Brenden (The Doms and Dommes of New York: Book 2)

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Chapter 10

I opened my eyes and quickly shut them again with a groan as light speared its way into my brain. What the fuck happened last night? I slowly cracked my eyes open again just into slits and looked around me. I was in my room, naked but under the covers, and I was alone. I sat up gingerly and grimaced when I tasted the tell-tale flavor of stale vomit in my mouth as my head started to pound.

“Fuck!” I hated hangovers. Why the hell did I drink so much? “Angel!” I hollered, and instantly I heard bare footsteps hurrying toward my room. She ran into the room in all her glorious nakedness and fell to her knees by the bed. “How much did I drink last night?”

“A lot, Master Brenden.”

I frowned when she used my name, and I wondered what else had happened while I was too drunk to know what I was doing.

“How much is a lot?”

“Six highballs of bourbon and four glasses of wine, Master Brenden.”

“Why are you calling me that?” I put my hand to my temple and pressed hard.

She frowned. “You told me to, Master.”


“When we were in the back room, Master.”

“Shit! I don’t remember that.” I swung my feet over the side of the bed. “What else don’t I remember?”

“I don’t know, Master. What do you remember?”

I stood up carefully and stomped to the bathroom where I got four Ibuprofen and a glass of water. “I remember the restaurant and going to the club afterward.” I frowned as I downed the medicine. “I vaguely remember making you cum on the dance floor and telling Naomi to fuck off. I remember making the decision to go to Club Agalon, but that’s about it. What happened after we got there?” I looked back in my room and saw that Angel hadn’t moved an inch. I pulled out my toothbrush and quickly brushed my teeth.

“You got a room, Master Brenden, but then you fucked me over a table in the main room, and then you fucked my mouth there, too. Then we went back to the room, and you told me to say your name. You told me to remind you if you didn’t remember.” She held up what looked like a napkin, and I walked back to her and took it.

Angel has my permission to call me by my name only when we are alone. –Brenden Trenton Borget

“Well, damn! What happened after that?”

“You couldn’t stand, so I got the bartender and Master Patrick. They helped you outside…” She stopped talking as her bottom lip quivered, and I thought she was going to cry.

I walked to her and pulled her to her feet. “What’s the matter, my Angel?”

“You were sick, Master Brenden, and you fell and hit your head on the sidewalk.” Two tears made tracks down her cheeks, and I brushed them away with my thumbs, but more fell. “I was so scared when you didn’t wake up, Master, even when we got home.”

I frowned and sat on the bed before picking her up and setting her on my lap. No wonder my head hurt so much. “I was really fucked up, wasn’t I?”

She nodded against my chest.

“How did I get in here?”

“George helped me carry you, Master Brenden. So did the cab driver.”

“Did you put me to bed?”

“Yes, Master. I hope you don’t mind, Master, but I stayed in here last night to make sure you were okay.”

“I don’t mind, Angel.” Then what she had said earlier crashed into my consciousness. “Wait. I fucked you in the main room of the club?”

“Yes, Master. Twice.”

“God, I must have really been out of it. Was this before or after I got the room?”

“After, Master.”

It was my turn to frown. “If I’d already paid for the room, why did I fuck you in public?”

“Because you wanted to, Master. You told me we were going to the room, but I know how much you like public sex, so I told you that you could do that if it would make you happy, Master.”

“Why would you do that? Weren’t you embarrassed?”

“No, Master,” she said, settling deeper into my embrace. “I want to make you happy…” She giggled softly. It was a lovely sound. “…and fucking me in public made you very happy, Master.”

I chuckled and held her tightly. “I’m sure it did. I wish I could remember it.” I pushed her back and looked at her. “You know you can set that as a hard limit, right?”

“I know, Master Brenden, but I really didn’t mind.” She smiled shyly. “You made me cum, too, Master. More than once.”

“Good. As least I wasn’t a complete dick last night.”

“Not to me, Master.”

“Shit! Who was I a dick to, then?”

