Almost Serial

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All is Final

As Bo comes too he sees a blurred image standing before him. He screams "Leave her alone, do what ever you want to me, but leave her alone!"

He hears laughing, Kitty's laughter. His vision is coming back into focus and he soon realizes it's Kitty standing before him. "Kitty, what is going on?" "All I ever wanted was you Bo, but you didn't need me like I needed you," Kitty whispered in his ear. Bo pulls on the chains in a rage "Let me loose Kitty!"

Kitty smiles "Struggle all you want Bo." All Bo can seem to get out is "Who, how, what!" Kitty yells "Come down he's awake." Coming down the stairs appears to be a big, broad man. It is Brett, Kitty's ex. The one that caused Kitty so much pain.Brett sees Bo and smiles, "She will always come back to me."

Kitty stands in front of Bo with a tire iron, Brett tells Kitty "I'm done playing around finish him like you did the others." Brett steps closer to Bo "What did you ever see in this pathetic waste of a man?"

Bo notices the iron within reach so he pulls it, it slides from Kitty's grasp.Bo drives the tire iron into Bretts jugular. Kitty laughs, "Saved me the trouble didn't you?" As Brett's blood drips off of Bo, Kitty tells him she has never wanted him more.

She moves in closer and licks the blood off of his cheek. Bo grabs her by the neck and kisses her like he did the first night they met. Bo pulls away and asks about Lacy and Barbara. Kitty smiles "Oh there's a piece here and a piece there."

Bo begin to kiss her again. "Now I truly see how much you love me Kitty, that's why I killed Brett now we can be together with no one standing in our way!" Bo remembers Kitty's mom and says "We still have a problem, Grace." Kitty laughs "Mom has dementia, she only knows what I tell her."

Kitty loves Bo but sees that he could be saying these things just to be set free and then turn on her. Contemplating what to do Kitty loosens one chain. "Can I really trust you," she asks. Bo nodds yes. She loosens the chains. Once Bo is free he knocks Kitty out. Kitty comes to strapped to the wall.

Bo smiles "You are the most beautiful, crazy, twisted women I have ever met. I want you to teach me to be more like you." Bo now rips kitty's clothes off and removes the chains and pulls her to the ground to make love to her in Bretts blood. "You are all, all I want, all I want to be." "Kitty I love you."

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