The Therapist Session

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A woman by the name of Laura Wells comes to her sessions to talk with her therapist but the talks soon turn real intimate when the tables turn and the therapist is craving Laura, but will she give in ? Read and find out

Erotica / Romance
T.L Rose
Age Rating:

First session

“Ms.wells are you ready for your session?”

Kevin her therapist comes out and ask as Laura is patiently waiting in the small lobby area. “Yes I am !” She jumps up and says excitedly while still trying to be professional. “Alright come on back “ Kevin says to Laura as they are walking to his office. Kevin starts asking Laura a question “so how is everything going?” As he is admiring her fat ass and lovely titties,as they are walking and talking Kevins is imagining everything he wants to do to Laura once he gets to his office. “Good can’t complain and how about you?” She said politely

“I’ll tell you everything just step right into my office” as he opens the door and holds out his hand welcoming her into the office then he closes the door as she sits down on the couch with her mini casual dress.

“So how is everything going with you ms.wells I know the last time we talked you were upset about your breakup with your boyfriend” Kevin asked Laura.

She sat in silence and before she spoke “I am doing fine that break up taught me a lot of things about myself and I learned I needed someone more than what josh was giving me” Laura sat back in relief on the couch as she finished her sentence. “So what are you looking for in a man” he asked “maybe I can help” he said flirting with her. She laughed before answering his question, “I need a someone who understands me, loves me emotionally and physically and gives it to me just right,who can really take charge and know how to handle a woman,you know what I mean?” Kevin nodded in agreement and said “yeah I totally understand”. Kevin had asked Laura to close her eyes and she asked why and he said they were going to play a game of picture this.

“Lay down all the way on the couch get comfortable,take your shoes off I really need you to feel this picture” he said.

He was getting her in a position where he could hopefully seduce her and make her feel good and wanted like she said. she knew what was about to go down. Laura has always had a thing for Kevin and wanting him in her for the longest time and this was the moment she hoped she had been waiting for.

Laura “why do you want me to do all of this just for a little picture game” she asked. “Trust me I just really want you to feel this like I mentioned before. I’m going to ask you some questions and answer honestly” Kevin responded. “Ok” she said in a low tone.

He started off by “saying earlier in our conversation you mentioned you wanted someone who understands you and loves you emotionally and physically right” she nodded yes. “When was the last time you were intimate with yourself or anyone ?” He had asked while having his hand above his groin thinking about all the things he wants to do with her.

Laura responded “ I’ve never been intimate with anyone else but myself it’s just me and my vibrator thinking about things I would like to have done to me” Kevin as he sits in his chair scoots closer to her and his groin is so close to her face she could feel it. “What are some of the things you imagine during your self pleasure time?” Laura said “I imagine me being fucked so hard in my pussy I can’t breathe and am begging for air” he then puts a blindfold on her eyes. As she continues his erection gets harder and harder in his pants.

From the corner of her eye she sees his hard cock and his hands slowly and quietly sliding in his pants reaching for his cock while he throws his head back in pleasure, but he doesn’t know that,since she knows he’s getting hard she decides to tease him a little more by going further into details. “When I turn my vibrator on preparing it for its entry in my wet pussy I lick the tip and swirl my tongue around it as if it was a real hard cock” Kevin as he is struggling so hard not to whip his cock out and fuck her had managed to keep it under control enough for him to ask “what else do you think about while playing with that wet pussy baby?”

She started to smile a little bit knowing that he was going to explode any minute if his cock wasn’t inside her,she starts to rub her tits and speak “I rub my tits so hard and so good as I imagine my titties being fucked so hard ooo and that cock rubbing on my nipples feeling so fucking good I then stick my hand in my pussy rubbing the outer folds of my pussy til’ I feel myself cumming” then she stopped. “Mmmm yeah baby what else do you do for daddy”he said fully aroused and slowly began taking out his big long penis. She continued as if she didn’t know what was going on. “I then taste my own pussy and feel how wet I am. “mmm ok stop” he said abruptly. He then slowly leaned over her and kissed her lips softly as he pulls out his penis from his pants and he’s in nothing but his boxers. “That made me very hard and I liked it I also need more, I need to be in you right now.

She smiled and said as her hips are moving in circle motions “oh daddy I wish I could have you in me but something is already in me” she sat up and took the blindfold off before continuing to say as she walks over to him sits him down in his chair while his dick is all out in the air she then ties him up one arm on each chair arm rest,he begs her please don’t do this to me baby cause once I’m out of these ties I’m gonna fuck you so hard ! mmmm baby please sit on this dick right now he said in a low demanding voice trying not to disturb the other therapist. She put a finger over his mouth and told him he had to beg for it as she bent over and kissed the tip of his long cock. “Ooooo yeah” he said in a deep voice. “Like that daddy?” She said teasingly as she smiled at him you want some more you gotta come get it,until you do if you can I will be showing what your missing”

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