She giggled again, and I smiled. “Naomi, Master. She threatened to slap you. Or me. I’m not sure which. You warned her not to, though.”

“Really? Now that I don’t remember. I assume she won’t try to contact me again?”

“I don’t think so, Master. She was pretty upset when she walked away.” She looked up at me. “Then you told me you loved me, Master.”

“That I do, Angel.” I kissed her and was surprised when my cock failed to react. I guess it had a hangover, too. “What time is it?”

“Almost noon, Master.”

“Damn! Good thing it’s Saturday.” I peered down at her. “It is Saturday, right? I didn’t sleep through to Sunday?”

“Yes, Master,” she said with a smile, “it’s Saturday. I have lunch ready for you if you’re hungry, Master.”

My stomach growled at the mention of food, and I put her on her feet before standing. “I’m starving.” She turned to leave, but I grabbed her arm, and she looked up at me. “Thank you for taking care of me, Angel. You shouldn’t have had to, but thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, Master Brenden. Thank you for letting me take care of you,” she said before she disappeared out the door.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth again to try and get that foul taste out of my mouth, and dressed in a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. Then I walked to the dining room and sat down at the table. Within minutes, Angel brought out a plate with a sandwich and a bowl of soup and a glass of water. She set them on the table in front of me and then knelt where I could see her. I stared down at her for a moment then stretched out my foot and nudged her knees open a bit more.

“Wider, Angel. Let me see you.”

“Yes, Master.”

I ate in silence after that. The food was delicious, and I finished it quickly. Then I pushed my chair back and looked at Angel. “What are your plans for today?”

“I cleaned while you were asleep, Master, but I need to go shopping. We’re running out of food.”

I nodded. “Have you eaten lunch?”

“Yes, Master. I wasn’t sure when you were going to wake up.”

She sounded nervous, so I reached down and ran my hand over her hair. “That’s fine, Angel. I want you to do some shopping for me, too. I’ll make a list before you go.”

“Yes, Master,” she said with relief in her voice.

I stood up and went to my study. Sitting down at my desk, I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down what I wanted her to buy. I grinned as I thought of using the items later that evening. This was also another test for Angel. I knew she would probably be embarrassed to purchase what I wanted, and I needed to see if she’d do it anyway. Then I pulled out the invitation I had gotten a few days before.


She ran into the room, and I tapped the top of the desk. She climbed on and spread her knees.

“Hmm,” I hummed as I drew a finger up her slit. “So beautiful.” I slid it into her as I stood up and leaned over her. “So fucking beautiful.” I kissed her deeply, and my cock finally decided to wake up. When she brought her hands up to my head, I pulled back and said, “No. Keep them on the desk.”

She immediately dropped them back onto the top. “Yes, Master.”

I added another finger and started to fuck her with them as I stared down into her face. When I added a third, her eyes drifted closed, and her mouth dropped open. My cock twitched at the thought of sliding down into that hot, wet orifice, but this was her reward for taking care of me, and I ignored it. For now. I continued to finger her until she started squirming on the desk. Then I took my free hand and lightly slapped her inner thigh. She cried out, but it wasn’t in pain. I clearly heard the lust in that cry.

“Hold still, Angel. Don’t move.”

“Yes, Master.”

I reached behind me with my foot and dragged my chair closer. Then I sat down, pulled it up to the desk, and pulled my fingers from her. She moaned and looked at me. I just licked off my fingers with a grin and then leaned forward and dragged my tongue from her asshole, over her slit, to her clit, which I took in my teeth. Her hips bucked up, and I slapped them down again, a little harder this time.

“I said don’t move, Angelina.”

“Yes, Master,” she breathed. “I’m sorry, Master.”

