Almost Serial

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Kitty's Mind

Kitty's mind begins to play her whole life before her eyes. Ignored by her mother when she was younger. Kitty was never the type to go with the flow.

Her biggest obsession was with serial killers. What must happen to these people to make them this way? She always found it unusual that to be a serial killer you had to kill at least three people. But not in a mass shooting kind of way. Spread out over some time.

Though many people hurt her in her life, Kitty always tried to stay true to herself. Once Kitty became a teen she started to spin out of control. Kitty began to run with the wrong crowd, especially Brett. Brett was very controlling, Kitty's mom begged her to stay away from him, but Kitty was a teen and of course she believed she knew everything.

Soon after high school Kitty moved in with Brett. Of course what was to happen anyone could see coming. Brett began beating Kitty, she did her best to cover the bruises. Family and friends begged her to leave, but she was so scared. Kitty finally got the courage to leave and vowed no one would ever take advantage of her again.

Kitty began spending more time with her alling mother. Grace began to depend on her. Nothing was ever done unless Kitty approved of it. Kitty knew it was only a matter of time before she could no longer take care of her mother. The thought of losing her mother made her so depressed. She just wanted to find something she could control, her world was falling apart all around her. All Kitty could do was sit and do more research on the killers that she once admired so much. She became lost in the world of people who prey on others.

It made her feel stronger in a twisted kind of way. Kitty's thoughts started becoming darker and darker. The girl who was once beaten, feeling so helpless is finding her voice again. It makes her feel like she's finally regained some control. This is when Kitty decides to go out and have some fun. What happens next, of course is when she first saw Bo.

She was full of pure excitement when she saw him, she must have him at all costs. At first her plan is to play it cool, then she realizes that Bo is what she has wanted her whole life. And so the twisted relationship begins.

Kitty starts to come out of her trance, now the scared girl has become an angry woman. These bars will not stop Kitty, she begins to thrust around like a wild animal. "Stop Kitty stop, you will only hurt yourself," Bo exclaims! Kitty can not seem to hear a thing around her, not even Bo. She is has gone mad, just one more thing that she has no power over. She is completely lost in herself right now.

Her mind is starting to break, her rage is turning to madness. Hell is coming and Kitty will be leading the charge.

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