Nothing More, Nothing less

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Chapter 9

Lola's P.O.V

The next morning I felt unusually hot and heavy. I tried to roll over, but something just tightened on my waist. I felt stiff. I tried to move once again before I realized it was Dawson's arm holding me down. I move a lot in my sleep so it makes sense why my muscles are so sore. That and the aftermath from yesterday is hitting me. I check the time to see it five in the morning. I should wake Dawson up so he can get home before school starts.

I shift a little to loosen Dawson's arm so I can stretch out. I lift my arms and stretch my legs out, accidentally letting out a moan because of the sensation. Dawson stirs beside me. He moves onto his side and pulls me against his chest. A gasp escapes my mouth when his erection pressed into my ass. We put our clothes back on last night so it was skin to skin right now. One more shift and we would be able to check something off his list. Something that I wasn't sure I was ready for yet.

I try to wiggle away, but Dawson is holding me so tight that I was just rubbing against him. I hear him groan softly in my ear. If I wasn't so sore then maybe I would have given him a wake-up call, but right now I needed a break.

I slowly grab Dawson's arm, trying to pry it away from me when I felt something wet on my neck. "Good morning," he says continuing to kiss my neck. His words vibrate through me and send sparks down to my core. He starts to grind his hips a bit.

"Woah Woah Woah, hold on buddy. We have school and I need a break. I would also like to inform you that I am not ready to move to the back yet, so please refrain from sticking it in."

He chuckles, "You sound so serious. It's too early for that. What do you say we skip school and spend the day in bed? I know a few things we can check off."

"I don't know. I'm still sore from yesterday. We won't be able to do too much today."

"It's still Friday and we don't need to go to school. We can just hang out all day. I'll give you a massage," Dawson says while turning me onto my stomach and running his hand up and down my back. I let out a moan and relax into my mattress.

"So do you still want to go to school?" Dawson's breath caresses my ear and I shiver. His hands are moving lower and lower on my back. I still shake my head no even though I want to give in to this little game we are playing. He reaches my butt and squeezes which causes me to arch my back so push myself harder into his hands. "You know, if you weren't so sore right now then I would fuck you so hard. Most men get aroused in the morning, especially when someone else is there to make us. I can hold off for now kitten, but you disagreeing with makes me want to make you submit. Be at my mercy. So how about I act courteously and you copy. So stay here with me and we can enjoy each other's company." I finally give in and mumble a yes. How could I not after the small speak he just gave. I am easily swayed.

I know Dawson heard me as he moves his hands to my thighs. Kneading them to release the tension that has built up. I almost think he will venture a bit higher, but he doesn't. He can see that I am turned on. I can handle his fingers. Lord knows they aren't as big as his dick.

"Dawson, come on. I don't feel so sore anymore," I lie, but I'll get over it when I'm in the throws of pleasure. I make a move to grab his dick knowing he will lose control after a few strokes, but he moves away. Dawson knows exactly what I am doing.

"Now now Lola. If I am going to fuck you later, then you need to rest. I wouldn't be able to touch you for days if we started now and you don't want that. I'm going to shower before I go crazy. Try to rest while I'm gone."

"Wait you don't have a change of clothes here. Are you just going to wear what you wore yesterday? That is gross," I say trying to get him out of my house. I need a release and if he isn't going to give it to me then I'll do it myself. Dawson can't be here when I do though. He will know and punish me by holding out.

"Why don't you head back to your house and shower. You can get a change of clothes and pick up breakfast on the way back. I'll rest and get ready before you get back." Take the bait. Take the bait. Take the bait.

Dawson smiles, "Ok that sounds like a good idea. Do you have any breakfast preferences?" Thank god.

"No get whatever you want," I told him with a smile. Dawson gathers up his stuff before leaving. I lay down for a few minutes making sure he is gone. When I become impatient enough my hand reaches up as I cup my breast. I roll the nipple in between my fingers as my other hand runs down my body. In my head, it's Dawsons hands running all over me, but his hands are too different from mine to really experience the mind-blowing feelings.

I stroke my clit a little before dipping my finger inside. My hips wiggle on their own accord. I add another finger to trick myself into thinking it's Dawson's finger. I moan softly going faster. My left hand is still on my breast. I move it around my chest lightly to kick up my senses. My eyes are closed as I pinch my nipple to invoke sparks. I moan loudly while my fingers are still pumping.

