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♡𝓔𝓻𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓬 𝓞𝓷𝓮-𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓽𝓼♡

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Enjoy these ‘short’ but not so short erotic one shots!! Every one shot is different unless stated otherwise. There will be fantasy sex included in some one shots. If you don’t like alien intercourse, monster, gods, etc then just skip it! :D Every one shot is rightfully MINE. I created them with MY imagination. Please don’t steal! This is for entertainment purposes only.

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𝓜𝔂 𝓑𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭'𝓼 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻

Camilla’s eyes shot open when she heard her phone go off in her room.

At the moment she was taking a nice warm bath enjoying her time alone in the house. She knew her time alone wouldn’t last long so she tried to take advantage of the moment.

She unclogged the tub and drys herself off with her towel before wrapping it around her petite body.

Walking out of her bathroom she then sits on her bed before answering the phone when she saw that it was her one and only best friend, May.

Camilla~ “Hey girlie.”

May~ “Hey sis, you busy?”

Camilla~ “No why?”

May~ “I was thinking maybe you could spend the night?”

Camilla~ “I’ll have to ask my mom first.”

Camilla’s father left her when she was just a baby, the only thing she had from him were pictures.

Her mother and father loved each other very much, at least that’s what her mother thought until he left the house unexpectedly. That same day he left my mother found out that he had been cheating on her for over a year.

After that she never trusted any man to be close to Camilla because she didn’t want them to be unloyal and end up hurting her loved ones.

May~ “Okay, if she says yes then text me immediately. My parents are out for 2 weeks so you can stay for a while.”

Camilla~ “Alright. Ttyl.”

May~ “Ttyl girlie!”

With that May hung up without speaking another word.

“If her parents are out, that means that her brother, Mateo will be home...” Camilla blushed and looked down while fantasizing about her best friends brother.

Mateo is 21 years old and is a professional boxer. Most of the time he wouldn’t be home due to his job but whenever he is home Camilla tries her hardest to be around him.

Camilla was only 3 years younger than him making her 18. May was 17, she’ll be turning 18 soon and when the time comes, we will get absolutely no sleep because we will be out partying!

Back to Mateo. For years on end Milla (Camilla) has been trying to get his attention.

Wearing booty shorts, short dresses, tank tops with no bra, crop tops with no bra. But they never seemed to work, at least that’s what she thinks.

On the other hand Mateo has been trying to keep his hormones under control. Everytime he hears his little sister and her best friend talking on the phone he instantly hardens down there and he can’t seem to get rid of it for a while.

That was the case now. Him and May were in the living room watching Rush Hour. He was enjoying the quietness until he heard the one and only girl of his dreams on his sisters phone.

Now he’s sitting with his legs crossed trying to hide the obvious rock hard length sticking out of his basketball shorts.

Clearing his throat he sneakily walks upstairs to his room before locking the door behind him.

May was too into the movie to notice Mateo leave.

Laying down on his bed he pulled down his shorts and got to jerking while thinking of his little sister’s friend.

2 hours later

*knock knock*

“Come in.” Mateo said loudly while taking out one of his AirPods.

“Camilla is going to be sleeping over for a few days. She’s going to be here in a few minutes. Don’t be a creep.” Was all May said before closing his door and walking away.

“No promises..” Mateo whispered to himself.

“Thanks mom I’ll call you when I get to May’s house!”

Camilla’s mother nodded with a smile on her face. She waved, “Bye Cam, make sure to be careful when driving. Oh! And stay away from her brother!”

“Mom! He’s cool I’ve known him for years. Also, I’m an adult.”

“I know, I’m just looking out for you hun.”

Camilla smiled at her overprotective mother before stepping out the house and getting inside her dark grey Toyota.
(𝓒𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓹𝓸𝓿)

I parked outside May’s house before walking up to her front door and ringing the door bell.

I heard some shuffling on the other side of the door and expected to see my best friend but was caught off guard when I saw the one and only Mateo Kings.

“O-oh hey Mateo!” I spoke quickly tryin to get rid of the awkward tension.

He chuckled, “Hey Camilla, you can come in.”

My name rolled off his tongue so smoothly and my legs unconsciously squeezed together.

My eyes traveled down to his perfectly sculpted body. His muscles popped out from his form fitting shirt matching his black hair and bringing out his sea blue eyes.

I on the other hand had long curly brown hair with faint freckles covering my nose and cheeks.
My breasts are medium sized that went along with my firm but soft bubble butt and my curvy hips. I had curves in all the right places and I liked showing them off.

And I wore just the outfit that could give me what I wanted.

Ripped skinny jeans with a light blue crop top that said ‘𝓘'𝓶 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓑𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱' in cursive.

I could tell that Mateo was checking me out as well and I loved the attention, but it was short lived when May popped her head over his shoulder and looked at me with a smile.

