Unforgettable Experience

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Chapter 1

Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! i can't believe we got into Baxton High aaaaahhhhh!!!!. Am soooo happy, I said to my best friend Madison aka Maddie. We need clothes, shoes, jewelries, makeups and so much more, Maddie said. To be fair if it's was only me, I would just go shopping for just the clothes and shoes nothing more.

All those jewelries, makeups and the rest are just a waste of time for me and Maddie knows that too,or did she forget. Well I meant shoes and clothes just for you the jewelries and makeups are mine, said Maddie, I know you don't like makeups and jewelries and all that but still you're a girl and girls are meant to wear stuffs like that, said Maddie.

I mean just cause you're a girl doesn't mean you have to wear such. I am super comfortable with my simple looks and I have no intentions of changing it. Even my mom complains about my outfits,she practically bought some dresses for me and let me be honest with you I have never worn anyone of them in my entire life and I don't plan on wearing such, I think.

Well since we are going to start college in two weeks time we should make a list of what we are going to buy right, Maddie said shaking me out of my thoughts. Well, I began, I don't know Maddie it's your choice, I mean if it was up to me I would go shopping anytime within those two weeks and by the way what are you making a list for I mean we could just go and pick whatever we like right?

What the hell is wrong with you, Maddie said. Do you realize that this is college we are talking about and we need to be fully prepared. Yeah I know but don't you think you are going a little bit overboard with these college thing I mean don't get me wrong am more than excited we both got into the same college we've dreaming of but still it's just college not some battle field okay, i said while arranging my messy room.

Allison Alicia Johnson,Maddie yelled. Oh, oh, she just called me by my full name ah fuck i should have just shut my fucking mouth when I had the chance. Allison do you realize the nonsense you just said, Maddie stated, college is where life fucking begins for us kids so if you know what's fucking good for you you keep your opinions to yourself cause we are both going shopping in two days time and there will be no questions, is that understood? Y-yes i-i get it Maddie, I said.

I should have known why didn't I just shut my mouth. I gave myself a mental slap. If there's one thing I have learned about Maddie is that NEVER EVER say shopping is NOT a big deal. You don't like it keep it too yourself but DON'T say it when you are around Maddie.

Now am hungry Ally, what should we make for lunch I feel like I could eat a whole village, Maddie said while lying on my bed and texting someone on her phone, I mentally rolled my eyes. Go make your lunch yourself, I really don't feel like cooking anything at all right now. I said. I feel really tired after doing anything like now I really want to sleep, i said to myself. I have to think of a way to get rid of Maddie. Now how do I get rid of this crazy shopping freak, think this stupid brain think. Ha I got it.

Hey Madds I think you should go home and rest so that you can have lots of energy in order for you to be able to think of what we need for shopping. seriously of all the things I could think of that was the only stupid thing I could come up with, stupid brain.

Maddie began,but shopping is in two days time plus I could think of what we need for shopping in a blink of an eye, wait are you kicking me out so you won't cook lunch for us or you just want to sleep, Maddie said while giving me those are suspicious eyes. I feel like those her brown eyes can see through anyone soul even mine.

Whaaatt pffff no way, why would you think that of me Madds, I said while walking away trying to avoid those brown eyes. I don't believe you, Maddie said pulling me back with force. Okay fine I really need to sleep I haven't slept in the afternoon for like almost three days and i don't think my body system likes it, I said, ugh this girl knows me too well. You know sometimes i think you are either possessed or some kind of insect bit you, said Maddie.

Anyways I'll leave you so you could sleep, Maddie said. Why would you do that, I asked finding it suspicious that Maddie would leave so that I could sleep cause the Maddie I know would do anything just to prevent me from sleeping.

Am not going just cause I want you to sleep but cause my mum texted, her and my dad are home and I want to spend some time with them cause you never know when them gonna leave again, Maddie stated . That's true Maddie parents do travel a lot and they barely stay at home due to their work.

Anyways gotta go Ally see you later and you better not sleep till the next day okay, Maddie warned with her finger in my pointed to my face. Okay Madds I've heard you now go spend some time with your parents okay I said while pushing her into her car. Bye, bye Maddie.

Maddie drove off I went into the house locked the door cause my mom comes home late and she also has a spare key while I go do the one thing I am super talented in doing SLEEPING.

Fuck I still need to tell my mom about my admission well till tomorrow I guess. But before I sleep how about a little chocolate bar, helps with the sleep. I ate the chocolate bar,laid down on my bed letting my thoughts go free, thinking about college and its problems, i wondering if college is just the same as the ones I read in my novel or the ones i see on television, I kept thinking before my eyes started closing up and darkness closes in on me.

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