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Erotic couple

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"Let me come home." She nearly whimpers.

"Don't be like that. You know we could never make it work again." He chastises with a sad smile, his fingers tangling in his long hair as he scratches the side of his head.

"I could do anal again." She pleads, laying a delicate hand on his chest and staring up at him through coffee-caramel eyes. "At least once a week." His smile slips completely. His posture grows tight. He leans back ever so slightly.

"Don't do that." His flat voice shakes slightly. "That's what cost us this relationship. How could we ever trust each other again? We both deserve better. Don't say that." He takes her hand gently in his and carefully pulls it away from his chest. Her second hand joins the first and they grip his shirt. She steps in close, gazing up at him.

"We can do this. We can make each other happy again. There's so much to work through, but I can help you and you can help me. I can do this for you again. I want to do this for you again. Let us try... Let us try?" The last comes out a choked whisper. His body is ridged as she leans lightly against him, tense.

"You deserve better..." He whispers, feet shifting as he takes her shoulders gently and takes a slight step back. Her fists clench hard around the fabric of his shirt and she steps with him, crowding in close and pressing her cheek against his chest.

"Maybe. But this is where I want to be. This is where home is. This is where I belong." He flinches. Struggling visibly, his hands slowly slip from her shoulders and his arms wrap around her delicate body. She releases his shirt and holds him fiercely. He bends over her slightly, enveloping her in his strong arms, squeezing her too tightly, crushing her against him, with never a complaint from her.

"I miss you. I miss you, but this isn't a good idea." He whispers into her thick, soft hair.

"I'll win you over. I'll show you. I'm going to find a place in town. You'll see." She murmurs faintly through crushed lungs. His arms let up slightly but she grips him tighter and keeps them firmly close. After a moment's hesitation his grip tightens slightly again.

"This is a bad idea." He whispers, so quietly it might have only been meant for his own ear, yet at the same time his arms squeezed around her protectively.

* * * *

"Apparently you come here way too often." A musical voice teases from behind him. His long curls roll across his back as he turns from the drink in front of him to regard the beautiful, little woman pulling up a chair at the bar beside him. He can't help the smile that tugs at his lips as she fakes a scolding pout.

"Do you really mind? Good food, good drink and good company." She rolls her eyes with a glowing grin and scoops up the menu in front of her.

"And what can I get you tonight?" The bartender asks while polishing a wine glass.

"Let's start with a raspberry margarita." She gives a little bounce in her chair. He laughs as the bartender walks away, leaning in to wrap his arm around her shoulders and steers her chin toward him to steal a quick taste of her lips. "What?" she asks feigning indignant. His grin grows as he leans in again.

"I love when you bounce." He murmurs, his lips brushing hers and then he kisses her again.

"Oh, do you?" She asks coyly, her eyes twinkling above her secretive little smile.

"Mmm. I do." His eyes look grey right now, like charged thunderclouds. She bites her lower lip and turns to the drink being set before her. He chuckles and turns himself to the menu waiting for him, but not before running a hand through her long brown hair that cascades nearly to her waist. A small shiver runs through her before she takes her first sip and then glances at her own menu.

They stay a couple of hours. Good food, good drink and good company indeed, setting them at ease. Her hand lingers on his lap. His hand caresses her hip. They steal a couple more kisses. They tease each other good naturedly and touches last a moment longer than they need to. Her smiles are captivating and infectious. They pay their tabs and slowly make their way to the doors. Once outside she leans into him claiming the early summer evening is too cool. He scoffs slightly at her lie but holds her close. After a moment she looks up at him.

"Come home with me this time."

"You sure we're ready for this?" Her reassuring smile coaxes one from himself and he squeezes her affectionately. "Okay."

They call a cab and by the time it arrives they stumble into the back seat kissing heavily. She pants her address between hot kisses and heavy hands and moans lightly, tangling her hands in his hair as he trails feather light kisses down her neck, sucking ever so slightly from time to time. Hands and lips roam with the shadows of memory and renewed and rekindled curiosity and unbridled desire. Were her lips always this soft? Were his shoulders always this broad? Did her body always meld to his so perfectly? Did his touch on the skin of her hip always send this shock through her? Their passions climb, their hands explore, until a self-conscious cough up front interrupts them. He hastily passes a generous bill up front and they scramble from the back seat.