Mateo was 6’3 while May and I are 5’6, so to us he was basically a giant.

“Hey girl stop gawking at my brother and let’s get to our sleepover!”

She shouted taking me out of my trance like state.

“Y-yeah okay.” I mentally cursed myself for stuttering in front of Mateo but what’s done is done..

Mat stepped to the side to let me in and I gladly walked passed him. Swaying my hips just a bit to catch his attention.

I didn’t look back so I didn’t know if my swaying worked or not. May led me up to her room and I placed my bag full of clothes and other necessities on a chair next to her huge bookshelves. May was a bookworm, I don’t mind it though. She had some nice erotic books in her collection and she would lend me some on special occasions.
After watching a ton of movies, doing our makeup, taking instagram pictures, and doing face care we finally settled down and got ready to eat dinner.

I heard a knock on the door when my pajama tank top was only halfway on my body. May was in the shower so I quickly pulled my shirt all the way down and pulled on my sleeping shorts before opening the bedroom door.

Mateo looked me up and down before clearing his throat and speaking in his naturally deep voice.

“Dinner’s almost ready, we’re going to be watching a movie in the living room whether you guys like it or not. Tell May.”

I nodded absentmindedly while biting my bottom lip.

He smirked and gave me one last look before walking back downstairs. I closed the door when I heard May open her bathroom door.

Okay yes, there’s obvious tension between Mateo and I but for some reason we just never actually did anything about it. But hopefully tonight is the night that changes.

She has a bad habit of walking out of the shower completely naked.

Turning around I look at her and yep, there she is standing in all her glory butt naked,

“What did Mateo want?”

I shrugged, “He just told me that we have to go downstairs in a few to eat. Also, we have to watch a movie with him.”

She rolled her eyes at the last part.

“He also said that we have no choice.”

Sighing she slips into her way too small panties and puts on some shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

“Ok let’s go.”

I nodded and we both walked downstairs. Halfway down the stairs I smell the most delicious smell my nostrils have ever taken in.

“Oh my god that smells amazing!” I say as we reach the kitchen where Mateo already has plates filled with lasagna on the island counter.

He chuckled at my statement. “Thank you.”

His laugh was charming along with his smile. I pulled myself together and grabbed one of the plates with a fork before sitting on the couch in their living room.

They both came over with their plates in their hand and sat down. May sat down next to me while Mateo sat down on the couch near us.

We watched the new Aladdin and Jamanji the next level. I enjoyed every second of the movies until I felt May’s head slowly fall onto my shoulder.

May wasn’t a movie kind of girl, even though I forced her to watch movies with me all the time, she can never stay awake for more than an hour so I was surprised when she made it through 1/2 movies.

I smiled and laid her down in a more comfortable position.

Mateo sighed before getting off the couch and grabbing all our plates and taking them to the kitchen.

“You don’t have to do that, I was just about to take my plate Mat.” I whispered, not trying to wake May up from her slumber.

“It’s fine I got it.” I sighed and nodded while walking over to the island counter.

“Soo, what are we going to do now?” I questioned while trying to look anywhere but his nice ass.

“Um we could watch some more movies?” He suggested. I groaned and placed my head on the counter.

“No thanks, I’ve been watching movies all day.” Which had been a lie.

I heard some shuffling and when I lifted my head Mateo was right next to me, looking down at me with lustful eyes.

“W-what are you doing?” I questioned while blushing like crazy.

He smirked and placed his hand on my cheek.

“I knew you were interested Milla.” I bit my lip and looked away from him.

“Do I make you uncomfortable?” He asked as his hand left my cheek and went down to my clothed nipple.

It instantly hardened when his fingers gently touched them.

“Ahh” I quietly moaned while looking him right in the eyes.

“Hm? Answer me Camilla.” My name sounded amazing coming from his lips.

“No.” You make me horny.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I touch you some more?”

I shook my head and allowed him to fully cup both my breasts in his huge hands. His fingers teased my small pink nubs before squeezing the warm flesh.

His hand slid down to my womanhood and began to softly stroke my clothed clit. My legs uncontrollably closed.

“Wait, w-what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to take what’s mine.”

With that he attached our lips. Hungrily pulling my head closer by my neck to deepen the kiss.

He slightly pulled my bottom lip with his teeth and I moaned in both pain and pleasure.

“Mateo..” I moaned and he let out a groan of satisfaction.

He picked me up from the chair and laid me down on the counter.

I am inexperienced in many ways, sex being one of them. Not knowing what to do with my arms I just put them over my head and he took that as an invitation to my chest.

I shuddered when my back hit the cold marble counter top. The coldness soothed immediately as I felt his warm mouth engulf the rosy bud of my chest.

Moaning loudly he quickly pulls away to put his lips over mine.

