Brenden (The Doms and Dommes of New York: Book 2)

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Chapter 4

After the most excruciating shower of my life, during which my hands did indeed start to bleed again, I put bandages on them and walked out to the living room. Angel had started another fire, and I saw a note on the coffee table. I picked it up and smiled as I read it.

Master, there is a salad in the refrigerator for You. Thank You, Master, for letting me serve You.

I went into the kitchen, pulled out the salad she had made and a bottle of Gewurtztraminer, and ate while leaning against the counter. It was delicious, made with black beans, sweet corn, and grape tomatoes. Over it all was an avocado-lime dressing, which contrasted nicely with the wine. When I finished, I put the dishes in the sink and went to look for my Angel.

I found her in her bathroom, kneeling on the floor and bending over the bathtub which was full of red-tinged water. She didn’t notice that I was there, and I just watched her for a while. I had only put on a robe after my shower, and my cock was already tenting it as she raised herself up onto her knees and leaned over the edge of the tub to scrub away her former Master’s blood from my shirt. Each time she did this, she flashed her ass and pussy, and I decided to reward her now. I didn’t want to scare her by just announcing my presence, though, so I left the room and reentered it with more noise than the first time. This time, she was facing me with her knees spread.

“How much more time do you need, Angel?”

“About five minutes, Master. Is that all right?”

I shrugged. “The faster you finish, the faster you get your reward, that’s all.”

She frowned. “Reward for what, Master?”

“You really have to ask that?” When she nodded, I said, “Even when you were terrified or uncertain tonight, you obeyed me. You sucked me off in front of a club full of people, you told Andrew the truth, and you went with Heidi even though I know you didn’t want to. All of that deserves a reward.”

She smiled slightly. “Respectfully, Master, the sucking you off doesn’t.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve never had anyone deep throat me like you did. That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

“Thank you, Master, but it was its own reward. The privilege of getting to suck your beautiful cock was reward enough, Master.”

I chuckled, and her smile grew. “Fine. But the other things deserve a reward, and you will get one. Come to your room when you are finished in here.”

“Yes, Master.”

I went to my room first, got a few necessities, and went to her room next. I sat down on her bed and waited. I hadn’t given her a time frame to appear, and I forced myself not to find her and drag her in here. I forced myself to sit and wait. About ten minutes passed before she entered the room and knelt at my feet. I looked down at her, and she gazed up at me, adoration in her eyes.

“Do you trust me, Angel?”

“Oh, yes, Master,” she breathed.

“I read the note about your no’s, Angel. Not hard and fast you said?”

“No, Master.”

“Then if I wanted to try some of those things, you’d let me?”

“Yes, Master. I know you won’t hurt me, Master.”

“No, I won’t. Stand up.”

“Yes, Master.”

She scrambled to her feet, and I grabbed her collar and pulled her between my legs. I reached into my robe’s pocket and pulled out four small gold O-rings which I attached to her cuffs. Then I stood up, took her by the waist, and said, “On the bed, Angel. Hands and knees.”

She nodded and did as I said. I threaded a piece of rope through each of her cuffs’ rings and tied them tightly to the four posts of the bed so that her face was on the mattress, her ass was in the air, and her limbs were spread wide. I grabbed one of her pillows and stuffed it under her hips to give her some stability.

“Comfortable, Angel?”

She shifted her hips slightly and said, “Yes, Master,” but I didn’t miss the shudder that ran through her.

“Trust me, my Angel. Remember that this is a reward.”

“Yes, Master.”

I knelt behind her and shed my robe after taking the few remaining items out of the pockets. I laid these on the bed beside me, bent down, and ran my tongue along her slit from her clit to her rosebud. The groan that came from her was exquisite, and I did it again, but the second time, I gently traced her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She shuddered and moaned, and I dreamed of the day I would get my cock in there. Not now, though. That would take months of preparation. Starting now. A third time, I licked her, and she cried out as another shudder ran through her.

“Tell me, my Angel,” I said, sitting back and inserting one finger into her cunt. “What do you want as your reward? Shall I fuck you?” I added another finger, drinking in the sound of her moans. “Finger you? Fist you? Suck you off as you did me? Tell me what you want.”

“I want what you want, Master,” she groaned as my fingers picked up their pace and I added a third to her slippery cunt.

“Now, that is an excellent answer, my Angel. And I want you to climax tonight. Over and over and over again until you are screaming nonstop.”

I curled my middle finger and rubbed against her g-spot until I felt her stiffen, and then I twisted my body until I was laying beneath her. I sucked her clit into my mouth, biting down gently, and she did scream, then. Her body writhed as her first orgasm roared through her. She pulled against her restraints as she tried to close her legs against the stimulation, but it was impossible. When she finally settled down, I slid out from beneath her, pulled my hand from her, and slowly licked off my fingers as I laid down where she could see me.

