Brenden (The Doms and Dommes of New York: Book 2)

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Chapter 9

The rest of the day plodded along until it was finally five o’clock. I pulled out my phone in the cab and texted Angel to be ready to go out when I got there. Fuck, she’d better not be late. Even though I was tired, I was in a great mood, and I wanted it to stay that way. She’d been doing a phenomenal job of being on time since she had gotten out of the hospital, and I wouldn’t have taken a belt to her before now, anyway, but if she wasn’t ready when I walked through the door, she’d be belted before we left the apartment.

George held the door for me as I walked toward my building. I unlocked my apartment door and stepped through. Instantly, Angel ran to me and knelt at my feet, dressed in a thigh-length white strapless dress with a plunging neckline that reached halfway down her chest. The fabric clung to her body, and I could clearly see her hard nipples outlined. She wore white three-inch heels, and, as I used my foot to lift the skirt to check, nothing else.

“Good girl. Wait here for me.”

“Yes, Master.”

I went to my room, took a quick shower, and dressed in all black. We were going to a club tonight, but not a fetish club. I wanted to look the part, though, especially since Angel had chosen white. I knew we made a striking appearance with her in pristine white and me in midnight black. When I walked back out, she was in the same position, and I pulled her to her feet.

“While we are out tonight, you will not speak or do anything without my permission, and you will obey me without question or hesitation. Do you understand?”

She gazed up into my eyes. “Yes, Master, I understand.”

I nodded, turned, and walked out of the apartment. She followed just to my right and one step behind me, exactly where she should have been. George’s eyes went wide when he saw us, and a smile crossed his face as his gaze settled on Angel.

“Don’t make me hit you, George,” I said with a scowl.

His smile disappeared in an instant. “Sorry, Mr. Borget,” he said as he held the door. “Have a good night, sir.”

“We will.”

I walked to the street and hailed a cab. When one stopped, I held the door and said, “Get in, Angel.” She nodded and did so immediately. She was getting very good at not letting people know she was wearing nothing under her clothing, and I climbed in after her. I gave the driver the address for the restaurant, and then I put my hand on Angel’s thigh. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “No matter what I do to you tonight, when there are other people around, you will stay silent and not let anyone know what is happening to you.” She nodded again, and I slid my hand underneath the skirt of her dress. I used one finger to rub her clit and slid two others into her cunt. “And no biting your lip,” I added as I fucked her with my hand. I got another nod, and I sped up my fingers. The muscles of her jaw tightened, and I knew she was clenching her teeth in her attempt to remain silent. The driver’s eyes flicked back and forth between the road and the mirror, and I knew he knew what I was doing. My cock rose at the thought. I kept up the motions of my hand until Angel pressed her lips together tightly, her breath coming from her nose harshly, and came silently but forcefully. I pulled my hand from her, told her she was a good girl, and slowly licked off my fingers.

“Delicious, my Angel,” I said softly, and the driver grinned. Angel’s cheeks flamed bright red, and she kept her eyes on the floor. “Think of that as an appetizer. We’ll have the main course later.”

She nodded once more, and I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She got the hint and slowly stroked me through my jeans. We rode in silence the rest of the way to the restaurant. When we reached it, I gave the driver a twenty-dollar tip and stepped out of the cab after he thanked me for the tip and the show.

“Get out, Angel.”

She obeyed, and we walked into the restaurant, people staring at us the entire way to our table. I held her chair for her, and she sat down. When the waiter came and asked what we wanted, I ordered for both of us, pasta primavera for me and an eggplant parmesan for her. I also ordered a bottle of wine. We finished everything including the wine within half an hour of it reaching the table, and then we left, although I drank four glasses of the wine, and she only drank one.

The club I was taking her to was across and down the street from the restaurant, and I headed in that direction. She dutifully followed me, and we got to the club about ten minutes later. There was a large man at the door, but he just took one look at us and gestured us inside. I paid the cover charge for the two of us, and we entered the club proper. It was a popular night club as far as that went, but it was just a normal one. No slaves on leashes or kneeling at their Masters’ feet or back rooms where people were having sex with more than a little bondage. There was no live band, just a DJ, and he was playing some song I had never heard before. It didn’t matter. I could dance to just about anything, and we were going to dance tonight. A lot.

I walked to the bar, ordered four fingers of Jack for myself and a glass of red wine for Angel. When the bartender placed them before me, I paid him, turned, and looked for a table. The club was pretty packed, but I saw one right on the edge of the dance floor. I made my way toward it. When I reached it, I sat down on one of the high stools. Angel put our drinks on the table, and I picked her up and put her on my lap. She wriggled her ass against my semi-hard cock, and I smiled.

