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Chapter 1

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■Leonard’s POV■

The mind is an evil thing. One moment, you could be busy with something, completely focused on a task and the next moment, you start thinking about things you shouldn’t. You would probably think about that one person you hate or the person you love would pop up in your mind.

When the second happens, you usually get happy but with me it was different. When she pops up in my mind, I get agitated, because she’s not mine. She’s in love with someone else and thinking about her, the way I do is just wrong. She would hate me if she knew.

Thinking about the fact that she isn’t mine, made me want to break things, preferably her fiancé’s face. Unfortunately, I understand that I can’t always have what I want because if I could she would be mine.

Sadly the only girl I have loved since High School does not feel the same way I feel about her. She is not in love with me and she does not fantasize about me and the dirty things we could do together and to each other.

I had to stop myself from thinking about her. She is engaged and it is inappropriate to think about her the way I do every time she is in the room. She has Franklin in her life, she loves him. Why else would she be marrying him next year?

I am mad at her. She told me she loves him a week after she told me she loved me. Okay, that is a huge lie, she told me she loved me in one of my heavy steamy sex dreams of us together. Then a week after I had that dream she introduced me to Franklin.

She’s been my best friend for 10 years and 8 out of those 10 years I have loved her. She was my first kiss back when I was 10. Everybody, including my mother, said that it was just young love and I should let her be happy with Franklin.

They said, that if I really loved her I would let her go and be happy with the person she loved even if it was not me. But sometimes it feels like she is my one and only. That she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my live with, my true love.

Would I let her go? Could I finally no longer be selfish and let her be with Franklin. Thinking about it now, I finally released that; yes I would let her go if that is what would make her happy. She is the light in my life and my one and only and I would let her go with a heavy heart.

“Hello! Earth to Leonard.” Amanda waved her hand in front of my eyes. “Oh sorry,” I said, shaking my head. She smiled and giggled, “I saw you when I walk in, I came and said down but it was like you were staring right through me. I see your daydreaming again. So who is she, the girl that you are thinking about so hard that you don’t even notice someone sitting right in front of you?”

I smiled at her, “I am sorry for not seeing you and there is no girl. I was just thinking about work.” Amanda glared at me, “Don’t tell me there is no one. I’ve known you for 11 years and we have been best friends for 10 years. I know when you’re lying to me or hiding something from me.” She was frowning and all I wanted to do was wipe those lines from her pretty face.

“Come on tell me who this girl is, or is it a boy? You know you don’t have to be afraid-” I growled and chipped in before she could continue, “I am straight thank you very much.” She laughed, causing a pleasurable shiver to run down my spine, “Then tell me!”

I rolled my eyes at her and huffed in displeasure. “Fine, there is this girl. But she is just a girl I have known for a long time, and well I’ve liked her for a few years now. She is smart, beautiful and everything I have ever wanted in a girl.”

I was pretty sure there was a love-sick facial expression on my face. Damn, I need to man up and stop acting like a teenage girl. I looked up and I saw a bit of disappointment in her eyes but it was gone before I could make sure it was disappointment and not just my imagination hoping she would be jealous.

She nodded at me and patted my back, “Well she is one lucky girl because you are one amazing guy and one of the few good guys out there. Hey, I got to go, I’ll see you soon?” She hugged me before turning around and started walking away.

I knew, that if I wanted Amanda, I have to do something now rather than later. I had to make a move right now and tell her, that she is the girl. I just hope she feels the same way about me and if she doesn’t, hopefully, she doesn’t hate me.

I chase after her before she could leave my office. “Hey Amanda, please wait?” She turned and looked at me when I grab her arm “Len I got to go, what is it?” I smiled and pulled her back into my office, closing the door behind me. “Please I’ll be quick.”

She gave me a small smile and sat down next to me on the couch in my office. “Close your eyes,” she looked at me unsure. “Please?” she rolled her eyes before closing them. “Now keep them closed, no matter what.” she nodded. “No peeking!” I laughed well moving closer to her on the couch. I snaked my one arm around her waist and her eyes fluttered open but I put my hand one her eyes. “I said keep them closed.”

