Almost Serial

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Standing still

Bo spent the night with Kitty, he holds her while she is trembling. Come morning Kitty's mom Grace, an older woman who is all actuality very fragile, is surprised to see Bo. Wanting to know who is in her house, she calls for Kitty as she grabs a knife.

Coming down the stairs Kitty sees that Bo is already up and runs into the Kitchen. "Mama it's Bo he came to make sure we're safe." Grace puts the knife down still trembling with fear, "I'm sorry..." she tells Bo, "Someone's been messing with me, making me feel like I'm nuts." Bo asks her to elaborate, "Things are being moved around all the time" Grace exclaims!

Kitty leans down and tells her mother "All of this excitement has got you wore out you should probably go upstairs and rest awhile." Grace nods in agreement, Kitty assures her mom that she is safe. Bo has never actually met Grace, but he can see even she is terrified of what has been happening. Kitty and Bo sit and talk, trying to figure out what is going on.

Who could be doing all of this and are the disapperances related to what is going on at Grace's? Bo is becoming more and more confused. Kitty tells Bo that she needs to go back home to check things out and to get some stuff. "I am not comfortable with you going up there, I will go for you" Bo tells Kitty. She doesn't want Bo to leave at first she tells him to stay and watch her mother. Bo disagrees and says "It is safer if I go" Kitty shakes her head in agreement, Kitty helps Bo get ready to go.

Bo gets to Kitty's and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Still bothered by the new lock on the cellar door, Bo begins to snoop around. Bo reaches the basement door, using a hammer to bust the lock open. All of the sudden Bo is knocked unconscious from behind by someone. He falls down the steps of the cellar.

When Bo regains counsionious he is strapped to the wall stripped down to his boxers. Bo has pipe clamps on his wrist locked together with chains, he only has about a foot of movement. He screams as loud as he can "What the hell is going on?" Bo being as weak as he is he has no strength to get himself free. He starts to hyperventilate and passes out.

When Bo comes to there is a plate of food, water, and a bucket. He hears foot steps up above him, now he wonders if Kitty is okay. Bo's mind races who is doing this, why are they doing it, what about Kitty? Bo starts to not feel so good, the water must have had something in it, Bo is out again.

As Bo tries to get his eyes to focus he hears what sounds like Kitty. Bo manages to open his eyes and sees Kitty, she has also been striped down and chained to the wall across from him. Bo asks "Did you get a look at who is doing this?" Kitty quite shaken up says "I have no idea, I went to bed and then I woke up here."

Time seems to stand still, Bo listens carfully and hears no sound from upstairs so he begins to yell. "We are down here can someone help us?"

Kitty begins to drift away into her own mind, as if she is not even coherent to what is going on around her. It is a copping mechanism for her. She fades from reality, trying to find safety.

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