“Unless you want me to flip your skirt up and fuck you right here, I suggest you stop that.”

She froze, and my smile turned into a chuckle. I wrapped my arm around her and rested my hand on her chest so that my thumb was just underneath her breast. She took a deep breath, and I picked up my drink with my free hand.

“Drink, Angel.”

She nodded, and I started rubbing her nipple through her dress with my thumb until it was hard and clearly visible through the fabric, and then I did the same to the other. We sat there with me stimulating her until both our drinks were gone. At that point, I set her on the floor, stood, took her hand, and led her to the dance floor.

“Let’s dance, Angel.”

She smiled up at me as I wrapped my arms around her, grabbed her ass, and pulled her into me. Her hands came up to my shoulders, and we began to move. I ground my cock into her core every chance I got, and her eyes started to drift shut.

“I think I will make you cum out here for everyone to see, my Angel,” I said just loud enough for her to hear me.

Her eyes snapped open, and she shook her head almost imperceptibly.

“Well, you really have no say in the matter, do you?”

She blushed again and shook her head, dropping her head onto my chest. What I really wanted to do was to bend her over the table and fuck her brains out, but this wasn’t that kind of club, so I reached down between us, found her clit through her dress, and slowly rubbed it. We kept dancing, and I glanced around us as we did. No one seemed to be paying us any mind, so I rubbed harder.

“Cum for me, my Angel,” I said, and it didn’t take long for her to do so. Her knees buckled as she trembled, and I held her tightly to myself. When she could stand again, I led her back to the table, sat down, and put her in my lap again. “I want to fuck you, Angel, but not here,” I whispered in her ear, and she squirmed on my lap, hardening me even more than I already was. “Hold still,” I grunted, and she obeyed.

A waitress came by, and I ordered another highball and glass of wine, but while I pretty much guzzled my drink and ordered a third and then a fourth, Angel only sipped hers. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to get shit-faced. If she didn’t, that was up to her. I would never force her to drink more than she wanted, but I was going to get drunk and do it quickly.

“Brenden! This must be the reason I never hear from you anymore.”

I looked to my left and saw Naomi, the woman who had been in my apartment the night I got Angel. She was wearing a skin-tight red dress that barely covered her ass and breasts. I tightened my grip around Angel’s waist when Naomi moved in front of me.

“That’s right. My Angel is more than enough for me. I don’t need to fuck you anymore, Naomi.” Did I mention that I turned into a total ass when I was drunk?

“Ha!” Naomi laughed loudly. “Your angel? Does your angel know about how you like to fuck multiple women at a time? Do you make her watch like you did with your others?”

“For your information, she’s been mine for almost six months, and I haven’t fucked anyone else since the day I got her. The day I told you to go home.” Angel tensed again at that, and I rubbed my hand down her bare arm to calm her. “Now go away, Naomi. I don’t fucking want you here.”

“You’re an asshole, Brenden. You know that?”

“Yes, I know that, and this asshole wants you to fucking go away. There is only one woman I fuck now, and she is sitting on my lap. Go bother someone else.”

She raised her hand as if to slap me, or possibly Angel, and I snarled at her. “I really wouldn’t do that if I were you. You think I’m a fuck now, just try it and see what happens.” She slowly dropped her hand, turned around, and walked away, her shoulders slumped. Yet another woman I’d fucked and forgotten.

“I meant that, you know, Angel,” I said as the waitress brought me my fourth drink. I drained it and placed my hands on my slave’s thighs. “I will not ever fuck another woman as long as you are mine. I love you. Never forget that.”

She nodded against me and shifted her hips as I made circles with my thumbs on her inner thighs. Her movements rubbed her ass against my cock, and I groaned. The club was dark, and I had half a mind to just fuck her at the table, but I really didn’t want to get arrested for public indecency, so we just drank and danced for the next four hours. I drank a lot more than Angel did, and by the time we left the club, I was pretty plastered. The man at the door saw this and hailed a cab for us.

“Thanks, man,” I slurred, and he just held the door for us with a smile and shut it after we got in.

“Where to?” the driver asked, and I gave him the address of Club Agalon. Drunk or not, I was horny as hell, and I was going to take advantage of one of the private rooms. Angel had done everything I had told her to so far this night, and I didn’t want her to be embarrassed again.

“I am going to fuck the shit out of you when we get there, Angelina,” I said to her, “but you’ve been such a good girl tonight that we’ll do it in private.”

