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16+, This my first serious book that I created on Wattpad. I want to expand my connections to reach different people. This is a book that contains multiple sets of stories that I write when I'm sexually frustrated so yeah I hope you enjoy.

Erotica / Romance
Kirah Thomas
Age Rating:

Maybe You’re Forgiven (Pt.1)

"Girl, I don't know who the fuck he think he is but, his ass about to get these hands.. Because like, he can have these little Hoes entertain him but as soon as I get some, it's a problem hell nah. Then he wanna come for me when I post a picture with me being a little revealing on Instagram. But he can post pictures with him and other females at the club. I get its not the same thing but we not dating, or exclusively each other's. Day one he said can we " be friends with benefits" I said okay because we both didn't want a relationship and we are great friends. But that friends part done dropped a lot. Like I might call you daddy but you not the real one. Everyone say crazy things when you cumming...."

"I understand where you coming from but Bunny do you realize y'all should actually be in a relationship and shut the fuck up already, like I'm texting him now because y'all need to work this shit out.. Y'all both being childish, I'm not about to be stressed out about you and Adam, when I have a whole boyfriend I could be fucking." I listen to Tia and got grossed out.

"Ew that's my brother you talking about fucking, but bye. Go straight to sleep." I rolled my eyes after I heard no promises for Jason and hung up.

I walked into my kitchen, looking for food, but sudden I started thinking about Adam. He ain't a regular dark skin either. He kinda thuggish with his shit. And really don't shit from nobody. But ole boy be having me fucked up like he can't be replaced. Adam high key cool as fuck though.

His body, smile, lips, the way he do certain thing, and his voice. And don't get me started on when he wear them damn glasses. And the last time we fucked, boy, I had to work from home for two days from aftershocks. Fuck wet panties, it's a whole flood down there now. The way he took control damn near had me cumming an...

Knock knock..... Knock knock

"Who the fuck knocking on my door like the fuc..." I open my door and looked. There stood Adam's fine ass. Leaning on my door frame.

"Why you here, Adam? I don't have time for you or your double standards." I said with nothing but attitude. He stood there just looking at me and licking his plump juicy lips. I got distracted and started biting my bottom lip. But I snapped out of it. "Adam if you not going to fucking tal.."

"Shut the fuck up and get yo ass ova here" he said. And boy his voice was so fucking deep and husky. I squeezed my legs together and said no. I almost closed the door but he stopped me, by putting his foot into the door way and walked in and he closed the door and pushed me into it.

"Look Bunny, what the fuck you wearing why you ain't got no clothes on, huh? You gon stop talking shit about me to Tia, and getting fucking buck with me , before I beat yo ass and put yo ass in yo place, okay? Am I understood?" I looked up at him and bit my bottom lip and shook my head, no.

I shook my head no because he has really been playing with me for these pass couple of days. He's been real disrespectful. I tend to be territorial on things that I really like. Also I'm not backing down without a fight.

"Okay you wanna play that game, you wanna be a bad girl for daddy, huh? You want me to make you scream my name don't you.. Bunny you playing with fire and you know it and when I start there's no stopping, but you should know that well. And you also don't want me to stop do you?" He starts to touch me. Rubbing my arms, leaning his head towards my neck and he started to kiss and then he found my weak spot.

"Daddy" I moaned he's still going, his hands moving down to my boxers. When his hands finally reached in and he touched my clit, my knees buckled.

"Damn, you already wet for me and calling my name, were you thinking about me baby before I got here, mhm?" He kissing, sucking, and biting my neck.

"Nope, mhmm move away from me. You wanna talk but you gotta stand over there." I pointed to the couch in my living room. "And I will stand in the opening of the living room."

"Why you are trying to get away from my touch, Bunny you know you like it." I pushed him to the couch and tried to turn around to walk away, until I was pulled down.

"Let me go Adam, so we can talk." He turn me around so I was straddling his lap.

"We can y'all like this, is that a problem?" In my head I'm like yes, this nigga is wearing basketball shorts and he like to free ball. And I ain't wearing nothing but boyshorts and a tank top with some thigh highs.

"Yes it's a problem you never take me serious, let me get up. Damn you aggr...." my breath hitched after I felt his dick twitch. Okay time for me to get up a lock myself in my room with my favorite toy.

"Bunny, you talking shit just to make me wanna fuck you, chill out so we can talk." I tried to move so my pussy wouldn't be right where his dick is but it didn't go as planned. "Stop moving before I fuck you Bunny."

"If this is the only time you listen to me please don't thrust up." My body is damn near about to start aching from no simulations. I'm easily horny so this situation is hard as fuck (no pun intended).

"But babygirl, I can feel you through my basketball shorts and you fucking feel amazing. Maybe a little thrust won't hurt." His eyes were kind of low which only meant one thing.

"Adam did you smoke before you came over here? Or did you drink?" Adam is whole different person when he smoke or drink. His dick game wild dumb without the extra shit. But when he is high, he fucks the attitude out of me, enough for two weeks. When has a little liquid courage he wanna put a baby in me.

"I did a combination of both, why?" He's rubbing up and down my sides, while going lower. Until he finally reaches my booty. Adam has large and very warm hands. The massages he gives, feel great.

"Nah baby, let me get you hot and wet. I want you to sit on my face or on my dick, whichever one you prefer. I know you want it that's why you have an attitude baby. You must have missed daddy baby, tell what is it."

Having a daddy kink is somewhat aggravating. I'm so obedient when I'm horny. I'm not far off from slipping into my little space with him touching me like this. "Da-Adam please stop touching me."

"Baby I stopped touching you, that's all you... look at the mirror babe. Look at daddy's baby grinding on her throne."

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