With my one arm snaked around her waist, my other holding her face. She leaned into my hand. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear “You know, you are the girl that is on my mind. I have always loved you, always....more than a friend, and before you say anything just let me finish. You’re the most amazing, smart, and beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I know you’re with Franklin but I have to do this.” I griped her against me.

“Please don’t hate me for this.” I leaned in. I placed a soft kiss on her lips first to see what her reaction would be. When she did nothing, I let my lips touch hers again. At first, only moving slowly and softly. She took a few seconds before reacting by moving her lips against mine. I took this as a yes and I pressed harder.

She brought her arms around my neck and pulled me down, I held on tighter to her waist. Even sitting, she was still a lot shorter than me. I licked her lips and she gladly opened her mouth and moaned when I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

That sound gave me a hard-on really fast. I slipped my hand behind her back and lifted her so she sat on top of my lap. She started grinding against me causing me to growl in pleasure. Against my will, I released her lips for oxygen.

We were both breathed heavily. Amanda looked into my eye and I searched hers to see if she regretted the kiss. She smiled and pulled me closer again. I guess that is a no to regret. She bites my lower lip and I opened my mouth for her.

She didn’t hesitate to slip her tongue into my mouth. She deepened the kiss to a heavy make out. I couldn’t keep my hands off her body. She had so many amazing curves that were made to perfection.

Amanda pushed herself closer to my chest, grinding against me before starting to unbutton on my shirt. Slowly, button by button, her cold hands caused tremors all over my body. Nibbling on my lip, she ran her long nails down my chest and over my well-defined abs.

She had been my motivation over the last 4 years. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the gym twice a day. When she pulled at my zipper I stopped her and I pulled away. I need to make sure she wanted this.

I needed to give her a few seconds to realize that this was either a mistake or something she wants. If she stopped completely, I would have a serious case of the blue ball tonight but wouldn’t push her.

I took her hands in mine. “Now, as you can see I really want to do this,” I said looking down at my hard-on. She looked down and blushed. I continued, “And I mean...I really want to but I don’t want to do it if you are not ready or if you are going to regret it. I don’t want to push you Amanda because I know you’re with Franklin. If you say no we can stop but if you don’t this is going to happen and you are not allowed to regret this tomorrow.”

After a few seconds of silence, I was convinced that she was going to leave this room. She nodded her head slowly before speaking, “Franklin and I broke up this morning.” My heart came alive in my chest, beating so fast, I was sure that it would leave my body.

“I figured out, that I’m not in love with Franklin. After one of our many fights, I figured out that I just didn’t want to be alone and he was there. I promise you, Leo, I’m not going to regret this.”

It was the only thing I wanted to hear. Those words changed my life and made my day. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since the day you turned 18.” All throughout High School, I was a player but once I realized that my heart belongs to Amanda, I stopped sleeping around. This would mean I’ve been in a dry spell for about 5 years. Now I know Amanda has been sexually active with Franklin and I just hope that I wouldn’t blow my load the second she slid down on me.

If she wasn’t this willing, I would have to her, I didn’t want our first time to be in my office, but I was sure she would kill me if I stopped us now. I put my hands on her calves and started moving my hands to her waist. Taking my time, of course, I have to saver this moment.

I moved my hands under her shirt. I rubbed her right breast slowly in circle motions before pinching her already hard nipple. She gave me a moan while rolling her head back and closing her eyes. I repeated the action to the other breast.

I pulled her shirt off and unclasped her red lace bra. She had full, natural, and beautiful breasts. They weren’t fake like most of the girls in my office. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it.

“You know Ah shit gosh....how to make a girl hot and oh god bothered. That feels so good.” She swallowed hard, gasping for air. “O my, fuck that feels good.”

While I was sucking on her breasts I unzipped her pants. I pushed my hand into the back of her jean shorts. She didn’t even notice until I rubbed my thumb against her clit “O my god,” I pressed harder and started to slide my thumb up and down against her pussy lips.

“Do you like my fingers against your wet pussy?” She just nodded her head but I wanted to hear her say it, “I ask do you like that Amanda or should I stop?” Her eyes have long gone rolled to the back of her head. “I oh yes. Len o...my...god yes please don’t stop!”