She leads him by the hand toward the front door. He pulls her to a stop and drinks deeply from her honey lips. They part reluctantly and she pulls him along. He pulls her back, pressing himself along her back, running his hands through her hair and trailing his lips behind her ear and down the side of her neck. She shudders before pulling away and leading him up the front step. Fumbling with her keys he traps her between his large body and the door, his hands gripping her hips tight and kissing her hungrily. The keys drop to the porch as she wraps herself around him, her hands clasp his back, lips explore his with ever growing need, she clings to him as he crushes her against the doorway.

With a violent jerk she pulls away and kneels to grab the dropped keys. As she stands back up she runs a hand along the inseam of his pant leg and cups him firmly before turning and hastily opening the door. She steps across the threshold but his feet remain rooted to the front stoop.

"You sure about this? Last chance to back out."

Her fingers trail down her midriff as she grasps her shirt and draws it up over her head. He shifts excitedly as her supple body reveals itself inch by inch. Her skin is beautiful, soft, inviting. His hands clench at his sides. She drops her shirt in the hall and cups her own breasts through her bra. The swell of her curves, the way they fill her hands. They look heavy and lonely. Her hands slowly reach behind her and release the catch of her bra, dropping the straps from her shoulders and letting the flimsy piece of cloth drop to the floor. Her full globes bounce free of their confines and her nipples tighten under his hungry gaze.

Before she can take them in her hands again he crosses the threshold, slamming the door behind him and backs her up against the wall. He kisses her savagely, grinding his hips against her and cupping her smooth flesh, palming and teasing her pert nipples. Her breath comes fast as he lets himself go. In a frantic hurry he tears his shirt away and throws it to the floor, the two of them rejoice in the feel of skin on skin. He cups her ass in both hands and she wraps her legs around him. The two of them struggle out of their heels and boots as he grinds against her, crushing her between his hard body and the wall. Effortlessly he carries her petite form down the hall.

"Where am I going?" He growls against her throat.

"This one." She gasps, clutching at the closest door frame. He slams her up against it and the grunt pulled from her by the impact flows into a groan as he presses hard against her, rolling his hips into her. Maiming her lips with his, massaging her ass through her thin pants, crushing her breasts against his chest. She clings to him excitedly, moaning encouragement whenever he does something just right and trying to grind her sex against his.

Without warning he turns and they tumble to the bed in a mess of flailing limbs and heavy breathing and desperate touching. They fumble between struggling out of their own pants and trying to help the other with theirs. She gives a small gasp as he cups her mound and begins stroking her slit. He groans low in his throat as her hand encircles his throbbing shaft and the two of them slowly fondle each other, pants forgotten still tangled in their knees. His fingers trace her swelling labia, coaxing more and more heat from her centre. Her small hand struggles to circle him, slowly pulling from root to tip and running her fingers over his head. They kiss messily, panting and trembling whenever the other does something delicious.

She sits up quickly and struggles the rest of the way out of her pants. He helps her remove his and the last of their clothes make a pleasant pile on her floor. Kneeling on the bed between his thighs she grabs his jerking cock in one hand and bends low to kiss his head, already glistening with precum. She laps it teasingly, but his frustrated thrusting and her own raging lust cut the teasing short. Her flowing hair cascades across his body in the moonlight through the open window as she bends low and takes him into her mouth. Deep and slow, the way she remembers he likes. Up and down her lips travel him. He hums low in his throat, head rolling back, fists spasming at his sides as he rolls his hips up to offer her every inch of him.

Her tongue caresses and strokes, swirls and flicks. His hands reach to grab her, then clench in mid-air. Clenching and unclenching, slowly forcing his hands back to his sides he rolls his hips needily and she hums her pleasure around him, further tormenting him. Without warning she slams him to the back of her throat and holds him there for a second. She slams him to the back of her throat a few more times and holds him again, over and over driving him all the way back and letting his swollen girth fill her. His back arches, hips fully thrusted and he grips fistfuls of covers as a long low groan escapes him. She pulls back and kisses his tip, taking the head into her mouth again, before sweeping her hair behind her and smiling up at him with watery eyes.

He growls at her with a devilish smile and sits up, grips her hips and pulls her onto his lap, but rather than keeping her there he continues the motion on and rolls her over onto her back beside him where he then rolls on top of her. She opens her legs to him but instead he trails kisses down her collar, teases each nipple for only a moment before continuing to kiss down the valley of her breasts. Down to her naval where he lingers a few tender kisses, before slowly crawling down to where she really needs him. He opens her legs a little further with heavy hands and she trembles beneath him.

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