She gave me another nod, and I settled back into the seat. It wasn't long before we reached the club, and I got out of the cab a little unsteadily.

“Get out, Angel.”

We entered the club, and the first thing I did was to pay for a private room and walk toward it. I stopped when I felt her hand on my arm.


She just looked at me. I stared at her for a long moment, and it slowly dawned on me that I had forbidden her to speak without permission. I smiled down at her, pleased that she had remembered even when I hadn't.

“Good girl. You may speak.”

“Thank you, Master,” she said quietly as she dropped her eyes to the floor. “May I ask you why we are getting a room, Master?”

I was still quite drunk, and I couldn't understand why she would ask me that.

“Because I want to fuck you, Angel.”

She scrunched her shoulders slightly. “Forgive me, Master, for saying this, but I thought you enjoyed public sex.”

“Oh, I do, Angel, but I know you don't.”

She dropped to her knees at my feet. “My only wants and desires are to make you happy, Master, and I will obey you without hesitation no matter what you want. Even if what will make you happy is to fuck me in front of everyone in the club, Master.”

I stared down at my slave in drunken disbelief. At first, I thought my alcohol-drenched brain misheard her, but when she didn't move, I knew I heard her correctly, and I grinned. I truly hoped she meant what she said, for I reached down, pulled her to her feet, and led her to a low table. Although most patrons of the club rented out one of the back rooms when they wanted to fuck, it was far from frowned upon to have sex in front of others. In fact, it was rare when an evening passed without at least a dozen shows to entertain the other patrons. Most of them were blowjobs or eating out a pussy as Angel had done the night I had beat the shit out of Palardy, but tonight the club was going to be treated to a full-out public fuck.

“Bend over the table, Angel, and grab the other side.”

As she did so, I slid the skirt of her dress up to her waist, and I heard several murmurs behind me, but I was too hard and horny and drunk to pay them any mind. I ran my hand over her bare ass and then gave it a healthy smack. I reached between us and freed my raging hard-on from my jeans. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw several people move closer to us—to get a better view, no doubt.

“Get ready, Angel. I told you I was going to fuck the shit out of you, and that is exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered, and I could hear the desire in her voice.

Without a pause, I lined up my cock with her wet cunt and thrust my hips forward. She was so ready for me that I sank into her balls-deep with that one stroke.

“Fuck! That's hot!” someone to my right said, but I just ignored him and began pounding my Angel mercilessly. My balls slapped against her clit with every thrust, and she cried out softly as I fucked her as hard as I could.

Some people have no self-control when they're drunk, and climax within a few minutes, but one of the reasons I had wanted to get shit-faced was because when I was drunk, I could last a long time, and my recovery time tended to be shorter. As a matter of fact, when I was done with Angel’s cunt, I had plans to fuck her mouth.

About five minutes passed before I felt Angel begin to tremble, and I bent over her to say, “Cum for me, my Angel, as many times as you wish.” I was about to show the growing crowd how responsive she could be.

“Thank you, Master,” she groaned, and then she tensed, rising up onto her toes with a cry as her walls clenched me tightly and a shudder ran through her.

My pounding never stopped, though, and as my hips continued their motions, I stayed bent over, reached around Angel, and gently pinched her clit between my finger and thumb. As I rolled it around, I said in her ear, “Again, my beautiful Angel. Give me another.”

She didn't respond verbally, but it didn't take long for the tremors to return, and her hands tightened on the table as her second orgasm hit her hard. I could feel my own climax approaching and I increased the speed and power of my strokes until I bottomed out in her with a growl and filled her with stream after stream of creamy white cum.

I slid out of her, pulled her off the table, turned her around, and gently pushed her to her knees. “You know what to do, my Angel.”

She immediately took my softened cock in her mouth and engulfed it all. Her tongue started cleaning me off, and it didn't take long before I responded to her skills.

“I want you to cum again, Angel. Make yourself cum as you do the same for me. Don't stop until I'm finished.”

She looked up at me, her mouth and throat full of my cock, and her eyes twinkled. Her right hand dropped between her legs, and she groaned deep in her throat as she slid two fingers inside her well-lubed cunt and rubbed her clit with her thumb. The vibrations on my cock nearly drove me over the edge, but I wanted her to climax at least once more before I did, so I forced myself to hold off. My hands went to the back of her head, and I fucked her mouth as she fucked herself. When she tensed and groaned again, I couldn't stand it anymore, and as she screamed her pleasure around my shaft, I held myself deep and shot my load into her stomach.

