Almost Serial

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Bo sees that Kitty has been hurt repeatedly, he sees the bruises and scares. Bo is a confident man who would never lay a hand on a woman. Kitty needs to find a way to escape her troubled mind.

Kitty and Bo find what they are looking for, it comes in the form of powder, time flashes before them. They learn the toxins they flood into their veins leaves them wanting each other more and more. As they put the fire into their body, they share the same body and soul.

He slips his hand between her legs, Kitty bites Bo's lip. She is embracing the fuel that drives them through the night. Allowing them to act out all of their animalistic wants. Surrendering to each other through the biting, the nails, and the blood falling from each other.

All inhibitions are gone, all that remains is a passion to devouior each other. When drugs fuel all of your deepest dreams nothing seems to bring you down. Bo and Kitty learn from each other, they grow for each other. In all of their darkest wishes they open themselves to a new world in which there are no limitations.

As passion turns to pure lust, their drive becomes longer and more dangerous. Kitty longs for the pain, Bo longs for Kitty. The more dangerous Kitty gets, the more Bo falls into love with her. Kitty lets Bo know that she wants to be held down, not able to move with Bo applying pressure to her neck. Bo is a little apprehensive but he can not tell her no.

Hesitant Bo wraps his hands around her neck he feels her breath fading away and he jumps away from Kitty. He knows that Kitty loves the way it makes her feel, that at any moment the passion jumps to another level for her. As time passes they become more and more aroused by the pain, the fear, and the danger.

It is at this time everyone else becomes worried about the two of them. Any time they go out around people all they can see is the bites, the bruises, all the wounds where the blood has barely began to dry. Bo and Kitty see the reactions and it just seems to fuel them more, they know what they feel no matter what other people seem to think about them.

Time is going faster and faster now, they need more. More drugs, more lust, more danger. When you have experienced all of your wildest desires what is left?

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