He molded our lips again and slowly kissed me letting me enjoy every second.

“Make sure you stay quiet, my little sister is sleeping.” He spoke quietly.

Nodding I then speak with a low voice, keeping his request in mind. “Oh, I’m a virgin. This was my first fucking kiss. And if this goes any further it’d be my first time having sex..”

Fearing his answer I turned away and closed my eyes. He chucked lowly before gently grabbing my face and kissing me sensually.

“Being a virgin doesn’t change anything. You’re still mine Milla.”

He leaned in and connected our lips once more. Our tongues collided and pushed against one another fiercely. Our saliva mixed and lubricated our tongues.

I felt him grind his hardness against me and I quietly moaned before slightly pushing him off breaking the kiss.

“What about May?” I asked breathlessly.

“We just need to stay quiet.” He said before connecting our lips again.

I doubted that we would be able to stay quiet so I pushed against him again to tell him to go upstairs but he only pushed back and grabbed my wrists.

Pinning my wrists over my head he placed his face in my neck and began giving me love bites and smooches.

Mateo grabbed the hem of my tank top (Which was already scrunched up above my breasts) before slowly pulling it off my body. Once it was completely off he kissed me again with his hands fondling my chest.

Mateo groaned and pulled away once again while tugging off my shorts and panties. He pushed my legs open and stared at my glistening lips.

I bit my lip thinking he was going to slurp me up like an icy but he didn’t. Instead he pulled his sweatpants and boxers down his meaty thighs allowing his thick cock to finally breathe.

“Holy fuck you’re huge. I don’t think it’ll fit Mat.” I whispered while staring at his meaty flesh.

He smirked and rubbed his tip all along my small opening.
“It will.”
I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck making me sit up.

“Lay back down.” He commanded and I instantly followed his orders.

He kissed and sucked my neck and stomach making my breath hitch.

“Mm that feels so good Mateo.” He reached his hand up and quickly covered my mouth.

“Shh baby, we don’t want May to wake up and interrupt, us now do we?”

I shook my head and moaned in his hand when he inserted a finger in my small opening, successfully stretching me out little by little.

He took his finger out and reminded me to stay quiet. I nodded my head and whimpered at the loss of touch.

Chuckling he pushes in a finger again and my back arched in pleasure.

Another finger was added, then another. With now 3 fingers inside my stretched opening I struggled to keep quiet as the pleasure deep within me became more apparent.

He fingered me mercilessly while I covered my mouth with my hand.

His mouth lached onto my nipple and I almost came on his fingers but he pulled them away.

He smirked at me as I groaned in frustration and pulled out his finger before bringing it up to my mouth for me to lick my pre cum.

I sucked his finger greedily and he kissed me hungrily while rubbing his veiny cock over my sopping wet pussy lips.

Mateo applied pressure to my opening and I unconsciously moaned loudly at the new feeling.

We both stilled as shuffling could be heard on the leather couch. We looked over to the living room to see May moving into a new position.

Once she found a good spot she instantly fell back asleep.

Sighing quietly Mateo turned to me and gave me a look.

“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?” Blushing I nodded.

He pulled away and took me off the counter.
“What’re you going to do? Punish me?” I snickered and he gave me a serious look.

My smirk slowly fell as he told me to get on my knees.

“What- you can’t be serous, it was an accident!” I whisper yelled.

“I am going to leave your ass right here, unsatisfied with your pussy being untouched. Get on your fucking knees.”

His deep voice sent chills down my spine as i felt more pre cum slip down my thighs. My pussy clenched the air tightly at the words coming from his mouth.

Mateo looked at me expectantly and I swallowed my saliva before slowly lowering myself onto the floor.

“Good girl.” I heard him whisper and my legs clenched at the small praise.

He gently massaged my breasts as I kneeled before him and I closed my eyes at the feel of his warm, big, rough, manly hands.

His hand went from one breast to the other, then it slowly trailed up to my throat.

Mateo cupped my jaw in his hands and stroked my lips seconds after I licked them.

This man obviously knew what he was doing because i could feel my slick begin to drip onto the floor beneath me.

There was a pause and it made me look back at him. He looked at me, the only sound that could be heard were Mateo and I's heavy breathing and the quiet snoring of my best friend.

"Stick your tongue out for me baby" he whispered into the heated air.

I did as he asked and he groaned quietly, still trying to keep his baby sister asleep.

“Good girl." He whispered.

I squeeze my thighs together as he fully removes his sweatpants. My mouth waters as I see his very hung penis in front of my face.

Whimperin I bit my lip in eagerness. I've never tasted a cock before so of course I was excited to do it now, and with a hunky man too!

"Before you start, no teeth." He gave me a look and I nodded quickly as if I was a child about to get ice cream.

"Ok, ok!" I whined and placed my hands on his thighs to steady myself.