“Fuck, Angel, you taste good,” I whispered, and then I picked up the first step to having my cock in her ass: a set of beginner anal beads and lube. I showed her the pink toy, and she tensed. “You know what these are, Angel?” She nodded, and tears filled her eyes. “You trust me, right?” She gave me another nod. “Good girl. Now, relax and don’t clench. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” She did her best not to let the tears fall, but two trickled down her cheeks anyway, and I gently brushed them away. “I trust you, Master.”

“Good girl.” I kissed her softly and moved back behind her. I placed my cock at her wet entrance and slowly pushed into her. The more aroused she was, the easier the beads would go into her. She groaned and squirmed as I thrust my hips forward harder, getting another couple of inches in her. “Fuck, yes, Angel,” I said as I watched my cock disappear into her cunt. I hoped I had gotten her aroused enough to take all of me, especially from this angle. Little by little, I slid into her until I finally bottomed out. “You feel that, Angel? You’ve taken all of me.” I slid out a few inches and plunged back in forcefully. She cried out, but it quickly turned into a moan, and I did it again. I continued for a few minutes, and then I took the lube and slathered it on the beads. I held myself deep in her cunt and gently pushed the first bead into her ass. I would have used my finger first, but the bead was smaller, and I wanted to take this slowly.

“You okay, Angel? Talk to me.”

“I’m…oh, fuck!...I’m okay, Master. It doesn’t hurt.”

“I’m going to keep going then, babe. Tell me if it gets to be too much for you.” I slid out of her cunt farther, and as I powered back in, I pushed two more beads into her rectum. Again, she cried out, and again, it trailed off into a pleasured moan. I repeated this process over and over until the entire length of beads—eleven inches—was inserted in her ass.

“You did it, Angel. You took them all.” I pulled out almost all the way, and then I said, “Get ready, babe. I’m going to fuck you hard, now.”

“Yes, please, Master,” she groaned, and when I slammed back into her, her groan turned into a scream, but it wasn’t a pained scream. I knew the difference, and this was a pleasured scream. Again, I pulled out and powered back in. Then I paused and spanked her ass hard enough to redden it but not hard enough to really hurt. Then I rubbed the spot softly. She shuddered, and I felt her start to tremble. I knew her climax was approaching, and I picked up the pace of my fucking and my spanking, rubbing her red ass intermittently. It didn’t take long before she started mumbling something about cumming, and her inner walls started to spasm. I wanted to feel her throat around my shaft again, so I forced myself to hold back as I slammed into her one last time balls deep and pulled the beads from her ass just as her climax hit her. The tremors that flowed through her and her scream almost caused me to lose it, but I took a deep breath and rode it out, gritting my teeth painfully in order to do so. When she relaxed, I slowly pulled out of her.

She lay on the bed, her body still shaking. I grinned and untied her hands and feet. Then I spun her around onto her back so that her head was hanging over the side of the bed. I tied her down again and grabbed her head.

“This won’t take long, Angel, but I do so want to feel you swallow me again.”

“Yes, please, Master,” she said. “Please let me swallow your cum. Please let me suck your cock, Master.”

“Open, my Angel.” She opened her mouth, and I pushed my cock in much faster than in the club. I was far too close to take this slow, and I soon felt her throat take me in. “Holy fuck!” I pulled out and pushed back in quickly, and it only took six or seven strokes for me to throw my head back with a loud groan as I pumped my load into her stomach. My legs were shaking when I pulled out of her for the last time, and I just barely stopped myself from dropping to my knees. Instead, I made my fingers untie her, and when that was done, I turned her around and picked her up. Her legs went around my waist, and I kissed her. Hard. Our tongues danced together, and she groaned into my mouth. When I released her, I put her on her feet, and she instantly dropped to her knees and began kissing my feet.

“Angel, what are you doing?”

She didn’t stop kissing me, but I made out the words, “Thanking you, Master,” in between the kisses. None of my slaves had ever kissed my feet before, and it was strangely arousing, so I let her continue for a few moments before I said, “Stop, Angel. That’s enough.”

She did but stayed on her knees, and when she looked up at me, I saw utter devotion shining out of her eyes. That was a look I knew well, but on her it was so much more rewarding.

“You will sleep in here tonight, Angel, and you will be up early enough to set out my clothes and make breakfast tomorrow morning before I wake.”

“Yes, Master,” she said with a bright smile. Fuck, she was gorgeous when she smiled. “What time do you normally wake, Master?”

“Six. Every morning. Doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or a weekday.”

“Yes, Master. Do you have a preference for breakfast, Master?”

“As long as it includes coffee, I don’t care. Whatever you make will be fine.”