I grinned again and resumed my oral assault. I rimmed her ass, and she trembled as she fought the desire to squirm. When I sucked her clit into my mouth, she cried out and threw her head back, but to her credit, she stayed still. Keeping the suction on her clit, I thrust two fingers into her wet cunt and two into her ass. Then I replaced my mouth with my thumb and stood up as I drove my fingers in and out of her and circled her clit. She shuddered, and I grabbed the back of her head with my free hand and kissed her hard. She was too far gone to kiss me back, though, and so I just plundered her mouth with my tongue. I felt her start to clench around my hand, and her shuddering increased. I pulled back and stared into her eyes as I held her head still.

“That’s it, Angel. Give it to me. Give me your pleasure. Cum for me, my Angel.”

My hand never stopped, and it didn’t take long before her eyes closed, her entire body tensed, and she screamed out as her climax hit. Before she had a chance to come down from the peak, I quickly drew my hand from her, pushed her back so that she was lying on the desk, dropped my sweats, and slammed my rock-hard cock into her cunt. She screamed again, and I groaned.

“Fuck!” I reached my hands forward and grabbed her breasts, thumbing her nipples as I held her in place for my pounding. “Such a good girl, Angel,” I breathed as I pulled back until I almost fell out and powered my way back into her. “Such a fucking good girl.” I dropped one hand to her hip and placed the other behind her shoulder as I gripped the far edge of the desk until my knuckles turned white. Holding her still, I fucked her hard, harder than I should have, probably, but she didn’t stop me. She had two more orgasms before I was finished, but finally, with sweat causing my shirt to stick to my back, I bottomed out in her with a growl and filled her cunt with my cum. When I pulled out of her and rested both hands on the desk in an attempt to catch my breath, she was limp on the desk, but I pulled her to her feet and kissed her softly.

“Such a good girl, my Angel,” I whispered against her mouth. Then I pulled up my sweats, sat down in my chair, took up the invitation, and held it out to her. She took it and read it, a smile growing on her face as she did so.




invite you to their wedding


November 12, 2015



The ceremony will be held at Club Agalon.

Dress appropriately for the club.

RSVP to Mr. Maddox at (201) 555-0382

“Are we going, Master?” Angel asked as she handed it back to me.

“We are, and that is why you are going shopping.” I gave her the list I had made, and her smile turned into a small frown as she read it. “Don’t disappoint me, Angel. You’d better have everything on that list when you get back.”

Her cheeks reddened, but she nodded. “Yes, Master. May I go now?”

“Yes, but don’t clean up first. I want my cum running down your thighs as you shop.” When her face flushed, I said, “Don’t worry. It’ll dry, and you’ll be the only one who knows. Go now. You have four hours. What time will you be back?”

She looked at the clock above the door. “Four thirty, Master,” she whispered and left my study. Shortly thereafter, I heard the front door open and close, and I got up and went to my bedroom. I took off my T-shirt and put on a clean one before grabbing my keys and heading down to the building’s gym.

After I finished my workout, there were still two hours until Angel was expected back, so I took another shower and stretched out on my bed naked to wait for her. I had decided that it was time to introduce Angel to more of what I liked in a slave—complete obedience despite the humiliation I might demand of her. Six months of holding that in check was starting to frustrate me, which may have been why I got shit-faced and fucked her in front of everyone.

I woke up to the sound of the front door closing. I looked at the clock on my nightstand and was pleased to see that it was only four fifteen. Angel was doing much better at being on time. I got up, stretched, and walked out to the living room. When I got there, she had already removed her clothing, folded it neatly, and set it beside her as she knelt by the door. I walked in front of her.

“Did you do as I said?”

“Yes, Master.”


“Yes, Master.”

“Let me see.”

She reached for the bags next to her and held them up to me. I took them and looked inside briefly before moving to the couch. I sat down, and she crawled to me before settling down on her knees next to me. I took the bag from Emily’s Bakery and pulled out the pair of red panties I had put on the list. It had two dildos attached to it, one for her cunt and one for her ass, as well as a clit stimulator. I held it up and looked at her.

“Do you know why I wanted you to buy this, Angel?”

“No, Master,” she whispered, her face flaming.

“Because by the time that wedding is over, I want you hot and wet for me. You are going to be plugged and stimulated, but you will not be allowed to cum. That will be for me and me alone. We’re going to see exactly how much control you have.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, hanging her head.