Mateo pumped his girthy length a few times before guiding it to my lips.

I brought aome salive to the tip of my tongue and stuck my tongue out as far as I could go.

As soon as my tongue came into contact with his tip he groaned and hissed as if forgetting his sister was just a few feet away. Honestly at this point I had forgotten as well.

Wrapping my lips around him I sucked him in deeper until I felt him hit the back of my throat. I gagged at least twice trying to hold him in my throat, but it was worth it.

Mateo moaned and grabbed the back of my head gently. Once I became accustomed to his length and size I grabbed his ass to signal that I was ready for more. And boy was he ready to give me more.

Out of no where his hips began to jerk and he began to thrust into my throat at a fast pace.

I inhaled quickly each time he pulled back. "Fuck baby" he groaned and tightened his hold on my head as he continued to fuck my throat. My eyes rolled ass tears continuously left them.

God his moans were making my pussy clench. I felt as though I could come at any moment. Saliva dripped down my face and neck as he continued to take pleasure from my mouth.

"Shit Milla. You're such a good girl. Taking me so deep without any complaints." He praised me quietly and gathered my brown curly into his big hand for grip.

"Ah- mmm!" I pulled back slightly to breath and looked up at him. He smirked down at me, obviously enjoying the scene.

"Come here," he smiled and helped me off the floor. I put my hands on the counter to steady myself.

"Wow look at that. You're such a dirty little girl. Look at you making a mess on the ground." I blushed hard as i realized he was talking about my pussy being so wet it got on the floor.

There was a whole puddle of wetness.

"Sorry," I mumbled and looked away to hide my embarrassment.
"There's nothing to apologize for baby. Here let me make you feel good since you made me feel good." He grinned slightly and turned me around.

He gently pushed against my back and I bent over the counter. My legs quivered as he used his own legs to spread mine.

"Spread your pussy for me baby." Mateo moaned out.

I reached down and spread my legs a bit while opening my pussy.

He slowly squeezed into the tight space and moaned quietly.

Pain shot in me and tears fell down my face.
“I-it hurts Mateo.” I whispered while trying to take the pain.

He kissed and sucked my neck while pushing in a bit more causing me to gasp in pain.

“Shh it’s okay baby, the pain will go away soon.”

I nodded my head and tried to relax. He kept pushing until I felt my vaginal barrier rip and the pain hit me like a wave of lava.

I squeaked and bit my lip to stay quiet.

“Holy shit it hurts so much!” I whisper yell while scratching at his back.

“It’ll be alright, I’m not even half way in yet. Just try to be calm and relax your muscles.”

I nodded once again and laid my head back in attempt to calm down my nerves. I steadied my breathing and accepted his length.
I felt him gently slid himself all the way inside me and I moaned feeling the newfound pressure.

“Fuck it feels so weird.” I whispered while trying to get a grip on the counter.

"Here, turn around" I followed his orders and he picked me up before placing me on the counter. This way we were facing one another.

He inserted himself once again and this time I felt little to no pain. I wiggled and shifted trying to get used to the feeling.

He asked if i was okay and I smiled and nodded before wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Fuck me." I moaned into his ear and he instantly obeyed.

I covered my mouth to keep my moans from coming out as the pleasure really began to set in.

“Ah deeper please!”

And that’s what he did. I felt him hit my prostate and my eyes rolled back from the amount of pleasure I got just from getting hit in that specific part of me.

"Ahh! Oh, god yes right there." My moans and whimperes came out strangeled as I struggled to keep quiet.

"Yeah, you like that baby. Right here huh?" He grunted in my ear and I nodded frantically as he continuously hit my g-spot.

My legs shook and my fingers clawed at his back, desperate to be as close as possible to him.

"Oh god, oh- fuck!" My voice hightened in both tone and volume as I felt my orgasm about to hit.

It was so close yet so fucking far! I groaned out as I struggled to reach my high.

As if knowing, Mateo grabbed my breasts and began to twist and tug at my nipples.

And that did it for me.

I was on the verge of screaming and Mateo knew so he quickly placed his lips onto mine to silence me.

It didnt really work as my mouth was wide open as my body twitched and spasmed. I gasped loudly and moaned softly as I began to recover from my mind blowing orgasm.

Mateo continued to thrust into me going faster and faster.

I felt his cock twitch and his balls siezed as he grunted out a moan and held my body impossibly close to his.
His seed filled me sexonds later as he continued to shiver and grunt with each spurt of his warm cum.

"Mm" we moaned together as he grinded and humped against me softly to drain out the last few drops of seed.

"Hah god." He breathed out as sweat trailed down his forehead. "That was amazing" I smiled and rubbed his back to soothe the marks I most definately gave him.

"Did you guys have fun?" We heard a sassy voice come from the couch and froze up.

Well, shit.
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