Morning cravings

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A morning craving for a deep pounding

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


Just stepping out the shower drying my body with a towel, I start slowly, gently passing the towel over my legs coming up to wipe between my thighs and slightly grazing my fat clit sending a shudder through my body. I bring the towel back up over my belly and slowly bring both hands up to grasp my breast drying them thoroughly. Grasping my generous cleavage I began to knead them through the towel. Releasing a soft moan at the pulsing sensation it brought to my pussy I kneaded them harder throwing my head back and releasing a louder moan not being able to hold it back. I firmly grasp onto my nipples and pull them roughly letting out whimpers of delight. I slowly let one hand trail down my body, over my smooth stomach and round hips and i bring my hand lower finding the fold of my pussy i run one finger over the wet slit then bring it up to circle my clit almost making my knees buckle and the rippling sensation it had on my body. With one hand still firmly grasping my nipple and the other planted firmly in pussy and rubbing on my clit, I began to moan loudly and pant crying out for release. I began to imagine getting bent over the bathroom counter as my boyfriend pounds into me viciously from behind. I moan loudly with this image in my head desperately rubbing at my fat clit with two fingers. I can feel the wet juices from my pussy leaking down my legs as I imagine us fucking like wild animals, i can hear his loud groans and deep breathing as he pushes into my tight pussy over and over again. I can hear my begging moans for him to keep fucking me and my demads to be fucked harder. I can imagine him reaching in front to grasp my nipples and me moaning out loudly and my pussy clenching hard around his dick.

With these thoughts in my head rub at my fat clit and pinch and rub on my taunt brown nipples. I began talking dirty to myself calling myself a slut and other dirty names and it all makes my pussy hum. “ oh yes rub that pussy” “ Gosh your pussy is so fucking wet” “ You wish he was here fucking you pussy up and smacking your ass” “ Yes daddy, OH YES DADDY!! FUCK MY PUSSY BABY!! GOSH FUCK MY PUSSY! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME” “ BABY I LOVE YOU INSIDE OF ME” moaning all of this out loud as I rubbed my soaking wet pussy at fat clit i could feel my orgasm building and I threw my head back and pulled on my nipple as i felt the orgasm crash over me. A deep moan erupted from me as I continued to ride out the sensation rubbing my pussy as it ached and spasmed in delight. It took me several seconds to calm down from my orgasm but it put a huge smile on my face

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