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Yes, a one shot book because apparently my lovely little children weren't having enough sex and their mama has a dirty fucking mind. This book is going to be filled with slutty, smutty little stories, along with some fluff and maybe even some girl×boy or girl×girl action. Who knows what the fuck is gonna happen? I don't. 👀

Erotica / Romance
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Slumdog (1)



Playing games. It was my thing. It has always been my thing. From hiding for hours until my parents searched all of the slum screaming my name to dressing up as a girl one day to ask my best friend to fuck me, I've always loved playing games.

The second one stuck. My best friend still fucks me. Whenever he can, wherever I want. He's my boyfriend now.

That doesn't mean I've stopped playing games. Not even with him.

I was born in a slum in South Kolkata. Our tiny place had two rooms and a barely working bathroom. Thankfully I was a single child and didn't have to deal with sharing my room, otherwise I'd have gone mad. Poverty was a constant in my life but that didn't stop me from sucking it dry as much as I could.

I loved my parents, and I loved my boyfriend. But I still liked to play games with him. Even though they often ended up in him spanking my ass red. To tell you the truth, I deliberately did naughty things to get him to spank me. There's nothing better than his hand abusing my asscheeks.

Well, one thing.

I sighed. My plan was so good. I could already see him freaking out. Maybe he'd take out his belt. He did that when I was REALLY REALLY naughty. It only happened once but that was another story.

Today's plan was fool-proof. He'd definitely punish me and fuck me so hard and good after that. I squealed in excitement while I got ready. I wore my ripped jeans and crop top. Nothing too out of the blue. But I took my high heels with me. He loved to fuck me in them.

I was all ready to go. I said bye to my mom but she was too busy with her serial to look at me. She waved at me and I rolled my eyes but smiled.

Freakin loved her!

My boyfriend was an uber driver. He had his own car and he was doing really well. We were planning a vacation after he'd saved some money. Today, I was going to give him a really good news, but first I needed to give him a tiny heart attack.

I looked at my phone. 8:46. Perfect. His shift was just about to end. I got an auto and I called his number.

"Hey Shaan." He answered. He definitely had a passenger. He only answered with my real name when he had someone in his car. Otherwise it was just "Baby" or "Babe" or "Baby doll" in his really deep, scratchy voice. Ugh! He makes me so hot!

"Hi, Abhay." I dipped my voice into fake uncertainty. I was such a good actor.

"What's wrong?" He asked me in a worried voice.

"Nothing, I just need to talk to you." I said, biting my lip to keep myself from laughing.

"Alright, I'll be done with my shift in a few minutes. I'll pick you up from home." He said.

"I'm not home. I'll send you my location." I said as I got out of the auto and walked into a semi- shady alley. It was a little risky but what was life without a little adventure.

"Alright. See you." He said and cut the call. I shared my live location on WhatsApp and took the heels from my bag and put them on. The alley was dimly lit so hopefully nobody would make any comments about my attire. I put my headphones in and blasted a new bollywood hit that had me swaying all day.

Five minutes later, my phone rang and I answered it.

"Hii!" I said into the microphone excitedly.

"Where are you baby? I'm at the location." He said and my thighs tingled at the "baby". Fuck, I loved his sexy voice so much.

I walked out of the alley and looked around. And surely his white car was parked at the opposite side of the road. I hid my excitement in a mask of worry as I strutted my ass to him. He was leaning against the car smoking a cigarette, when I reached him, he offered me one. I took it, he lit it for me. Then he pulled me close by my waist.

"Not here! There are people!" I said with mock worry even though his simple gesture made me harden a little in my panties.

"Alright babe." He was a man of few words. I kissed his cheek and opened the passenger side door and settled my ass into the seat.

We drove for a while in silence. I usually talked a lot but I had to keep up my appearance of guilt and worry. He glanced at me from time to time but didn't say anything. Just put his hand over mine and squeezed it.

I squeezed it back.

His place was actually a garage. It was his uncle's garage which he took care of in the night. Locked everything up and slept in the attached room. He parked his car there for free too. That meant in exchange for housing and a free parking place, he just had to keep his eyes and ears open a little bit.

Sometimes I stayed over, we fucked all night, cuddled all morning before he went off to work. His friends who worked in the garage knew me too. They were actually nice.

Abhay parked the car and was about to get out when I tugged on his hand lightly. He looked at me questioningly.

"Umm, you remember there was a guy at my spoken English class who said he might have a job for me?" I said and he nodded.

"You turned it down, you said it wasn't what you were looking for?" He said and I bit my lip.

"Well don't get mad at me but I actually took it. It was good money. I just had to..." I trailed off.

"You just had to what?" I could see his uncertainty rising. Fuck yeah.

"Well, I just had to give some handjobs and a couple of blowjobs to men. It wasn't serious I promise." I said and I knew I made a mistake when instead of getting angry, his face turned to stone.

"Well.. Then I guess I don't have to be the only one dealing with the guilt of cheating." He said and I felt the colour leave my face.

