Unforgettable Experience

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Allison Alicia Johnson,a teenage girl who is simple quiet,smart,generous and also a virgin,ends up dating and falling in love with Alejandro Alexander Martinez. Alejandro Alexander Martinez,Baxton High bad boy,rude smart,rich(filthy rich) has the looks of a demigod that making every girl wishing they could fuck him even if it's just for a night.He ends up dating Allison with the sole aim of taking her virginity. What happens when Allison finds out about Alejandro's true intentions but it's too late?? Find out in these captivating romance/erotic story filled with Pain, love, lust, hatred, betrayal, heartbreak, deceit. WARNING RATED🔞🔞❤❤💔💔

Erotica / Romance
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Unforgettable Experience

My name is Allison Alicia Johnson. I am 18 years old. First and foremost i love chocolate anything chocolate I love it I practically live for chocolate,okay, don't judge me.I live with my mom who ended up having a divorce with my dad six months ago. But I don't have a problem with that,family problem I try to get away from all that. I and my mom live comfortable,we aren't rich neither are we poor,we are just average and i love that. Plus am an only child. I am a 5'3 tall, I have a medium sized boobs and a well shaped butt, I have two beautiful ocean blue eyes, perfect pink lips which are kinda cute, I think, and also my wavy chocolate brown hair which is kinda long and I love it. I love appreciating my body cause am confident in myself. My favorite artist is Juice WRLD,yeah I know he is dead and all but still that guy's songs are fucking catchy and really addictive. Plus its an obsession. Don't fucking judge me. I love listening to it and sleeping which is my second hobby or is it third,sorry its kinda complicated, I also love reading erotic novels,so sleeping and reading novels are both hobbies that I do not intend on giving up. And I know you are thinking that isn't sleeping like a normal thing for everyone,I know it is, its just when given the slightest opportunity I sleep not cause am bored or anything its just how I am. And dont judge me for that also.

I have the most amazing bestfriend who I love so much. She is and will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me well that is after my mom. And her name is Madison Riley Carter. Well now that we are done with all that introduction,I think. Let me tell you how my simple life changed from just simple to complicated.

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