Sinful Delight & The Original Master

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Before we knew about the Masters Might, the Masters that like to share, or the Master that craves a pure innocent. There was only one. The creator of this Sinfully Delightful Universe we know and love. The Original Master. "Every noble cause, originating from something good and pure, no matter how good the intentions, never seems to stay that way for very long. I learned that lesson the hard way. I just wish I knew where it all went wrong, so I could possibly make it alright then!" This is the much anticipated beginning of Joe Black's story. A sort of Prequel of The Sinful Delight Series *It's best to read this book after Book 3 of the Sinful Delight Series (Sinful Delight & The Master's That Share) Just so there won't be any spoilers for the readers! This Book is very much rated Mature, so please let's keep it over 18. Thanks!

Erotica / Romance
Callie Sumner
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Wednesday Afternoon

Or, Whatever day it really is of this Ungodly HOT month it is!

Day who’s even counting anymore on this great tropical island.

As I sit down at this little makeshift desk inside my room, to start writing down the thoughts rolling through my mind like a thunderstorm, the same question has been nagging at me for awhile now.

‘When did I turn into such a pussy? A grown man that would rather just tuck his tail between his legs and run. Is that what I’ve done all of my life so far?’

After being on this island in Dr Dayna Abrams loving hands for almost a year now, I know she would list all the ways I’m wrong in thinking this way. I guess that’s why the good doctor gets paid the big bucks!

But seriously, what happened to make me lose sight of what really matters to me? How did I become this man that tries to destroy the people who care about him all in the name of love? When did my great sacrifice and good intentions turn into something so callous and wrong?

All I have to say is, I truly hate the man I’ve become!

Joe Black


Authors Note

Sooo....What do you guys think so far?!?!?!

I know most of y’all have made it known how much you dislike Uncle Joe, but as I’ve always said there is a lot more to this man than what has already happened, and it’s time for everyone to hear his side of the story!

This story is going to start out like a prequel, but by the end it will be current with where we are now in The Masters Innocent. This story is only going to be nine chapters, and I’ve already finished most of chapter three, so it shouldn’t take me long to finish it. Then we can all get back to the lovely Dino and our awaiting trip into the more traditional of fetishes!

As always, I’m excited to see what y’all have to say about everything so far, so don’t forget to leave me a comment before heading on over to the next chapter. Maybe even leave a vote if you’re willing to give Joe a chance. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time My lovelies!


P.S. Did y’all see our first contest winner making her grand apperance?!?!? @DaynaAbrams is our lovely therapist!

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