I grinned and reached into the bag again. This time I pulled out a red corset dress. It had grommets along the front and black laces, but very few of them would be tied for the wedding, just enough not to expose too much of her. Along the back were more grommets and more laces, but I knew the sides were not meant to meet in back. She would not be wearing a bra, and her panties would be clearly visible to all. The last things in the bag were black fishnet stockings and garters and black five-inch stilettos.

“Good girl,” I said. “I’ll hold onto these until the day of the wedding. Then we’ll see how well you can obey me.”

“Yes, Master,” she said softly.

Just the thought of seeing her in that outfit had gotten me hard, and I stood up, went to my study, and pulled three items and some lube from my special wardrobe, the one that hadn’t been opened in six months. I put them on my chair. Yes, it was definitely time.

“Angel, come here.”

She ran in the room and knelt before me.

“Close your eyes.”

Again, she obeyed, but she was trembling, whether from fear or anticipation, I wasn’t sure, but I was pretty sure it was fear. I bent down so that my mouth was by her ear.

“Do you trust me not to hurt you, my Angel?”

“Yes, Master,” she breathed, but then she bit her bottom lip.

I pulled it free. “Keep your eyes closed.”

She nodded, and I walked behind her. I took the armbinder and threaded her arms into it before cinching it tight behind her. She gasped but didn’t move.

“Good girl. Stand up.” She did so awkwardly, and I pushed her toward the desk. “Bend over it.”

She did, and I tied a rope to her collar and attached it to the center drawer. Then I tied her ankles to the legs of the desk, stretching her wide for me. I ran my hand over her ass softly and then spanked her. She cried out, but when I rubbed the red mark where I had hit her, she groaned, and it was not a sound of pain. My cock instantly reacted, both to the sounds she made and to the sound my hand made as it made contact with her ass. I continued to spank her until her ass was a bright rosy red and she was squirming on the desk. I dropped my hand to her clit and pinched it lightly. She shuddered, and her ass clenched.

“No cumming until I give you permission, Angel.”

“Yes, Master.”

I let go of her clit and slid three fingers into her cunt. She was so aroused that it was practically dripping, and I fucked her for several minutes. She shook and trembled, but she didn’t climax.

“Such a good girl, my Angel. Such a good girl.” I removed my hand from her, and she moaned. I grinned. “Not yet, my love. Later.”

I walked around the desk until I was at her head.

“Open up.”

She dutifully opened her mouth, and I grabbed her hair. She gasped again, and I said, “You won’t be able to safe word with me in your throat, Angel. If you need me to stop, bang your knee on the desk twice. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Show me.” She bumped her knee twice against the desk, and I smiled. “Good girl. You’re not going to suck my cock, Angel. I am going to fuck your throat. Hard. Stop me if it’s too much.”

“Yes, Master.”

I slid my cock into her wide open mouth and didn’t stop until my balls were on her chin and my head was in her throat.

“Fuck me,” I groaned. “You feel so fucking good, Angel.”

She raised her eyes to mine, and I stared into them as I started pounding her throat. I had gone easy on her before, but I was through with that, and I slammed into her mouth, slapping my balls on her chin with each thrust. She just looked at me, even when tears came to her eyes. She gulped in air each time I drew back, and it didn’t take long before I was holding myself deep in her throat and pumping my seed down into her stomach as the tears trickled down her cheeks. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I groaned as her throat muscles milked the last drop from me. I slid out and grinned down at her as she took a deep breath and smiled at me. I wiped the tears from her face and said, “Your turn, my love.”

I grabbed the dildo and lube from the chair and moved behind her. It was black, ribbed, over two feet long, about two inches in diameter, and double ended. I slathered the lube on both ends, especially the end that was going in her ass, and placed one end at the entrance to her cunt. I slowly pushed it in her until it could go no further as she groaned loudly. I estimated that about ten inches was buried in her cunt, and then I folded it in half and pushed the other end into her rectum. She cried out, but that was all. No safe word, no begging for me to stop. I continued inserting in into her ass until all that was left was a loop that I held onto. Her groans hadn’t stopped the entire time.