I pushed my middle finger into her but did not move it. I was still rubbing my thumb on her clit but very slowly, teasing her. “O Len please.” She started moving her hips but pulled my finger out. “No, I’ll move when you deserved it.”

A soft cry left her lips before I started pumping my finger into her pussy a few times. I circled her clit between my thumb and index finger. I pushed in a second digit and I felt her wall clench against my fingers.

She moaned and I pulled my finger out, before sliding them into my mouth and sucking them clean. She watched me with heavy eyes and in displeasure that I stopped. She started grinning against me but I smirked and made her sit on the couch. “Damn it Len I was so close!” I smirked “Don’t worry, I’ll make you come. Just be patient.”

I sat on my knees, pulled her shorts off, and put my face between her legs. “Shit, you smell amazing.” I divided her swelled pussy lips and flicked my tongue over her clit. She shudders as I pushed my tongue deeper into her entrance.

“Len please, I’m so close.” I pushed one finger in and pumped it while moving my tongue in and out of her. Her pussy walls clenched around me and she moaned. “Ah fuck, holy fucking fuck tongues.” I wanted to laugh at the fact that her words were a mess.

Her back lifted from the couch and she wrapped a leg around my shoulder as her legs started twitching. She found her release and sagged against the couch. I licked my lips tasting every drop that came from her.

Her breath was heavy she was trying to get her breath back to normal but I wasn’t done. I stood and unzipped my pants. Before I could remove my dick from my pants, two small soft hands stopped me.

Oh Shit. Please don’t ask me to stop. “I want to,” She said, taking my breath away. She pulled my pants and boxers down in one motion before asking me to step out of them. I did as she asked.

She placed a kiss on the tip of my dick before she could take me inside of her mouth, I stopped her. “No this is about you.” I pulled her up. I hooked my finger in her panties and pulled them down.

I picked her up and laid her down on the couch. I kissed up her lips and jaw while moving down. Placing butterfly kissed along her neck, breasts, and stomach. I kissed her torso and kissed her pussy lips causing her to moan.

I started licking and nibbling her lips just to tease her. I put my middle finger back inside of her and pumped till I knew that she was about to explode. “Len, I fucking hate you.” she said out of breath. I stood up and took a condom out of my pocket. I looked at her serious “Oh really?”

She was pleading like a child for a piece of chocolate. I put the condom on and lay on top of her. I pushed in slowly, “God you’re big.” She breathed out. I groaned, “Shit that feels good, you’re thight.”

I pushed in all the way before stopping. She rolled her hips and winced, trying to get comfortable. I wanted to go slowly, just to get her comfortable but even though I wanted to make sure she was okay, she was clenching.

I just wanted to trust forward and have my way with her. She clenched again obviously not ready yet. “God, Amie relax your muscles please!” I almost cried out in pain. I was ready to go but she was clenching way too much and it hurt like a bitch. She started to relax her body and I had to stay strong.

I breathe out in relief when she nodded. I started moving slowly just to help her get used to my size because I am pretty big and thick. “Fuck, Len move faster you can go slowly on the second round just go fucking faster and harder.” as per her request I went a little faster.

Hard and fast in and slowly out so it was just my tip still in her. “Faster Len Ah shit yes please.” Hard in slowly out. “O God yes Len harder Ah yes...yes...yes baby yes.” She rocked to meet my trust and I hit her G-Spot. She lets out a soft cry.

I repeated the same motion over and over again, hitting that spot that made her leg tremor. I leaned down and kissed her lips. I released them to let out a moan as she tightened her legs around my hips. “Shit this feels so fucking good.”

I trusted hard and I felt her walls clench against me and I almost shot my load. I continued, as she mumbled into my ear, asking me to not stop, I mumbled back, “Never.”

“I’m almost there Len almost. I’m about to cum c-can-can’t hold it an-any-more” she whispered in my ear. “I’m almost there Amie just wait.” I tried to keep us as quite as possible because my office wasn’t soundproof and my PA was sitting right outside the door.

“God Len I can’t. I need to CUM!” She found her release seconds before I found mine.

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