"Ohhhh Dawson," I trick my mind further into believing he is above me dominating my lady parts. Crushing my body against his and suffocating me with his kisses. Holding me down until I submit to him. I build myself higher and higher with these thoughts running through my head.

I can almost feel my orgasm when my bedroom door opens. Dawson looks at me and the position I am in. His eyes swirl with lust, confusion, and a hint of anger. "I forgot my phone. What are you doing?" He stands at the foot of my bed and looks at my pelvic region. I know he is turned on by this, but he's probably more pissed off than anything.

"I uh- well I was thinking of you and I was so turned on. I need umm a release. Have you never done this while thinking about me?" He goes pink at my words. Gotcha. Before I can stick it to him that he has jerked off thinking about me his eyes go hard again.

"I am supposed to be the only that touches this body. Only I get to make you feel so good," he lightly touches my body and I moan still turned on, "You shouldn't touch it even when it's begging for release. For that, you deserve a punishment." Dawson leans over me and starts kissing my neck. Is he starting his punishment? Well, it feels good and I can't complain. I'm too out of it to notice Dawson pulling my arms above my head. He moves down to my chest and nips at my breasts.

"Dawwwsonn." The neighbors might have heard that one. I'm so lost in my own world that I don't feel the tie slipping around my hands until Dawson sits up and finishes tying my hand to the headboard. I try to pull them out still half-dazed.

"Dawson, what are you d-doing?" He looks down at me with a sinister smile. I feel the blood drain from my face as I become more aware of my surroundings.

"I'm giving you your punishment sugarplum. I going to go now and I expect you to be well-rested and ready for me by the time I get back. Maybe I'll just leave you like this all day." He grabs his phone and walks to my door.

"Dawson wait don't leave me like this. You can't do this," I yell when he shuts my door. I pull at the ties harder trying to escape. He knotted it up good because it isn't budging. I try to lift my feet up to loosen it, but I'm no monkey. I lay flat on the bed defeated. I never reached my orgasm and I can feel it slowly going away. I close my eyes and drift off waiting for Dawson to come back

I wake up to something lightly tickling me. Everything is still dark and I realize that I have a blindfold on. "Dawson, are you there?" I didn't get a response, but I continue to feel the tickle. All of a sudden I feel a freezing sensation on my nipple. I let out a gasp just as a mouth crushes against mine. He shoves his tongue in my mouth right away and explores. I fight a little because I'm not one to just roll over on my back. I pull at my restraints and shake my head to get his tongue out of my mouth.

"You are going to submit to me and let me control you," Dawson nibbles on my ear. He hits my sweet spot and I let out a moan. I remember this was one thing one his list, but I won't give up so easily.

"And what if I don't, master?" My voice sounded rough in my ears so I subtlety clear my throat. Dawson tensed a bit but was still kissing the side of my neck. I could feel his member grow even harder.

"I have ways to make you submit to me, Lola. Don't think that I won't use them." I could hear the underlying darkness in his voice. I knew Dawson had plenty of ways of torturing me to make me submit, but I wanted to play with him a bit. I'm still mad that he tied me up and I know he'll never go as far as hurting me. So I end up saying, "I would like to see you try."

I feel a weight lifted off me and I know Dawson has gotten up. I hope he doesn't just leave me here again. Those thoughts disappear when I feel his head settle between my thighs. I moan already highly aroused from his breath hitting me there. I'm in a haze by the time he makes the first lick. I probably started moaning louder somewhere along the way, but I can't tell. My senses are going crazy from the blindfold blocking my sight and the arousal leaking from me while Dawson is lapping it up.

My release is coming fast and I tug on the restrains even harder just to hold a little control. Maybe I saw into the future by trying to grab Dawson's head because a second later I feel him stopping. Never reaching my orgasm, I am wildly on edge. This is the third time today where I have to wait until it goes away to feel comfortable.

"Ughhhh Dawson what are you doing? Please finish. I need it so bad." I sounded desperate, but what's a girl to do. "Are you ready to give up and do exactly as I say," he says in a deep voice. Maybe it was hard for him to stop too, but I still know that he has way more restraint at the moment. He may be rock hard, but I need a release and will do anything to get it. My situation is worse and he knows it.