"What? What are you talking about?" I screamed as I felt a few tears escape my eyes.

"Well, um. I fucked a girl. A few weeks ago. It wasn't anything serious but I guess we can both move on." He said and I slapped him. Right across his face. Just slapped him.

"Ow! What was that for?" He said and ripped, literally ripped me from my seat and threw me into the backseat, crawling and settling on top of me. His big body holding me in place while I fought like a little bitch under him.

"Baby, baby calm down. I'm playing with you, I'm just playing with you." He laughed, showering me with small pecks while I still cried and fought. He gripped both my hands at the wrist and put them above my head, rendering me practically powerless as he soothingly rubbed my chest.

"I was just kidding baby. I knew from the minute you called me that you were planning something in that sexy little head and I just had to get back at ya." He grinned like a stupid little boy and I frowned.

"That's not fair. Only I play games." I pouted and squirmed under his big body. He was so fucking hot.

"There's a new player in town baby." He smiled as I palmed my cock through my pants. I bucked my hip into his touch.

"So you don't wanna have sex with a hot girl?" I grumbled as I pulled my hands from his grip and he finally let go. I immediately put my hand up his shirt and touched his hot stomach and chest.

"You're the only hot girl I wanna fuck." He said in my ear, palming my cock still. I moaned. "Will you be my good little baby doll?" He asked and I moaned so loud.

"Oh yeah." I said, moving my hips to his hand.

"Let's go inside." He said and I shook my head.

"Wait wait. Fuck me in your car. I always wanted you to fuck me in your car, since the day you got it and took me for a ride." I giggled and he smiled.

"You mean the day you deep throated my cock in the front seat and came in your pants?" He chuckled and I blushed. So I came easily, what's wrong with that?

"Whatever. Are you gonna fuck me or not?" I asked and he smiled at me evilly.

"Oh I'm gonna fuck you alright. But first, I'm gonna punish you for the little stunt you tried to pull." He said and I moaned.

Fuck yeah!

"And you slapped Daddy! You're really stupid aren't you?" He said, slapping my cock through my pants and I jumped and squealed. Yeah, harder daddy, just not there. I wiggled myself out from under him so he could sit properly in the middle of the seat. The moment he settled himself, I laid myself facedown on his lap, ass up in the air.

"Little slut." He growled. I giggled and moaned. Rubbing my crotch on his. He was so big, I could already feel him. Fuck.

"Punish me, Daddy." I said with just a little bit uncertainty. I loved punishments but whenever he was about to start, I was a little nervous.

"Look at me." He ordered and I bent my neck to look at his beautiful, bearded face. Ugh that beard, I wanna sit on his face and feel it in my most intimate parts. I whimpered.

"You ready? You know I'll stop anytime you feel like this is too much, right?" He said, soothingly rubbing my ass and I bucked up into the touch.

"Yes Daddy." I said.

"Good, Doll. Good fucking boy, baby." He groaned as he took my pants off with a little difficulty, the car wasn't the most spacious. But he succeeded, and put my heels on me again when my lower part was completely naked and bared for him.

Told you he likes me in heels. Thankfully, these were pumps so he didn't have a great difficulty in taking them off and putting them on. They were cheap, but they were not for walking, just for sex. Abhay kissed my calf and I giggled as his beard tickled me. My cock was dangling on his leg and he slapped it lightly making me squeal and writhe.

"I'm gonna spank you thirty times. You're gonna keep count. Okay?" He said and I nodded. He lightly slapped my cock again and I squealed.

"Okay?" He asked again, this time grabbing my cock tightly.

"Oh yes Daddy, yes." I rasped out.

I got ready for it. The first one was the hardest.

His hand came down on me and I moaned.


Again. Fuck me.


Again. I moaned.


Again, and again, and again.

"Yes, Daddy." I screamed. My ass was burning. He chuckled.

"Are you keeping count?" He said, his fingers whispering on my cock, I knew it was leaking on his thigh.

"Twenty two." I giggled.

"Good boy." He spanked me again.

"Twenty three." I moaned.

When he finally got to the last one, I had tears in my eyes. Fuck I loved it so much. He spanked me, the hardest yet and my whole body jumped. I couldn't keep it together anymore. I came. With a high pitched moan, I came all over Abhay thigh and a little got onto the seat. Thankfully he cleaned and disinfected his car regularly.

"Look at you, you filthy little slut. You came just from me spanking you, I should make you lick this clean." He said pulling my hair hard.

"I'm sorry, Daddy." I said as I got down in front of his lap and licked my own cum that was on his jeans. Fuck this was so hot. I didn't lick the seat though, that was nasty.

"Fucking slut. You wanna suck my cock." I moaned and nodded. I wanted him to fuck my face.

"Wait." He said as he got out of the car. Walked around and opened the other door. He took off his shirt and threw it on top of the car. Then he undid his jeans button and took his cock out from his underwear. I got up on the seat and laid down on my back. I let my head hang outside from the seat and just in front of his big, hard cock.

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