Almost Serial

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Just The Beginning

Kitty starts watching Bo from afar, everything he does. Bo has started going to a little coffee shop right down from his apartment. He feels lonely without Kitty, but he soon notices a cute, little barista named Barbara. Kitty sees Barbara as no threat, she is beyond shy.

Barbara begins to blush when a nice looking guy tells her thank you for the coffee. Bo is strangely drawn to her though, he finds her akwardness around him interesting. To Bo she seems so innocent and pure, a breath of fresh air. Kitty notices he starts coming to the coffee shop more and more, he always flirts a little bit with Barabra. Bo knows that she is so sweet, he doesn't want to scare her off. Barbara is taken by complete surprise when Bo asks her out on a date.

Barbara gets ready for work, goes into the parking lot and all of her windows are smashed and her ties have been slashed. On the hood in red paint says "stay away from him." Barbara can't believe it, does this have something to do with Bo? When Bo comes in to get coffee Barabra completely ignores him. Kitty sitting behind some bushes laughs with delight. Bo waits for Barbara to get off so that he can talk to her, she tells him what has happened to her car. Bo gives her a ride home so that he can look at her car.

He tells her about Kitty, but says she's actually harmless. Little did either of them know. Bo kisses Barbara on the cheek and wishes her a good night and drives away. Kitty is furious now, she is not going to go away. Bo calls Kitty she tells him she has no idea what he is talking about she left to take care of her sick mother, Bo is not quite sure if he should believe her.

The next day Bo comes in to get coffee, but Barabra is not there. No one has heard from her. Bo races to her house but the door is locked from the inside. He calls the cops for a wellness check. The cops come make entry into the condo, everything seems fine. Nothing out of the ordinary except no one can find Barabra. It's like she just disappeared. Bo makes sure to tell them about Kitty and the car. Days go by with no news on Barabra. The cops contact Kitty but she is gone taking care of her sick mom, they tell Bo. Bo yells "None of this makes any sense!"

Days turn to months with still no word or sighting of Barabra, Bo becomes their number one suspect. Bo comes in and takes a lie detector test, the results show he has no idea what has happened to Barabra. Kitty returns from her mother's house to find Bo a complete wreck. She tries to console him, but right now he is just too full of anger. All he can see is red.

He blames Kitty, he doesn't know how, but she has something to do with the disappearance of Barabra.

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