“You okay, Angel?”

“Oh, yes, Master,” she hissed, and I grinned.

“You have my permission to cum, my Angel. As many times as you wish. I’ll do my best to make that many, many times.”

“Fuck, yes, Master!” she screamed as I slid the dildo out of both holes and then shoved it back in. The loop made the perfect handle for this, and I continued to fuck her with it as I leaned over her and slowly dragged my tongue along her shoulders. She moaned and tried to arch her back to get it closer to me, but she was tied down too tightly.

“Now, now, Angel. Patience,” I murmured against her, and then I took her skin in my teeth and bit down gently before letting go and licking it again. She cried out and raised her hips as high as she could, which wasn’t very high. I slapped them down, and she groaned. “I said patience. You’ll cum on my timetable, not yours.” I picked up the speed of the dildo, and she soon screamed as her first orgasm flowed through her. “That’s right, my Angel,” I said and kept fucking her with the dildo as I nipped her shoulder blades and dropped my hand to her clit, rubbing it roughly. “Give me another, baby,” I said against her back, and she soon started bucking her hips violently and grunting as a second orgasm hit her mere minutes after the first. I was getting hard again, and I knew that her last orgasm would be with me deep inside her, but I wanted one more from her first, so I kept the dildo moving, kept rubbing her clit, and kept sucking on her skin. It wasn’t long before I felt her third orgasm approaching, and I intensified everything I was doing.

“Fuck, Master!” she screamed as her entire body tensed and shuddered.

I immediately pulled out the end of the dildo that was in her cunt and replaced it with my cock before she could recover. Slamming into her hard enough to jolt the desk, she screamed in ecstasy, and I pounded her mercilessly even as I kept one hand on the dildo in her ass. There was close to a foot in her now, but I wanted to see if she could take more. I kept fucking her hard, but I slowly pushed the dildo into her rectum until she clenched her fists and cried out, “Stop, Master, please! No more! Lollipop, Master, please!” That was her safe word, and I slid the dildo out an inch or so.

“Better, Angel?”

“Yes, Master,” she breathed. “Thank you, Master.”

Now that I knew her limit, I held the dildo still, grabbed the top of her shoulder, and powered into her with my cock. I was impressed. Even after I pulled it back, she still had about fifteen inches in her ass. I bent down and kissed her shoulders, her neck, and her upper back as my hips continued their motions.

“One more, my Angel,” I grunted with my mouth at her neck. “Give me one more, baby. One more.”

As if my words commanded her body, she tensed, trembled, and screamed out something I couldn’t make out. The feeling of her walls spasming around my cock was enough to tip me over the edge, and I held myself deep as my cock pulsed and throbbed, sending another load into her. I collapsed onto her, just barely catching myself on the desk before I crushed her. I slid out of her and forced my fingers to untie her and remove the armbinder before I pulled the dildo from her ass. Then I dropped to the floor and pulled her down onto my lap.

“Holy shit, Angel, that was amazing,” I whispered into her hair. I held her tightly and kissed the top of her ear as my hand drifted down to cup her breast tenderly. “God, I love you so much.” I kissed her neck and then her jaw and finally her mouth. She turned in my arms, and I deepened the kiss until our tongues were tangled together. When I finally broke the kiss, I laid my forehead on hers. “How do you feel?”

She smiled. “Tired, Master Brenden.”

I laughed. “That doesn’t surprise me.” Then I became serious as I cupped her cheek in my hand. “I am very proud of you, Angel. You took what I gave with no complaint.”

“But I safe worded, Master.”

“So? That’s what a safe word is for. So I know how far I can go.”

She rested her head on my chest, and I took a deep breath. I had never thought of marriage before, and definitely not with one of my slaves, but I was beginning to think that if Andrew could do it, so could I.
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