Almost Serial

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Becoming clear

Bo trys to keep Kitty as calm as possible, he hears foot steps up above them. The steps are pacing back and forth, they seem to be growing more intense. Kitty is staring off trying to come to grips with what is going on.

Bo confesses to Kitty that he believed that she was behind everything, he asks for forgiveness. "How could I ever think you could hurt anybody", now look at us. Bo is so distraught with thinking so wrong about Kitty. He wonders if he could have figured it out if he hadn't just assumed it was Kitty this whole time. What could he have done to put everybody in is life in this much danger?

What has happened to Barbara and Lacy? Where are they, are they alive? What is going to happen to Kitty, what is going to happen to him?

Sitting before Bo is water, he is afraid to drink it, but he is so thirsty! He tells Kitty not to drink the water, as he remembers that he went to sleep last time he drank it. Kitty is so out of it that she doesn't even realize Bo is speaking to her. Bo is so thirsty he has the little white dry spots on the edges of his lips. He grabs the water and hesitates as he contemplates what will happen. Bo gives in and drinks every bit of water in the bowl. Things start to go hazy, he tells Kitty again that the water is bad, he is sorry, and that he loves her.

Bo has been completely knocked out by the water again. Kitty begins to scream and a large man comes down the steps. He walks over to Bo it see if he is completely out. Next he takes Kitty out of her restraints and takes her upstairs.

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