapped around him and being squished in between him and the wall. We're basically just rubbing against each other so desperate to go, but not wanting to break.

In the end I can't tell who wins as we both come together. I'm still grinning against him. Dawson thrusts into me hard, slamming my back against the wall. I let out a loud moan feeling the pressure build up. "Uhh faster Dawson, faster." I'm so close to the edge. All I need is a little push.

I yank his hair to pull him up to my face. He softly kisses me which is completely different from the way he is slamming into me. He groans when I lick his bottom lip. The sound causes me to let go and scream his name out. I'm riding my orgasm hard while Dawson continues to pound into me. My back will probably be sore as well, but all I can think about is Dawson. My vision blurs and I feel myself build back up again. I have no doubt that I will finish serval time before he does.

I mumble incoherently as we continue wanting to scream at him to go harder. My moans mix in as I thrust my hips to meet his. I think I hear him groan when I release again knowing that he will keep thrusting. I feel exhausted when I come down from it, but I still want to keep going. I kiss Dawson's neck while my nails scratch down his back.

"Dawson I'm close," I scream out because my third orgasm is coming quicker than I expected.

"Don't cum yet baby," he says with a shaky voice. I can tell he's getting close too. Our sweat is mixing together, making our bodies slide against each other. I moan trying to hold back when Dawson starts to thrust even harder than I thought humanly possible. I start to see stars not knowing if it's the exhaustion or the ecstasy.

"Ok now," I hear Dawson whisper in my ear and I finally let go. I feel him release too. We keep thrusting to prolong the high. When we both start to come down, he pulls out but still holds me against the wall. I close my eyes as I feel him lean his forehead up against mine.

"Lola I-I think you should stay over," Dawson whispers out. I feel myself nod still in a slight daze.

"Do you want to take a shower first or go right to bed," he says still leaning against my forehead.

"I'll shower first," I say unwrapping my legs from around his waist. When he puts me down, my legs turn to jelly. I wobble before I almost fall over. Dawson catches me and carries me over to the bed. I lay back and almost fall asleep from the comfort of it.

"I'm going to draw you a bath, so just lay here until I come back," he whispers in a sweet voice. I let out a sign in content and I hear him walk away.

He comes back five minutes later and picks me up. I just keep my eyes closed and relax into his warm chest. Both of us are still nude. He felt so soft that I hoped he would get in the bath with me. I peer up at his face when he starts to lower me into the bath.

"Can you have a bath with me," I whisper out still looking at him. He looks down at me with a soft look in his eyes.

"Of course." He places me in and gets in right behind me. I snuggle into his chest and pick up some bubbles in my hands. I let out a giggle and throw some bubbles up in the air. Dawson's arms come around me and hold me against his chest. I twist around so my breasts are up against him. I take some bubbles and put them on his nose, laughing more while Dawson smiles. I get my hair wet so he can wash it.

Dawson starts rubbing my hair. I breathe in the smell. My lavender scented shampoo surrounds me. It's super calming and his finger giving me a head massage only add to it.

"That feels so good," I say in a small voice. I grab the shampoo and start washing his hair too. He sighs when my fingers run through his hair. He takes the body wash first and starts to run me all over. If I wasn't so relaxed and warn out I might have gotten turned on. I knew he was by the erection pressed against my stomach, but I'm thankful he didn't push me to go another round. He starts rubbing my legs even though I'm not sure he is doing much since most of my body is under the water. I think he is doing it mostly to relax me.

I lay my head on his chest, but when he get closer to my lady parts I tense. The soreness is starting to make itself known. His fingers brush up against it and I wince. He looks down at me with a concerned look.

"I was too hard, wasn't I? I lost control I little and I'm sorry I hurt you. I was just so turned on by you and I wanted you to feel so good. I guess I didn't realize how much I was doing," he said in a sad voice.

"Don't say that. It was perfect. Just as I imagined it would be. I'm really glad you liked it too. I was so nervous showing you the list."

"I thought it was perfect too. You have no reason to be nervous anyways. It's so sexy when a girl wants to try all these things. I will probably be turned on all the time just think about it. I promise I will never loose control again."

"It's just a little soreness. I won't mind it you loose control every once in a while anyways. It was a real turn on." He laughs and continues to rub me, both of us knowing that it's not doing anything. I take some body wash and start to rub him too. I avoid his pecker because I didn't want to make him even more uncomfortable. I'm too tired to give him a hand job or else I would gladly relieve him.

Dawson and I laid in the bath for another ten minutes just holding each other. He dried me off while letting the water drain. I was practically asleep by the time we laid and got comfy. I felt content wrapped in Dawson's arms. I snuggled in and felt him kiss my forehead before I drifted off into dreamland.

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