“Yes, Master.”

I stepped close to her and ran my hand over her hair. “I’m proud of you, my Angel. You overcame two of your fears just now. Bondage and anal.” I cupped her chin and smiled. “Someday I’ll get my cock into your ass, but we’ll take it slow.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master, for showing me that my previous experiences were not the way it has to be.”

“You enjoyed it, then?”

“Oh, yes, Master. I’ve never cum that hard in my life, Master. Thank you, Master.”

I started to leave the room, but then a thought came to me, and I turned back to her.

“Have you eaten yet, Angel?”

“No, Master.”

“Well, I am going to bed. It’s early, but the events of today have exhausted me. Eat something and then you may do as you please until you go to bed. Make sure the apartment is clean before you do, though. That will always be one chore of yours. Keeping the apartment clean.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master, for the opportunity to serve you.”

I caressed her hair one last time and then left her room to get ready for bed. I had just reached my room when my phone buzzed. When I saw who was calling, my eyebrows rose.

“Andrew?” I said when I answered it. “What is it?”

“Just wanted you to watch the nine o’clock news, Brenden. CBS, specifically. I think you’ll enjoy their headline story.” He hung up without another word.

Shit! I was so tired that I thought about taping it, but if he called me just to tell me to watch it, I would, so I slipped on a pair of sweats and went out into the living room. Angel was in the kitchen, dressed in her angel’s outfit, and she turned around when she heard me.

“Master? Is everything all right? May I do something for you?”

“No, everything is fine. I was told to watch the news. After you eat, I want you to watch it with me. I have a feeling it’s about your former Master.”

“Yes, Master,” she said with a small smile.

I turned on the television to channel 2 and sat back on the couch. It was only eight o’clock, and there was a stupid sit-com on, but I forced myself to keep my eyes open. At least, I tried. The next thing I knew, a soft hand was shaking me awake.

“Master? The news is almost on, Master.”

I opened my eyes and saw Angel on her knees by my feet, shaking my leg. “Damn! What time is it?”

“Five minutes until nine, Master.”

I rubbed my eyes and sat up straighter on the couch. “Thank you, Angel. I didn’t want to miss this.” I cleared my throat. “Go get me a bottle of water. Hurry, though, I don’t want you to miss it, either.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. She jumped up and ran to the kitchen, quickly returning with a bottle of water. She dropped to her knees next to me again, opened the bottle, and held it up to me, adoration evident on her face. I took it and drank half of it. When I saw the beginning of the newscast, I turned up the sound. Elizabeth Quigley, the anchor came on, her face showing the seriousness of her first story.

“First up tonight, an unidentified man was found brutally beaten under the overpass just west of the Willis Avenue Bridge after an anonymous tip was received shortly after six o’clock this evening. The man was so badly beaten that identification was impossible for police on the scene. They are waiting for a fingerprint match to find out who he is. A source did tell this station that most of the injuries looked to be as the result of someone using only their fists, but that there were other injuries that came from a bladed weapon. Our source would not specify what those injuries were, however. The only other information we have now is that the man was cleaned after being beaten, and the police have very little to go on as far as a suspect is concerned. The man has been taken to St. John’s Hospital where he is expected to recover.”

“What?” I sat up straight and frowned. “What the fuck did you do, Andrew?” I muttered, and I stood up to get my phone. I dialed his number, and he answered before the first ring stopped.

“Brenden. Figured you’d call.”

“A bladed weapon, Andrew? What did you do to him?”

“Me? I did nothing other than that kick you saw. It was Terrence and Patrick who castrated him.”


“Yep. He won’t fuck up any more slaves. You saw to that. As a matter of fact, he won’t fuck any more slaves at all. They saw to that.”

I couldn’t help the smile that crossed my face. “Complete?”

“Every centimeter. Not that he had much to lose, mind you, but it’s all gone. Balls, cock, everything. As far as I know, it’s in the river along with the knife.”

“And the anonymous tip?”

“That was Ella. Didn’t want you going to prison for murder, brother. He’ll survive. As a eunuch, but he’ll survive.”

“Thanks, Andrew. For everything. And do me a favor?”

“What’s that?”

“Reward your slave for me. She did wonders with mine tonight.”

Andrew laughed. “I already did. Needles only leave tiny little scars, but she thanked me anyway.”

I chuckled, said goodbye, and hung up the phone. Then I looked at Angel. She was staring at me, her eyes wide.

“Is he going to die, Master?”

“No, but I’m sure he will wish to once he figures out what happened to him. You don’t have to worry about him anymore, my Angel. He will never hurt you again.”

She crawled to me and hugged my leg. “Thank you, Master.”

I just nodded, turned, and went to my bedroom. I stripped off my sweats, fell into bed, and was instantly asleep.
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