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A Second Chance

Kitty has tried to be there for Bo, yet still keep her distance from him. Bo needs to feel good again so he calls Kitty, she tells him "Come over to my house."

From the moment Bo walks through the door it was like no time had even passed. The anger that Bo possess Kitty is putting to good use. Kitty throws him against the wall and begins to kiss every part of his body, Bo misses Kitty so much. Bo is lost in Kitty's world again.

Kitty takes full advantage of Bo's fire, she is a spider and Bo is becoming tangled in her hot twisted web again. Bo can feel the control that Kitty has over him, but no matter what he knows he will always come back to her.

Everyone knew that their love was twisted to begin with, but this time it is even more powerful, seductive, and plain out torture. Kitty makes Bo beg her to take his pain away. How else would she do it, but to inflict more pain then he has ever felt before. Bo submits to Kitty, Kitty submits to Bo. Bo can feel all reality fading from his fingertips again. Kitty has a way of making Bo see her, feel her, taste her to the point nothing else seems to matter. Kitty knows that Bo is back and this time she will stop at nothing to make him stay.

One day Bo wakes up and goes to get a drink, as he goes to the kitchen he sees the new lock on the basement door. Bo asks Kitty about it, she says "Being alone made me scared so I put it on there to feel safer." It sounds very reasonable to Bo a single women living all alone in a big house. Kitty tries to get his mind off it by tearing off all of her clothes, Bo can not help but to pick Kitty up and take her right there on the floor.

Bo feels Kitty's teeth sinking into his flesh, he feels the warm blood drip off his neck. Bo pulls Kitty's hair backwards and dines on her neck as if it was a soft sweet peach. Kitty drags her nails across Bo's back, he yells in pain. Kitty gets behind him and licks all the blood away.

Bo's family starts to worry about him and Kitty again. In the middle of the night they break into Kitty's house to find Bo. They find Bo in a ball on the floor with scratches everywhere and more bleeding bites then they can even count. They take Bo home, Kitty sees them as she returns with more poison for two of them to share. She follows close behind. Kitty knows Bo's sister Lacy will clean Bo up and pull him away from her again. There is no way Kitty is going to let that happen.

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