Almost Serial

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The passion of Kitty and Bo is strong. Fantasy becomes reality, but what is waiting in the shadows?

Erotica / Thriller
Kaylene Lay
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Kitty is a young lady with a lot on her mind. She was lonely, her last romance ended very badly. She was subject to a cruel lover, who liked to take all his frustrations out on Kitty. The longer that she stayed the more abusive he became. No matter what Kitty did she was in the wrong. Kitty knew that the next time would result in her death. Battered and bruised she got the courage to leave.

She needs to step out to be independent. Above all else Kitty wants to be in control for once in her life. She doesn't want a relationship she wants to have fun.

Kitty is on the prowl, she is ready to let go and feel free. She watches as men pass in the smoky bar, as she sips her Martini. Kitty scans the room looking the men up and down. Disappointed in what she sees too old, too bald, too broke, and too scrony.

She had all but givin up when Bo walked through the door. Through the smoke in the room her eyes locked on him, she prepares to pounce. Kitty makes her way over, their eyes lock. She wants him to kiss her, she needs him to kiss her. Bo being the kind of man he is sees the longing in her eyes as her breathing becomes deeper and deeper. He stands before her, he watches as her body begins to quiver. He knows what she is there for.

Bo moves toward her with such a presence and confidence, not caring who is in the room. Bo pushes Kitty onto the wall kissing her with passion she had never known before. The night turned into weeks, never leaving each others side. All they wanted was to spend all of time wrapped around each other, tangled in the sheets. The only feeling is how could they ever possibly live without each other?

Kitty can't believe that she can be so free with someone. She is in full control of how she wants it, when she wants it. Late at night Kitty used to dream about fantasies she had, now they are all coming true. Bo lives for Kitty, Kitty lives for Bo. This love is so passionate and freeing, both of them are open to things they have never dreamed of. When they are with each other they have no concept of time, when they are all alone time stops for the two of them.

When Bo holds her she feels so safe, Kitty would do anything for Bo. As time starts passing they start fighting more and more. Kitty starts to create things to fight over, the problem with this is it just strengthens their passions.

Love is hate, hate is love and there seems to be no in between. The madder Bo gets the more Kitty wants him. Kitty has a very twisted way in thinking of love. Love is pain so shouldn't pain be love?

In the twisted minds of the two of them they find a control never known before. All they know is they have to find a way to make the passion deeper and longer, whatever it takes, no door is closed to them.

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