Before I could pull out, she grabbed my ass and lovingly cleaned me off before tucking me back in my jeans with a final caress. Then she leaned forward and kissed the top of my boot. At that moment, I decided we were going to use that room after all. I wanted to reward her in a way that I would never let the other patrons see.

“Get up and follow me,” I said before walking to the room I had paid for. She did so without question, though I could see the confusion on her face. When we reached the room, I said, “Open the door.” Again, instant obedience.

As she held the door for me, someone behind me called out, “Hey, Brenden! What could you possibly do in there that you haven't already done out here?” There was a smattering of laughter at the question.

I turned slowly and grinned at Patrick, the one who had asked it. “None of your fucking business.” I spun back toward the door and would have fallen if Angel hadn't grabbed my arm to keep me from doing so. “Thank you, love,” I said as I smiled down at her. She smiled back, waited until I walked past her, and shut the door behind me. Then she dropped to her knees at my feet. I left her there and walked to a chair before collapsing on it. When I looked at her, she hadn't moved, but she was staring at me with a small smile on her face and adoration in her eyes. I crooked my finger at her, and she crawled to me before settling back on her knees.

I leaned forward, tried not to fall out of the chair, and easily picked her up and set her on my lap. Then I kissed her. Softly and tenderly, I covered her lips with mine. Gently, I coaxed her lips open with my tongue. She accepted it just as gently, and I lost myself in her, forgetting everything except how good she felt in my arms, how sweet she tasted, and how fantastic she smelled.

Eventually, I broke the kiss, and I sighed as my hands caressed her face and hair. “God, I fucking love you, Angel. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.”

“I love you, too, Mas—“

I cut her off with a finger to her lips. “Say my name.”

She smiled. “Master Brenden, I love you.”

“Fuck, that sounds good. From now on, when we're alone that is how you will refer to me. And if I don't remember this tomorrow, you have my permission to remind me, because I am so fucked up right now, I may not remember.”

“You could write it down, Master Brenden. Then I could show it to you if you don't remember.”

I grinned at her. “Excellent idea, my Angel! Go to the bar and ask for pen and paper. Hurry, though. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to last.”

“Yes, Master Brenden.” She jumped off my lap and ran out of the room.

Minutes later, she was back, and she knelt at my feet and held the items up to me. I scribbled down something to the effect of she had my permission to call me by my name when we were alone, and I stuck the paper in my pocket. “Let’s go home, Angel, before I pass out.”

“Yes, Master Brenden.”

I tried to stand up, but my legs failed me, and I collapsed back into the chair.


“I’m fine, Angel. Just too fucked up to walk right now.” I put my arm over my eyes and tried to get the room to stop spinning.

“Should I get help, Master?”

“Yes. Get the bartender. He’ll help.”

“Yes, Master,” she said and disappeared. It wasn’t long before I heard heavy footsteps approaching me and felt two sets of strong hands pull me to my feet.

“Fuck, Brenden, what did you do to yourself tonight?”

I raised my head and saw Patrick on one side of me and Terry, the bartender, on the other.

“Drank too much. Isn’t it fucking obvious?”

“Just a bit,” Patrick chuckled as they dragged me through the door. I assumed Angel was following, but there was no way for me to check. “You do this often?”

“No. Just celebrating tonight.”

“Hell of a celebration, dude. What are you celebrating?”

“The fact that Angel is healed from what that fuck Palardy did to her.”

I vaguely noticed Patrick’s head swivel to look behind us, and then we were outside. “She’s the one he raped?”

“Yeah, but she’s good to go now.”

“No shit. You showed everyone in the club that earlier.”

I suddenly felt the bile rising in my throat, and I pulled my arms from their grip, fell to my knees, and emptied my stomach of approximately twenty-four ounces of bourbon and sixteen ounces of wine along with the pasta primavera into the gutter.

“Fuck, Brenden! That’s nasty!”

I ignored him and looked to my left. Angel was on her knees on the sidewalk next to me, her soft hand brushing the hair off my forehead.

“Are you all right, Master?”

“I’m fine, Angel.” My body gave the lie to my words by abruptly forcing what little was left in my stomach to the surface. After I vomited a second time, my stomach continued to cramp until I was dry heaving. Eventually, I stopped, but by that time, I was so weak that I collapsed onto my side, barely keeping my head from hitting the concrete too hard. As it was, it still bounced as it hit, and it hurt. A lot.


“He’ll be okay, Angel,” I heard Patrick say. “Come on. I’ll get you a cab. Take him home and baby him there.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“No problem.” I heard a high-pitched whistle, and I groaned as it pierced my skull. That was the last thing I remembered as I passed out cold.
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