Almost Serial

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Another Disapperance

Kitty watches Lacy, follows everywhere she goes. She is waiting to make the right move. Lacy fears Kitty, she knows that there is something wrong with her. How could anyone do what she has done to her brother? Kitty sees that Lacy is always watching what's around her, staying in very public places that makes it more difficult for Kitty to get close to her.

A few days later police come to Lacy's house, her car was found open with her purse and wallet inside with no sight of Lacy. The police call in Bo again, (Bo is still very weak) "How can this be happening again?" he asks. "Kitty must have something to do with this she just has to." Bo tells the detectives. "We looked into Kitty again." the cops tell Bo, "She has an alibi." The alibi is her mother,

Kitty has been with her for weeks. Bo begins to tell the police everything he knows about Kitty. When Kitty was younger she was infatuated with serial killers. She has watched every documentary and read every book she could find on any serial killer. The way she would talk about them was just unnatural he exclaimed to the police! Bo believes that all of Kitty's curiosity on serial killings had made her a bit of an expert. Plus being off her rocker herself makes her seem very capable of killing and having an alibi for it.

The cops listen to every word and they seem to understand what he is saying and it seems to make sense, but there's no proof. Kitty seems to be a danger to anyone she is mad at. Bo tells the detectives that Kitty put a new lock on her cellar door. They tell him that's not enough information to get a warrant people change locks all the time. Bo is determined to get to the bottom of things, he goes looking for Kitty. Everywhere he goes he can not find her.

Then he remembers her alibi was her mother. Bo borrows a friend's car and goes to see if Kitty is there, Bo sees Kitty's car. It is 1am, Bo is banging on her mother's door yelling for Kitty to come out! Kitty comes flying out the door begging Bo to be quiet, she tells him that someone has been following her. She thinks he's been hanging around her mom's house so she came to check on her.

Kitty explains that there have been notes and even roses left on her door step. At first she thought they were from Bo, but then the messages became very creepy. "I am the only one who will have you" she showed Bo the note. Now Bo is now puzzled who is it that is coming after everyone? The hand writing on the note was not Kitty's. Is Kitty next he wonders? If they want Kitty then why is everyone in his life missing?

What makes Bo worried is he can see how scared Kitty is, she turns out every light and walks around with a candle to see where she is going. What is going on? He has never seen Kitty like this before. Once so confident now scared shitless.

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