However, I still hesitate giving up. I am stronger than this. So, of course, I disregarded what I had said earlier and pretended not to care.

"Never." I feel his head between my legs again. "I can do this all day, Lola. It would be beneficial if you gave up now so we could both get what we wanted. You just have to do as I say." That was true. I would get the sex and all I had to do was act submissive and pretend Dawson ruled the world. Maybe that would be fun. "Come on it's on my list." That did it for me. He put it on his list and we both agreed to do this for each other without any judgment. Resisting was fun, but only for so long.

"Ok, master."

"Perfect I'm glad you came to your senses. You can continue to call me master and I think I will keep you tied up. I will not be gentle, Lola. While you can form coherent thoughts, I would like you to say things that please me. I don't want this to be too intense."

"I don't want you to be gentle, master. I want you to tear me in two. Show me what happens when I disobey," I say in the most tender submissive voice I could muster.

"That's right my little slave. I'm going to fuck you until you can't see straight and then I'm going to keep going. You will pass out by the time I'm finished with you." Dawson got on top of me right away. Before I could fully process what he was saying, he plunged into me. He went so deep on the first stroke that it hit my g-spot. I almost came from the force. My moans coming out like clockwork.

"Don't come until I tell you to," Dawson whispered in my ear. That ruined my mood for two seconds before I felt him thrusting into me again. I don't think I would be able to hold off. I crave for the burden of arousal to be lifted off of my shoulders that I don't have control of my own body anymore.

Dawson is still pounding into me relentlessly. His grunts are matching the volume of my moans. "Oh master, you're too good to me. Hoawwww a-are you so good at this." My small comment got him going even harder.

"That's right. I am being too good to you, you whore." I clenched even tighter to hold off. He has let me cum yet and saying stuff like that does not help. Dawson growls loudly at my death hold, but he still tries to go deeper.

"I'm a whore, a slut. Te-teach me a lesson. Make me sorry." Dawson loses himself at that statement and shudders on top of me still thrusting. "Cum now slut." I cum so hard that stars and clouds dance through my vision still blindfolded. I moan the whole time while milking him. Dawson lays down crushing me after we both stop. I know he doesn't want this game to end any time soon so I stay in character.

"M-master you're crushing me. I need to breathe," I say in a timid voice. Honestly, I want him to stay exactly where he is. I like being surrounded by him with his penis still inside me. Thankfully he utters a no before thrusting inside of me a few more times to get himself aroused.

"Am I going to going to have the pleasure of being with you again, master?"

I get my answer when Dawson unties my restraints and flips me onto my stomach. "Don't you dare take the blindfold off slave." He gives me a slap on the ass for good measure.

Alright, it's ego feeding time. "Of course, master. I don't have the class to look at your beautiful face." Dawson grabs my hips so tight that I know it will leave a bruise and that just arouses me more. He lifts my ass in the air and positions himself. Without warning, he is pounding into me again and again. In between moans, I try to boost him up even more. "You're so...amazzzzing master. I haaaave ever...been with." I am basically mumbling jibberish at this point.

"I know I am, slut," Dawson says while slapping my ass a few times.

"Do I have permission to cum, master?"

"Ohh baby you have been so good that I am going to let you cum three times before I let go." He knows that won't be hard. I feel that familiar blissful feeling overtake me meer seconds after he says that.

"T-thankkk yoooou, maaaster," I scream out somewhere from oblivion. Dawson slaps my ass again. "I only want to hear moans from your pretty little mouth from now on."

I groan in agreement still recovering from my orgasm as I feel another building quickly. I catch my breath just in time to fall over the edge again. Dawson leans over and hugs me still thrusting. He has not slowed down even after that caring act.

My third orgasm comes just as he lets go. We both climax together. Dawson ends up taking me two more times before taking off the blindfold. I close my eyes because of the lights and lay down exhausted.

"I'll go get us something to eat and we can rest a while before going again. I was thinking of sleeping over again." I wave my hand at him too tired to say anything. I think he gets my message because I hear him leave shortly after. My eyes are still closed making it easier to fall asleep from the exhaustion now plaguing my body. One thing is for sure, this is the best I have felt in a while.

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