Almost Serial

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The truth of all things is Bo and Kitty are dangerous for each other. Bo's sister Lacy trys to get him to see this. Lacy's interference is causing Kitty and Bo to fight and not the passion fueled fights from before. These are knock down drawn out fights.

Kitty can feel Bo slipping away. The writing is on the walls for these two lovers. Lacy a sweet caring sister who watches as her once strong, smooth talking brother has become an empty shell. Everyone they know tries to pull them apart. Lacy is driven to get her brother away from this sick, demented woman. Kitty is furious with Lacy, who the hell is she to try to come between them.

One night Kitty leaves to find more drugs. As she pulls away Lacy breaks into the house. She finds her brother practically naked, curled up in a fetal position. Lacy comes closer and sees the needle sticking out of Bo's arm. "What has she done to you," Lacy is left stunned. Lacy gets Bo up on his feet, wraps a blanket around him and helps him to her car. Kitty sits outside and sees Lacy put Bo in the car.

Kitty is full of rage, she now only sees darkness and a will to get even. Kitty will bring hell down on everyone in Bo's life. As she ponders what to do next, she realizes what must happen. She smiles a smile only the devil himself could admire. Kitty only has fire running through her now. She will bring the world to its knees. No one is safe now. Kitty is loose and as dangerous as she is crazy.

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